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The Ultimate Guide to Nailing Medium-Length Hairstyles for Men in 2023

by Cressida meale
The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Hey gents, considering a fresh take on your hair? Or perhaps you’ve hit that awkward in-between stage and you’re not sure how to rock it? Good news: medium-length hair offers a world of possibilities. Whether you’ve got waves, curls, or straight strands, there’s a killer style out there waiting for you. This article cuts through the noise and delivers the ultimate playbook for medium-length hairstyles. We’re talking face shape considerations, the essentials for hair health, and lifestyle-specific recommendations. No more guesswork or regrettable trips to the barber—let’s get you looking sharp.

Why Medium-Length Hair is a Game Changer

Ever feel stuck in a rut with short hair but not quite ready to embrace the wild freedom of long locks? That’s where medium-length hair shines. Not only does it strike the perfect balance, but it also offers a ton of styling flexibility. Trust me, I’ve been through the “should I cut or grow?” debate countless times, and landing in the medium zone has been my hair’s saving grace.

Growing It Out: Avoiding the Split End Trap

So you’re ready to dive into the medium-length world, but growing out your hair can be tricky, especially with the looming dread of split ends. Been there, done that. Regular trims and the right products can make a world of difference. Aim for natural shampoos and oils to keep those locks strong as you get to your desired length.

Picking the Right Style: Face Shape Matters

The contour of your face isn’t just critical for your Tinder profile pic; it can make or break a hairstyle too. Round face? Consider longer layers to add some depth. Square jaw? Shorter sides can highlight that chiseled look. Your face shape should be your roadmap when it comes to selecting the perfect medium-length style.

The Product Lineup: What to Use and When

Once you’ve nailed down the cut, maintaining it is the next hurdle. Depending on your hair type and lifestyle, different products will suit you better. Active guy who sweats a lot? A lightweight, water-based pomade might be your best bet. Office worker? A matte clay can offer that understated, polished look without making it obvious you spent 30 minutes on your hair.

Pre and Post Styling: Keep it Healthy

Last but not least, let’s talk about keeping that mane in top form. Before you style, a heat protectant can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re using hair dryers or straighteners. Post-styling, don’t underestimate the power of a good conditioner. It’ll keep your hair looking healthy and manageable, so you can easily switch up your style whenever the mood strikes.

The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men
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How to Grow Medium Length Hair

Men’s medium haircuts are tricky to achieve as growing your hair out takes a lot of time and patience as well as a fair few trips to the hair salon to maintain the split ends. In short, growing your hair out means ensuring the hair is healthy and conditioned to gain the best possible results over the least amount of time. Now, we’re not saying you can achieve the coveted man bun in two short months, but you’ll be well on your way.

No matter how you may try to avoid it, your hair will always reach that ‘awkward stage’ where one side is slightly longer than the other, or the sides of your head become so unbearably unmanageable that you’ll find yourself going through hair products like they’re out of fashion. But fear not and persevere – that’s why it’s worth a trip to the barbers (perhaps not every 4 weeks as suggested, more like 6-8 weeks) just to get a trim and tidy up that scruffy mane.

First Stage

The last thing you probably want is an unruly mullet sprouting from your head, and that can happen if you don’t maintain your locks during the first few months of trying to grow your hair out. It’s best to start out longer on top, just like any other guy that wants a trendy haircut. If your hair is similar in length all over then keep it tight at the sides and back until layers have started to build on the top. Once you’ve achieved the ideal length then you can let the entirety of your hair grow out.


That ‘awkward’ moment will probably occur numerous times throughout your struggle trying to grow out your hair over. The worst part is when hair begins to grow over the ears and you start to receive those shifty looks. Don’t listen to the naysayers and continue on that quest, because if you cave at this stage, there’s probably no way you’ll ever be able to grow out a medium length hairstyle in your life.

Once you get past that hair wave (excuse the pun) things become much easier to maintain. You’ll be able to push your hair back around the ears. You can use lightweight products like hair pomades and trusty hairspray to make your in-between hairdo look somewhat presentable to the outside world.

The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men
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Take Care

While your hair grows it’s best to take extra care during your day-to-day life. That means no rough towel drying when you get out of the shower. Instead, part sections of your hair and release excess moisture by squeezing and massaging with a soft towel.

When it comes to blow-drying the hair, try and do this only a few times a week as heat can damage strands and make them weaker, regardless of whether you’ve now achieved what seems to be a full head of healthy hair. Keep in mind that long hair takes longer to dry, so if you are blasting the heat and brushing through wet hair in hopes of cutting down the wait time, you can cause serious breakage, effectively wasting the six months of growth time you’ve so diligently spent waiting.

Medium Length Haircuts

When it comes to deciding exactly what length you should go for, it’s always best to get the advice of your barber or hair stylist prior to the cut. Most of the time, because you’ve spent months growing it out having even just a few inches cut can feel like torture. Keep in mind that getting it trimmed is all for the greater good as it helps to maintain healthy and manageable locks.

If you want to get into logistics then measure your face before you visit the salon. Bear in mind that this is not necessary but an added factor to achieving the best medium length haircut for your face shape.

  • Forehead: Measure the length between the peaks of both your eyebrows.
  • Cheekbones: Start measuring from the outer corner of your eye towards the other and across the length of your cheekbones at their peak.
  • Jawline: Measure from the incline angle between the length of your ear and the chin.
  • Face: Measure from the central most point of your face from the top of your forehead to your chin.

Everyone has a different face shape and the cut you get will depend on what suits that shape.

Oval Face

An oval face shape suits short medium hairstyles, but realistically it’s a face that can carry off almost any hairstyle because of its symmetrical qualities. Ideally, however, it’s best to avoid a long, forward facing fringes as you want to create volume and have some movement on top. That said, you could always go experiment with a men’s medium long hairstyle. Just have the hair on top a little longer than you would if you were going fairly short, you can style this with either a salt spray or some wax pomade.

Square Face

Those with a strong and well-defined jaw are fortunate enough to be born with a naturally masculine shape; such is the benefit of the square face. Like the oval shape, a square face can carry off many different styles. Short medium length hairstyles like the classic cut that’s longer on the top but kept neat overall suits square face shapes best. An added fade on the side can give off a super slick look. This type of layered hair for men is definitely a good shout for this face shape.

The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men

Heart & Diamond Face

Faces with heart or diamond proportions are ideal for a medium length hairstyle. Haircuts for medium hair should be softer and less structured like that of the square shape style. Think of less classic cuts and more unkempt, scruffier styles that can be washed and styled on the go without too much thought or fuss. For both face shapes, it’s best to avoid cuts that are too tight to the head in order to balance out the wider cheekbone to forehead length. Growing out facial hair can also help to balance out the face.

Triangular Face

Luckily for those guys who sport a triangular shaped face, the more volume and length, you can get from your hair the better. Men’s medium to long hairstyles are also easier to handle. Hairdos for shoulder length hair suit the triangle shape as well because they help to add depth to an otherwise slender facial structure. That means you can go all out with shaggier styles, perhaps an afro or of course the man bun.

Mid Length Hair

Once you achieve the dream haircut you’ve been waiting so long for, it’s time to get down to maintenance. Having longer hair means taking extra care of your locks. Unlike shorter styles, you can’t expect the same results from a simple wash and go. Medium hairstyles for men demand conditioning and styling, otherwise, you’ll end up with a crazy mass of hair that will be incredibly hard to maintain.

Shampoo & Conditioner

If your shampoo schedule is daily then you need to stop, now. Natural oils from your hair actually help, not hinder the condition of the hair strands. If you’re washing them away daily with a shampoo that contains cleaning agents then your hair will become limp and be more prone to breakage. Over-shampooed hair is dry and weak – two elements long hair can’t live with.

The key is to restore what’s been lost with a good conditioner in order to build back that strength. You can condition daily, but make sure to only shampoo two to three times a week at the most. It comes down to personal preference, as some guys will have oilier hair than others.

How to Style Men’s Medium Length Hair

Switch up the products you use on your hair to achieve the best results for healthy locks. Hair styling products like a pomade, wax and paste are ideal for maintaining flyaway locks on short to medium hairstyles. Once the hair gets a little longer, switch to a grooming cream, serum or leave-in conditioner that will do the same job a normal styling product would, but with the added restoring benefits. These products are specifically designed for medium to long hair lengths in order to keep the hair lightweight.

How to Style Men’s Medium Length Hair

Though some people may roll their eyes at the man bun – the hairstyle of choice for hipsters around the world – the style itself is pretty darn practical for guys who have longer hairstyles. There’s probably nothing worse than finding your hair all over the place in the morning or having it blow around like crazy on a windy day. Consider a hair band or a hair tie to put it back in its place. Just look to some of the world’s most famous male athletes who sport longer hair and you’ll notice they’ll be rocking one of these hair band hair accessories.

Men’s Medium Length Hair Styles

Cool men’s haircuts come in a variety of different lengths, but the best medium styles call on a certain attitude. From Hollywood actors, sports personalities, street style fanatics to the primped and preened guys on reality shows like TOWIE and MIC, medium length hair is back in fashion, in a big way. Get inspired by the dapper locks of these famous faces. See how your wardrobe can make or break a fresh new cut.

Hair Style Inspiration

The Best Medium Length Hairstyles for Men
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Whether you’re going for a sophisticated look or a rugged charm, we’ve got 20 styles to elevate your medium-length mane game. We’ll cover not just the styles but also tips on how to grow and maintain each one. Let’s dive in.

1. The Pompadour

The classic pompadour never goes out of style and it works wonders with medium-length hair. To keep that volume and height, you’ll want a strong-hold pomade. While growing it out, regular trims are your friend to maintain shape. For that perfect pomp, a quality blow dryer and a round brush are must-haves.

2. Messy Waves

Embrace those natural waves with this carefree style. Keep your hair well-conditioned to manage frizz. As you’re growing it out, occasional thinning from your barber helps maintain the wild but manageable look. A dab of sea-salt spray adds the perfect finishing touch.

3. The Side Part

Clean and classic, the side part adds instant sophistication. During the growing phase, maintain a uniform length while avoiding too many layers. For styling, a matte-finish pomade will help you achieve that neat but not overly glossy look.

4. The Undercut

The undercut pairs shorter sides with medium-length top hair. This style demands regular upkeep; you’ll need frequent trims to maintain the contrast. Styling it is pretty straightforward—a strong hold pomade will keep things in place.

5. Textured Quiff

A modern twist to the classic quiff, texture adds that extra edge. While growing, opt for periodic texturing from your barber. Use a texturizing spray or cream to style, giving it that relaxed yet defined finish.

6. Slicked Back

Sleek and timeless, the slicked-back look is ideal for medium-length hair. To grow into this style, keep the length consistent and use a hair serum for that extra shine. A fine-toothed comb and a strong-hold gel will nail the final look.

7. Tousled Locks

Great for natural waves and curls, this laid-back style requires minimal effort. A good conditioner will keep your locks healthy while you’re growing them out. Use a bit of lightweight pomade to give it structure but still allow movement.

8. The Shag

Inspired by the ’70s, the shag is back with modern appeal. This style thrives on layers, so ask your barber to incorporate these as you grow it out. A medium-hold styling cream will keep those layers defined.

9. Side-Swept Fringe

For those looking to make a statement, the side-swept fringe is eye-catching without being over the top. While growing, maintain the fringe length longer than the rest for that dramatic sweep. A bit of matte clay will hold the style without looking greasy.

10. Crew Cut Fade

The crew cut fade gives a modern edge to the classic crew cut. Keeping the sides faded requires frequent trims, while the top can grow out to medium length. A light-hold product will provide just enough shape.

11. Curly Top Fade

If you’ve got curls, flaunt them. This style combines a fade with a curly medium top. Condition those curls religiously as you grow them out, and use a curl-enhancing cream for styling.

12. French Crop

The French crop is all about texture and a forward fringe. Ask your barber to incorporate a subtle taper while keeping the top hair longer. A texturizing spray will enhance this low-maintenance style.

13. The Mullet

Yes, it’s making a comeback. The mullet is business at the front, party at the back. Let the back grow out while keeping the front and sides shorter. A molding gel will help you maintain this polarizing style.

14. The Blowout

Aptly named, the blowout requires a blow dryer to achieve its voluminous appearance. As you grow it out, focus on length at the top. Use a round brush and a heat protectant spray before blow-drying for that wind-blown look.

15. Faded Mohawk

A more conservative take on the traditional Mohawk, the faded version is office-appropriate. Keep the sides faded and the top long. A strong-hold pomade or gel will maintain the raised middle section.

16. Straight Chop

If you have straight hair, go for a choppy, textured style. Maintain the texture with regular barber visits as you grow it out. A lightweight styling cream is ideal for a matte finish.

17. The Bro Flow

Imagine your hair effortlessly flowing with a subtle wave—thus, the bro flow. Focus on keeping hair healthy with regular conditioning. A bit of hair oil can add that final touch for a natural-looking sheen.

18. Angular Fringe

The angular fringe creates a dynamic contrast by having a shorter back and sides with a long, angled fringe. Maintain this shape with regular trims and use a matte pomade to style.

19. Caesar Cut

A blunt, horizontal fringe defines the Caesar cut. This style is easy to grow into, just ask your barber to keep the top longer during your regular trims. A dab of styling cream will keep the fringe in place.

20. Tapered Cut

Clean and professional, the tapered cut is suitable for all occasions. Maintain a longer length on top while tapering down the sides and back. A light pomade will offer flexible hold.

On That Note

Finding the right medium length hairstyle for you is all about consideration and patience. Learn to maintain your locks during that tricky growth period and you’ll be well on your way to sporting a dapper style that will suit your overall aesthetic. Consider your face shape and what works for you.

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