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Don’t Know What To Wear To A Casino? Here’s 3 Winning Outfits

by Cressida meale
What To Wear To A Casino

Feeling lucky? 

Don’t jinx yourself by turning up to the casino in your old pool sliders and sweat pants. Chances are you’ll be turned away and miss out on that night of big wins. Want to know of some common dress codes? Keep on reading and find out how to look business formal, yet comfy with the right daytime or night-time fashion tips.

While some casinos won’t have any dress code, the best casinos (AKA the ones you want to be at) will require some kind of smart or formal wear. While it’s a good idea to check the website of the casino you want to visit for their specific clothing requirement, there’s no harm in dressing to impress when it comes to a night of gambling. We all know that when you look good, good things happen. So here’s a guide to the best casino attire that will look good on every guy. First, though, here’s a few things to consider:  

Things You Should Definitely Avoid

  • Never wear flip flops or slides to casinos – leave these poolside
  • If it’s a casual casino then sneakers should be ok, just make sure they’re clean
  • Avoid wearing clothes to casinos with rips or stains on them
  • A large bag will weigh you down and get in the way of other patrons when you’re crowded round a table
  • If you’re going to be in a casino from day to night, take a change of clothes to suit the evening dress code

Decoding A Casino Dress Code 

So a casino says it requires black tie, but what does that actually mean? Here’s a brief guide on what different dress codes are asking for and the type of clothes you can wear for them, starting from the most formal and ending at casual:

White Tie

The easiest way to imagine this kind of attire is to picture the outfits from old black and white films like those worn by Fred Astaire. Don’t panic too much as it’s rare a casino will require you wear white tie and this is only likely to be requested for very formal, high-end casinos when they’re throwing a special invite-only night. If the dress code is white tie, you’ll need a white dress shirt with shirt studs and cufflinks, a white bow tie and suit vest and a black dress coat with tails. You should wear matching black pants with satin tape and black patent dress shoes. Women you’re accompanying should wear floor length ball gowns and fine jewellery.

White Tie
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Black Tie

Before going to the casino, make sure you do your homework and watch Casino Royale. OK we know it’s not exactly real-life, and hopefully no one is going to assassinate you, but it’s helpful to understand a smart casino’s atmosphere and etiquette. If you do need to wear black tie to the casino, channel Daniel Craig as James Bond. Black tie is typically worn to casinos at night and consists of a dinner jacket and matching pants, a white shirt with a black bow tie (alternatively a normal tie will work but will look less formal) and a black formal shoe. Alternatively you can go for a velvet smoking jacket or dark coloured suit.

Black Tie
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This is a common requirement when it comes to casino outfits, particularly at night. Generally smart business wear is a good place to begin with when thinking about your ensemble. This could be an elegant suit in either a dark pinstripe or light pastel color, if you’re attending a casino during the summer. If you’re wearing a colored suit, stick to a white shirt, but you could opt for a light blue shirt if you’ve gone for a dark business suit. It’s optional to wear a tie with this casino look, as an unbuttoned shirt with a crisp suit will still look formal. Make sure you pair with leather shoes for the perfect casino outfit.

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Smart Casual

It can sometimes feel tricky striking the right tone between smart and casual with your outfit. For lots of great outfit ideas, check out our smart casual style guide. We would definitely recommend you stick to chinos or suit pants and stay away from jeans when it comes to your semi formal casino look. You can’t go wrong with a pair of chinos with a white shirt or plain T-shirt and neat blazer. Wear with a pair of loafers so you don’t risk getting rejected from casinos for your footwear. This is the most common night-time casino dress code – we would recommend you go for this style even when the casino only asks for casual clothes. That’s the minimum requirement, and really you should always put some effort into your casino look. 

Smart Casual
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Basically anything goes here – although we’d recommend still leaving the flip flops and ripped jeans at home. Lots of the standard Las Vegas casinos won’t have a formal dress code so you should be able to wear your normal casual clothes. Just be aware that you may not be able to access certain exclusive casino lounges if you’re dressed in a less formal get-up.

We’re sure you have a nice casual outfit or two already sorted, so here’s three outfit ideas that you can wear to casinos with more formal dress codes:

1. A Dark Blue Smoking Jacket (Black Tie)

A Dark Blue Smoking Jacket (Black Tie)
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If you don’t have a velvet smoking jacket, your closet could be missing one of the most versatile formal wear pieces. A velvet smoking jacket is the easiest choice when it comes to a black tie casino event, as it will always give your outfit a luxurious look, but is more modern than a dinner jacket and can work in a variety of settings. Originally worn to stop your clothes smelling of smoke (hence the name) the smoking jacket soon became a staple piece of formal dress. We particularly like a smoking jacket in a rich dark blue with a crisp white shirt. If you have black lapels, you should match your bow tie to their colour and material and opt for a large, soft style bow tie that will suit the laid-back vibe of your velvet smoking jacket. A black silk cumerbund will help make sure your outfit suits the elegant casino setting and black tie requirements. If you don’t want to wear a cummerbund, go for a pair of trousers with a high waist. Black dress shoes will finish off this black tie casino outfit. This ensemble will look great on any guy and ensure you look and feel great. 

2. A Suit With Colourful Pocket Square (Formal Wear)

A Suit With Colourful Pocket Square (Formal Wear)
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Lots of casinos will have a formal dress code, particularly at night. While this might be easy to dress for if you work in a smart office, you should think of investing in a particular suit for social occasions that is more interesting than standard office wear. This is one of the easiest casino outfits to pull off as there is a fantastic range of colours, textures and patterns to choose from when it comes to finding a suit that reflects your personality. If you’re attending a casino during the summer or in a hot country, go for a double-breasted suit in an airy material and light colour, like pale blue or pink. Make sure you wear a colourful pocket square to add some flare to your casino outfit, and wear your suit with a crisp white shirt. We would recommend wearing your collar unbuttoned and without a tie, which will suit the night time atmosphere at the casino and stop you looking as if you’ve come straight from the office. If you’re wearing a dark coloured suit you can add a suit vest if you want to make your look more formal.

3. Chinos And Blazer With Breton Top (Semi Formal) 

Chinos And Blazer With Breton Top
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The majority of casinos will have a semi formal dress code, both during the day and night. While this is a more relaxed look, getting the balance right between smart and casual can often be very difficult to achieve. Luckily these casino outfits will look suit most men and will also work if you’re going for dinner or out to drinks before hitting the casino. By wearing a striped breton top under a light coloured blazer with matching chinos you’ll be fit to play at the best casino tables without looking like you’ve tried too hard. Wear to a casino with a fresh pair of leather slip-on sneakers, or alternatively a pair of suede loafers if the casino dress code specifies no sneakers. 

What To Remember When Choosing Your Outfit

The most important thing to remember when considering what to wear to a casino is to make sure you first check the casino’s dress code. Avoid a plain shirt along with some funky sweaters, will you? The best casino outfits will fit the dress requirements and reflect your personality with some added flare. For a black tie casino you can wear a blue velvet smoking jacket or blue satin jacket for a more interesting interpretation than the traditional black. You should dress in a sharp suit and pocket square at a formal casino, particularly if attending at night. Make sure you wear appropriate footwear as even the best casino outfits might not get you admitted if you style them with sneakers. Casual casinos will still expect you to dress up, so if you’re attending at night you should be wearing a blazer at the very least.

Having Said All Of That

Are you ready to embrace your full-on Monte Carlo casino look? Want to look like a true player when enjoying blackjack or roulette? No reason for fancy white gloves, but why not rock an open collar polo shirt with the right tuxedo? In the end and with just some accessories, every guy can look stylish! Ready for your business casual look while also winning big?

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