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7 Timeless Hairstyles Women Love on Men

by Cressida meale
Hairstyles Women Love on Guys

Tired of hitting up the barber for the same ol’ trim and not making any headway on the dating scene? Well, you’re in luck. Today we’re breaking down the top hairstyles that not only have you looking sharp but also make you a hit with the ladies. Let’s face it, appearances matter, especially when it comes to first impressions. I’ve spent years in the trenches of men’s fashion and grooming, so trust me when I say, your hair can be a game-changer.

You’re the only one who can shake things up in your life, so why not start at the top? Literally. With your hair. Whether you’re vibing a classic look or something more daring, there’s a style that’s got your name on it. And if you think women don’t notice your ‘do, think again. Whether it’s Hollywood’s red carpet, the latest Netflix series, or that guy in the office everyone envies, women are taking stock and comparing notes. So let’s do this right. Ahead are seven killer hairstyles that women can’t get enough of. Strap in, you’re in for a transformative ride.

The Undercut

The Undercut
@Jonas Svidras via Unsplash

Shorter around the sides and longer on the top, David Beckham has been the king of the undercut hairstyle for a while now. It’s a classic, which is why women love it, and him. It shows an easy to style and suits a lot of different face shapes. It’s a men’s short haircut that still has some texture and length for girls to handle. The layers on top may be long but its upkeep doesn’t have to take too long – a quick blow dry of the hair and small dose of pomade will leave you with the undercut look you’re after.

A popular men’s hairstyle back in the 1900s among working-class men, it has taken a journey, and now it’s just as popular amongst an array of men in today’s society. The short-long contrast shows the layers from every angle, showing off the ears but not being completely sparse of hair. It’s a center of attention kind of haircut and everyone knows girls like a guy that’s outgoing and (slightly) cocky.

French Crop

French Crop
@Kenzie Kraft via Unsplash

This is a popular men’s hairstyle right now which seems to be having its major moment thanks to the Peaky Blinders. Think Thomas Shelby – the guy that’s getting women excited to watch a show that’s full of violence, drama, and political nonsense (well, that’s what we get from it anyway). His style may be classic and smart with his long coats, three-piece suits, and lace-up work boots, but it’s his hair (and face obviously) that really hits the nail on the head. The 1920’s hairstyle that Cillian Murphy, who plays the head of the Shelby family, wears has become a symbol of style for the modern man.

This men’s hair trend has caught on quite fast so your barber should have done a few of these already. Fairly similar to the undercut but instead of the hair on top going back, it’s brushed forward. Show pictures or simply say you’re after the Peaky Blinder look – they’ll know what you’re after. If you’re nervous about going too short on the sides, maybe start with a grade up before you go all out. Either way, this is a favorite of ours as it shows confidence, a high sense of style and gives us the impression that you can take risks – even if it’s just with a new haircut.


@Kitera Dent via Unsplash

This is old school and we love it. Classic men’s hairstyles are always ones to consider when choosing your next style. The pompadour is similar to the quiff haircut just slightly neater. More styling goes into it and this is why we like it. It tells us that you’ve put effort into your appearance and women love it when a guy looks after himself. The hairs swept back with a lot of volumes and with every hair in place.

If you need some inspiration just think James Dean or Danny Zuko. Admittedly is a very 1950/60’s hairstyle but it’s been reinvented and brought forward to the 21st century. And believe it or not, this classic men’s hairstyle was originally brought to popularity by Madame de Pompadour – yes women, because you know all great styles come from us girls. It’s a style that gives us the feeling of nostalgia, the 50s icon loving and the smoothness and slick vibes from the old school films that we love so much. So if you want to stand out, this is the cut to try.


@ANTONI SHKRABA via pexels

There are so many different variations of the buzz cut (who knew) so finding one that suits you won’t be that hard. It doesn’t have to be completely shaven – you can leave some length on the top or you can have the same length all over, it really depends on how brave you’re feeling. There’s also the military-style buzz cut that we love. This is basically Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead. Where he used to have fairly medium length hair, it has now all gone and it’s taken years off his face and made him into a bad-ass. And this is all down to the buzz cut.

If you’ve chosen this as your new men’s hairstyle then we immediately like it. It portrays some kind of importance as well as raw masculinity and toughness. So basically everything a woman looks for in a guy. The style is bold and also looks really good in a suit, so whether you’re going for an off duty casual look or dressing up for an occasion, this men’s haircut has the potential to go far. So if you want to appear to have some kind of authority then a buzz cut will be the perfect risk to take.


longhair men
@Elena Rubtsova via pexels

The name may not sound that amazing but the look, if you get it right, definitely does. We’re going for a Leonardo Dicaprio vibe form Romeo and Juliet here. You want it to be a medium length around the side – you know, not too short and not overly messy. On top, you need it long enough so you can add some products and slick it back. And by slick we don’t mean so it stays in one place, you want the front to fall forward and still have some kind of movement. Women love this style as it gives off a relaxed, suave look that just gets to us. We can’t tell you why, but if you’ve got the curtains to look locked down, we’re sure to notice you.

However, you need to be careful when it comes to the curtains look because it can either look like you’ve missed the last few haircuts or you’ve put too much gel on and you have a greasy mop. Trendy men’s hairstyles need to have the right styling with the right amount of product. Don’t go overboard and if the styles cut correctly, you won’t need much product anyway.


@zaid mohammed via pexels

Some of you may think that long hair belongs on the beach and for the surfers of the world, but us women appreciate a bit of length, on your head of course. We’re not saying it should be longer than ours but a cut that sits just above your neck is a good length to go for. However, with long locks, you need to have the right hair type. Thick and with some kind of texture is always best, as a smooth and straight long look isn’t going to get you all the girls. Men’s long haircuts need to have movement, waves, and styling spray added so you can get them looking how we women like – so not that much effort really?

Men’s curly hairstyles are always best long, or longish. Shorter styles with curly hair don’t really do it for us – it just appears frizzy and no one really wants to see frizzy hair. The best hairstyles for men that are curly or textured are the ones that are long – it gives us something to grab and if it’s shampooed and conditioned well, you’ll have all the ladies looking at you and your hair.

Side Parting

Side Parting
@RODNAE Productions via pexels

This is the ultimate business cut and every woman loves a businessman. It’s smart, sophisticated, and neat, and it usually means you look good in a suit. And every woman loves a man that can pull off a suit. You’re a City boy and you spend your days working in the office with your hair in place. You can’t be looking tousled or scruffy, so you need a cut that suits what you do and how you want to be perceived. And we women like that, because you should always ‘dress for the job you want, not the job you have’, but within reason of course! So save letting your hair down for the weekend when you can calm it with the gel and go for a more natural look.

The side parting look is sleek and suave. This is quite a short cut so you need it either on a one or two around the edges and a little longer on top. The top should be long enough to sweep over and stay in place. You don’t want the top of your hair covering the short sides, so a haircut every two weeks is a necessity. Keep the look looking good with wax or a good pomade and use a comb to brush it into place – the smoother it is, the smarter it looks and that’s what we want to see.

sychology of Hairstyles

Let’s talk about how your choice of hairstyle can say more about you than you might realize. A well-groomed crew cut, for instance, often sends a message of professionalism and reliability. This is a style you’ll frequently see on military personnel, athletes, and corporate warriors. It suggests you’re all about business—easy to manage, clean, straightforward. Now, contrast that with someone sporting longer, tousled hair. This style is usually linked to creativity, a laid-back lifestyle, and an artistic temperament. It evokes a Bohemian vibe, appealing to those who gravitate toward individuality. Women often pick up on these visual cues, whether consciously or subconsciously. So when you’re considering a new hairstyle, think about the traits you want to project. Your hair, believe it or not, is broadcasting a message.

Celebrity Influence

There’s no denying that celebrities wield enormous influence when it comes to trends, hairstyles included. Look at David Beckham—a guy who’s pretty much had every haircut in the book. Each time he switches it up, you can bet a bunch of guys go rushing to their barbers to emulate it. This is also true for actors like Brad Pitt or singers like Harry Styles, who’ve become known not just for their talent but also their iconic hair. And women are taking notice, often favoring the styles sported by these A-listers. Some guys might scoff at the idea of following a trend set by a celeb, but let’s be real: If it works for them, why not see if it works for you? It’s not just about being trendy; it’s about tapping into a look that’s proven to resonate with people.

Hair Products for Each Style

Alright, you’ve nailed down the hairstyle you want, but keeping it looking fresh is another beast altogether. If you’re rocking a pompadour, a good-quality pomade is your best friend. This will give your hair the shine and hold it needs to maintain that classic, voluminous look. For tousled waves, opt for a sea salt spray. It’ll give your hair that ‘just-off-the-beach’ texture without making it look greasy. High and tight fade? A matte clay can offer just enough hold without making your hair stiff as a board. Remember, the right product can make or break your style, so choose wisely and don’t skimp on quality.

Face Shape & Hairstyles

Last but not least, let’s discuss face shape. Ever wondered why some hairstyles look great on other guys but just don’t suit you? Your face shape is the likely culprit. Those with a round face might benefit from a high-volume style on top to elongate the face, such as a pompadour or a quiff. Square-faced guys already have a strong jawline to show off, so a close crop like a crew cut can look particularly striking. Oval faces are the jackpot, as they suit a wide range of styles. But regardless of your face shape, the key is balance; you want a style that complements, not exaggerates, your natural features. So take a good look in the mirror before making that barber appointment.

On That Note

The best men’s haircuts are the ones you wear with confidence – it’s all about attitude and how you carry yourself. That’ll be the new you, your new look, so embrace it and you’ll end up feeling as fresh as ever. Whether it’s a men’s undercut hairstyle or a style that manages your wild curls, make sure you have the right products for it, keep it trimmed and don’t just forget about it, because every woman wants a man that can look after himself. The more effort, the better – just make sure the effort looks subtle. Yes, women’s wants are confusing but it’s something you’ll need to learn.

Feature image from Pexels

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