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How to Grow out Your Buzzcut

by Cressida meale
Buzzcut With Line


he buzz cut is the epitome of low-maintenance and self-sufficiency, but when it’s time for a change, things can get a bit, well, hairy. In this guide, you’ll get the lowdown on how to transition smoothly from buzz cut to whatever hairstyle you’re aiming for next, without looking like you stuck your finger in a light socket.

Armed with the right know-how, you can grow out that buzz cut without any major hiccups. We’re diving into tried-and-true tips, debunking myths, and giving you a strategic plan to avoid that dreaded awkward phase. Read on if you’re serious about mastering the art of the seamless transition.

How to Grow out a Buzzcut Fast

You might think you know how to grow out your hair but if you want to look good, it’s not just a case of leaving your hair for a few months to get back to its old length. Be prepared to put a little bit of work in to get it there as soon as possible.

First thing is accepting that you’ll have to pass through the dreaded ‘awkward’ stage – and there’s really no way around this. Not all hair grows at the same speed, so despite the seemingly counterproductive nature – you’ll need to keep on trimming to stop awkward growth in different parts of your head.

Tips for Growing out a Buzzcut:

  • Once it’s long enough, head down to your barbers to trim the back and sides. As soon as you can start giving the hair shape, don’t wait around. Once you get some definition you’ll notice it’s instantly less fluffy.
  • If you’re worried about it looking fluffy, try growing your hair out in the winter, that way you can throw on a hat when your hair gets too difficult to deal with.
  • On average, men’s hair grows at about half an inch a month – use this to estimate how long it’ll take.
  • There’s no need to use shampoo every time you shower, it can strip your hair of essential oils which will leave it growing slower. But it is essential to keep it clean. Two times a week should suffice, you could even get away with once.
  • Try swapping fatty or sugary food with plant based healthy alternatives and you’ll find your hair’s growing faster in no time.
  • Before you buzz it’s important to know what shape your skull is, no one has a perfectly round head but bear in mind you might have a lumpy scalp that will be exposed to the world once you’ve sheared. There aren’t many ways to check this before, but asking your barbers is a good place to start.
  • There are a plethora of hair growth supplements out there, just be sure to do your research – some have… interesting side effects.
  • Style your hair with gel or matte putty to prevent the fuzzy look.

The Fade Fix: Square Over Round

“Once you grow a buzz cut out, your head’s going to look like a perfect sphere,” says Robert-Jan Rietveld, a Rotterdam-based barber and co-founder of men’s grooming company Reuzel. His go-to fix? A medium fade on the sides. Start with the longest clipper guard and move to shorter ones as you go down toward your ears. This gives your growing locks a more squared-off, masculine look rather than a bloated balloon shape.

DIY Warning: The Fade Isn’t for Amateurs

Take it from Robert: cutting fades at home is a high-risk game. One slip-up and you’re back to square one—or rather, round one. If you’re not confident handling clippers yourself, stick to simpler upkeep measures. Keep the sideburn lines neat with a trimmer and use some decent hair product to tame the sides.

Mastering the Buzz Cut Style Game

The buzz cut is a blank canvas, so it’s a prime time to amp up your haircare routine.

For Curly-Haired Men:

The buzz cut phase is a golden opportunity to focus on hair health. If your locks are curly, Robert advises adding a conditioner and, eventually, hair oil to your regimen. A few pumps on towel-dried or dry hair should do the trick.

For Straight-Haired Men:

Go for a matte, high-hold pomade post-shower. This will give your hair texture and shape, making it look anything but lifeless. Start with a small dollop, warm it between your hands, and work it from the crown to the tips.

For the Thinning Troops:

If your hair’s thinning, keep your buzz cut tight. A well-maintained look draws the eye away from any sparse areas, so regular upkeep is your best bet.

For the Silver Foxes:

Got gray hair? Embrace it like the badass you are. Gray hair needs moisture, so along with conditioner, consider adding hair oil and a weekly hair mask to your routine.

Lets Wrap It Up

Growing out a buzz cut is a journey with its own set of challenges, but it’s nothing a little planning and proper care can’t handle. If you’re navigating through the awkward phase, consider a medium fade for a more structured look. Just remember, if you’re not a whiz with clippers, maybe leave the fade to the professionals. As for hair care, it’s prime time to up your game. Curly, straight, thinning, or graying—there’s a strategy for you. Maintain your mane, invest in some quality products, and don’t be afraid to embrace your natural texture or color. Armed with this knowledge, you’re more than ready to transition from buzz cut to badass. Go forth and conquer

Feature image Photo by Anastasiia Chaikovska: https://www.pexels.com/photo/portrait-of-a-young-man-shirtless-11744656/

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