How To Achieve the Adam Levine Haircut In 3 Simple Steps!

by Jamie Wilson
Adam Levine

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Whether you know him as the judge from the X-Factor or as the lead Maroon 5 singer, there is no denying that Adam Levine has had several unique hairstyles. In today’s article, we are bringing you some of our favorite Adam Levine Hairstyles, as well as what you need to achieve them. Learn more about his jagged cut, dreadlocks, as well as pompadour locks that you can rock. Keep on reading and see your options down below!

1. Adam Levine Mohawk Haircut

Adam Levine Mohawk Haircut
Adam Levine of Maroon 5-0158” by tmjtaos via Wordpress

A mohawk is one of the more badass Adam Levine haircut ideas that you can do. With a buzz cut on the sides and more hear at the top of the head, this hairstyle is edgy, modern, and easy to maintain. You can do it as a short hairstyle, or you can make it long. You don’t need to use any products for this hairstyle, and there is no need for you to follow a specific tutorial. 

2. Adam Levine Short Hair

Adam Levine Short Hair
Adam Levine” by BGSU86 via Wordpress

If you don’t feel like styling your hair every morning and if you like keeping your hair short and neat, then this Adam Levine haircut is for you! With shaved sides and short hair at the top of your head, this hairstyle is easy to achieve and maintain. It can work for most occasions, and if you want to change it up, continue to grow your hair for a different look. If you like spikes and this jagger daring hairstyle, this will suit you.

3. Adam Levine Cornrows

Adam Levine Cornrows
Adam Levine of Maroon 5” by shadu_b via Wordpress

Cornrows are one of the most popular hairstyles Adam Levine has had. Some also call it the Adam Levine corn hawk. A haircut like this one is stylish, modern, and a bit harder to achieve. You will have to grow out your hair, as well as find an excellent hairstylist to do it. When the Maroon 5 singer rocked this hairstyle, everyone loved it. We are confident that you will be the best view at any event with a hairstyle like this one. Cool hairstyles and a bitt of texture on top will make you look stylish and prepared for any event! Ready to look your layers?

4. High Pomp Adam Levine Haircut

High Pomp Adam Levine Haircut
Adam Levine, Maroon5” by BiSams via Wordpress

A high pomp Adam Levine hairstyle is going to be the choice of those who don’t mind spending some time in the morning doing their hair. This hairstyle works excellent for any head shape, but especially for those with a big head or a large forehead. You will need to use gel or any other products to make sure your hair stays put throughout the day. With a hairstyle this stylish, we know it will be worth it and that you will want to share it with everyone! Guys who have thick hair will enjoy this comb over look the most.

5. Adam Levine Spiky Hairstyle

Adam Levine Spiky Hairstyle
Adam Levine” by letitiaphillips via Wordpress

There is no need for you to continue your search if you were looking for an easy to maintain, modern, and a stylish haircut because you’ve found it! When the singer rocked this spiky hairstyle, everyone knew him as the life of the party. Spiky haircuts are easy to achieve, as well as to maintain. They work with any head shape and are also excellent for all events. Adam Levine rocked this haircut during his live music shows, meaning you don’t have to worry about it staying put throughout the day. We are confident that you can’t go wrong with this hairstyle! Short sides and a long top will be easy to maintain.

Having Said All of That,

Whether you are a fan of Adam Levine or not, there is no denying that you can find some fantastic inspiration from his hairstyles. You can do a mohawk, a short haircut, spiky hair, the choice is yours! His hairstyles are versatile, modern, and can work for everyone. Hopefully, you liked today’s article, and who knows, maybe you will be rocking one of these Adam Levine haircuts very soon! So, do you want to rock long hair, or are you more-so into short locks and sideburns? Either way it may be, we know that you’re going to like at least some of these looks that this musician loves to wear and is known for!

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