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10 Best Hair Wax Brands In The World Right Now

by Sheena Hanley
Best Hair Wax Brands

Why is wax different from other hair products for men?

The men’s grooming revolution has seen a rise in the variety and number of hair products flooding onto the market. It’s great to have so many options and tailored products out there, but sometimes with so much choice it can be hard to understand the difference between a matte wax and a dry paste.

The beauty of wax is that it provides flexible hold to your hair, so you can restyle throughout the day if you need to but it will still keep your look in place. It is a great alternative to other products like gel and pomade because it doesn’t use alcohol as an ingredient. This means your hair will be moisturised by the natural wax while stopping it looking too greasy. Win win, in our opinion.

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What Are The Different Types Of Hair Wax For Men?

Just as there are many types of hair products, there are also a lot of options when it comes to picking a wax. From spray hair wax to matte, or even liquid, each will have different qualities that might suit you better than others. To take the mystery out of hair waxes, here’s our roundup of the 10 best out there:

TIGI Bed Head For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

With their wide range of products, TIGI knows how to cater to all hair types. The mixture of beeswax and cera carnauba (a lighter wax) will give your hair staying power without it looking too rigid. If you prefer a softer, more natural look, apply this when your hair is still damp to get that bed head feel. This TIGI Bed Head wax would be the best option to take on holiday with you, as the natural matte finish will protect you from humidity.

Paul Mitchell Firm Style Dry Wax

According to Paul Mitchell, this wax creates “incredible-looking hair every woman desires”. Exaggeration? Probably. However let’s not let that get in the way of the facts – this will give you a long-lasting firm hold, and by using dry wax hair can be lifted and shaped much more easily. So even if it’s not going to magically make you a woman magnet, this wax’s ability to create texture and keep it there makes it one of the best.

Da Dude Da Wax Hair Wax

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a product is how quickly it might get used up. While it can sound sensible to always go for a less-expensive option, often the quality of these waxes will mean you’ll need to use much more to achieve a good finish. That’s why it often makes sense to go for a higher-priced wax like this one from Da Dude Da Wax. With a beeswax formula, this matte wax comes in eco-friendly packaging and will save you money in the long run, as you only need to use a small amount to create an all-day hold. With this natural wax, hair will stay in place without a buildup of greasy residues.


American Crew, like TIGI, has a wide range of men’s grooming products to choose from. What sets them apart here is they are one of the few companies to offer a liquid wax. In liquid form, this wax won’t leave you with a tacky feel to your hair, that many mass-produced products do. Instead, it will provide a medium pliable hold that makes restyling easy and will wash out without any hassle. In our opinion, this is one of the best hair wax for styling longer hair, as it will still give you movement and protect you from humidity. 

Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax

Made in Japan, this is the best wax for men to create a strong hold that will keep your hair spiked up throughout the day. So if you’ve gone for a ‘90s blonde-tipped look, this is the best wax for hair that’s very short. Just make sure you’ve read our guide on the best spiky hair looks, and you’re not taking Simon from The Inbetweeners as your inspiration.

Natural Man Hair Wax

If you like to know exactly what ingredients have gone into your products, and don’t like the thought of slavering synthetic chemicals over your hair, then this is the best hair wax for you. With handcrafted ingredients, this wax is made from pure Irish beeswax, organic shea butter, and organic sunflower seed oil. If you want to lock-in moisture to your hair and prevent breakages, this is the best wax to give your look a soft hold while nourishing your scalp. It will even help with itching or dandruff due to the added lemon and lime essential oils. As hair waxes go, this one is doing its part for the planet.

Mon Plantin Jojoba Original Hair Wax

While it might not come in the sexiest packaging, this is the best hair wax when it comes to recreating a slicked back, retro look. Enriched with jojoba oil, this wax will give your hair shine while conditioning your scalp. If you find your hair looks greasy quickly, the jojoba oil will help control sebum, as by moisturizing your scalp, your body won’t overreact to styling by producing too much oil. To keep your look in place while adding a healthy-looking sheen, this is one of the best waxes for straight medium-length hair.

Jack Black Wax Pomade

No one likes to think their hair products could be doing harm to the planet. That’s why it’s reassuring to know Jack Black makes sure their formulas are cruelty-free while still using the latest technologies. The best thing about this wax pomade is the lightweight and non-greasy formula that will give you a matte finish. Though lots of companies seem to think to add in strong fragrances will help sell their products, Jack Black understands that sometimes less is more, and keeps their hair wax fragrance and colorant free. Rub a small amount between your hands and apply over dry hair for a flexible, touchable finish. Due to the simple, plant-based formula, this wax is super easy to wash out without shampoo.

Davines More Inside Shine Wax

Haven’t heard of Davines yet? You need to acquaint yourself with this Italian brand that’s causing a sensation when it comes to hair care. Quickly becoming a cult favorite, this More Inside Shine Wax will keep your hair looking sleek and glossy, without making it heavy and greasy. A favorite of barbers and stylists, this is the best wax for men if you use a hairdryer or straighteners to achieve your look as you can apply straight to damp hair. With its natural ingredients formulated for all hair types, your main concern with this wax is making sure your friends don’t steal it.

Dapper Dan Men’s Matt Paste

OK so they’ve labelled this as a paste, but look closely at the ingredients and strong hold finish and it’s easy to see that this men’s hair paste is actually operating like a wax. So If you like to have the option to style your hair differently day-to-day, or even mix it up from morning to night, Dapper Dan’s Men’s Paste is one of the best products in terms of versatility. It’s water-based formula gives a firm hold but also allows flexibility when it comes to switching your rough quiff to a slicked-back parting. With a matte wax hair is given a more touchable finish.

How To Best Use Your Hair Wax?

Any mens hair stylist will tell you that to get the best out of your hair wax for men, the secret lies in how dry your hair is when you apply it. For a strong hold and a look with more body, make sure you style your hair with tools first, to get the shape, then add the wax over your completely dry hair to keep it in place and add body. For a more natural finish add the wax when your hair is still damp but towel-dried. This creates a softer finish and gives you the best hair when it comes to movement and texture. If you have medium to long hair go for this technique or your hair wax might end up weighing your look down.

What Are The Alternatives To Hair Wax For Men?

Luckily hair waxes aren’t the only option when it comes to hair styling. For a matte finish, hair clay best draws out excess oils while giving your hair volume and extra thickness. For a softer matte finish, using a sea salt spray on your hair will give it a natural bed head texture. If sleek hair is more your taste, you can’t go wrong with a traditional pomade.

The Best Hair Wax For Men: Ranked

  1. Dapper Dan’s Men’s Paste
  2. Davines More Inside Shine Wax
  3. Jack Black Wax Pomade
  4. Mon Plantin Jojoba Original Hair Wax
  5. Natural Man Hair Wax
  6. Gatsby Moving Rubber Spiky Edge Hair Wax
  7. AMERICAN CREW Liquid Wax
  8. Da Dude Da Wax Hair Wax
  9. Paul Mitchell Firm Style Dry Wax
  10. TIGI Bed Head For Men Matte Separation Workable Wax

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