16 Superfly Twisted Hairstyles For Men

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Don’t get it twisted. 

Actually, do. If you’re looking to upgrade your curly hair but not sure where – or how – to start, we’ve compiled some of the hottest twist hairstyles for black men to take through 2020 and beyond.

As hairstyles for black men go, giving it the twist is one of the best decisions you can make, either at home or in the barber’s chair. If you’ve got the help of a professional to hand, then adding in a high top fade, temp fade, top fade or high top is a surefire way to give twist hairstyles for men some added kudos.

For men who want their hair to be a little subtler, a classic twist is also a good option. Hairstyles are always incredibly personal choices, obviously, but the great news is that they are relatively short-lived, and hair that takes the twist, can often be changed as and when you feel like it. 

The Classic Twist Out

Listen up men: want to look like you have more hair and embrace your natural hair? Then the classic twist out is the hairstyle for you. It couldn’t be easier, either. Simply work through your hair with two-strand twists, leave them to set while you get some well-earned sleep, and then unravel the twist the next day for a black hairstyle with effortless cool.

Try A Twist Out With An Undercut

This hairstyle is just as easy as the classic twist hairstyle mentioned previously, but does require a little help from a professional (or mate with a very steady hand). Working best on men who have shorter lengths, work out where you want your twists to start and then incorporate a close cut or shaved hairstyle underneath. Edgy hair in an instant.

How About Bleaching Your Twists?

Embrace the bottle and try dramatically (or subtly – depending on your vibe) changing the look of your hair by bleaching it. For an intro into this bold for black men look, start off by just doing the tips to add depth and definition to your hairstyle. Loving it? Then just do more hair. Plus, you could even add color later on as your usual black hair will be reduced in pigment making different hues pop. Keen to really up the ante? Try it with a high top, or a top fade and make it a hairstyle to remember (for all the right reasons).

Make Your Twists Thick

Thick is sick, right? Right. These chunky twists are best for short to medium-length black hair, but so long as you have a lot of it to start with, anything is fair game with this hairstyle. Work to the classic twist method, but include more hair when doing the two-strand twist. It really is that simple. You could even add rings or other boujis elements to the ends of the hair to really style it out.

Sponge Twists? Yes Please

Black men with super thick hair (think 4C curls) can sometimes struggle with definition when following the classic two strand twist technique. However, a sponge twist is a great alternative. You probably need to head to a barber who specializes in hairstyles for black men for this one, as it requires a special piece of kit called a ‘twist sponge’ or ‘loc sponge’. Your hair is pulled into these holes and then the twist is performed by the pro repeatedly all over your hair, to create this distinctive look. As twist hairstyles for men go, it’s unique and just a little bit cool.

What About Teaming Your Sponge Twists With A Taper Fade?

Once you’re in the barber’s chair, you might as well make the most of it and go for something properly rad. A taper fade on black men is a flawless update with any kind of curly hair and is having something of a moment right now when it comes to hairstyles for men. You could also try a high top fade if you’ve got enough length going on.

Two Strand Twists On Short Hair

Not got the patience to grow your ‘fro hairstyle but looking for a change? As soon as your hair is long enough to be even slightly pinched and twisted, you can give this great look for black men with curls ago. Just bear in mind that black hair with a 4C curl will be a tad less defined. Twist hairstyles always look different depending on different men and their hair texture, anyway, that all adds to the charm.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Medium Length…

Hairstyles for men, that is. If your black, curly hair is needing a refresher and it’s at a medium length – give yourself a pat on the back because you’ve found your winning hair (re)style with a twist. Popular with black men who know what’s cool, these hairstyles are simple yet effective. Follow the classic two strand twist technique and apply it all over.

How Do I Do Two Strand Twists Again?

It’s a piece of cake for men who can put a bit of time in. Just grab the two sections of hair you want to use, and strand twists them around each other until a kind of ‘rope’ of hair is formed. You can then leave the ends of the hair to do what they want for a more natural hairstyle, or add embellishment or ties to the hair for a little something extra.

Twists On Long Hair

For men in search of a quick and easy way to get dreadlock hairstyles for black textured hair, without waiting for them to form in their natural hair, twists in the hair are the answer. These hairstyles look incredible when done well on men, but to get the smooth, twisted look to the hair you may need to enlist some help. Wrap yarn from the base of the hair up to keep all that long hair in check. But men: be aware that these hairstyles are generally heavier, and will also need detangling after a few weeks.

Spice Your Twisted Hairstyle Up With A Temp Fade

This is best for men with twist hairstyles that are on the shorter side, but for black men looking to add a little sharpness into their look, it’s unrivalled. It works from the temples down, like a taper fade, and is perfect for black men who mean business. You can also try it with a high top fade but definitely get the professionals in.

Get A Rocking High Top

A 21st century update on the much-loved ‘80s hairstyles, this high top hairstyle looks insanely good when it’s twisted. As hairstyles for black men go, you can’t beat the super-short sides and flat but long look of the high top and high top fade, but by adding a twist, it makes the hair feel altogether more contemporary.

Try A Twisted Mohawk Hair Do

Or should that be a fauxhawk? As is the accepted rule with these classic hairstyles for men, the hair on the sides is cut super close to the head or shaved, and then the mid-section is twisted to give a hairstyle that really stands out from the crowd.

Bored Of Cornrows?

Give this twisted look for men a go instead. As twist hairstyles for black men go, it’s one that requires the help of a hair professional or patient and precise pair of hands, but essentially the hair is worked in the same way as cornrow hairstyles would be from front to back, but the hair is twisted flat instead.

Go For A Triangle

Box braids are in the hall of fame when it comes to hairstyles for black men, and these twist hairstyles are a merging of two great hair looks. Working best on long hair, or longer hair, you simply section off the hair and work in triangle-shaped sections of hair across the scalp, instead of squares. What you’re left with is one of the most inventive hairstyles for black men we’ve seen in a long time. A must-try.

What Are You Gonna Do With All That Twist?

Pull it into a bun hairstyle, of course. This works amazingly on most twist hairstyles, but you get top marks for teaming with a top fade, temp fade or high top. Long hair is obviously a bit of a prerequisite for beefy bun hairstyles, but men with shorter hair can certainly give it a go, too. So long as you’ve got enough to grab and secure with a tie, these hairstyles are worth trying.

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