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101 Awesome Bradley Cooper Hairstyle Ideas You Need to Try!

by Jamie Wilson
Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper (Charles is his middle name) was born in Philadelphia, and is an amazing actor! He has two Grammy awards at the age of 45, and it doesn’t seem like he’ll slow down his acting career any time soon! Are you a fan of his movies, his appearance, or maybe his hair? Some women love his dashing looks and those dreamy blue eyes, they are super hard to resist! Do you want to try out a Bradley Cooper’s hair look? If you want to copy some of his seamless hairstyles and flawless looks, you will find great pieces in this article. Time to look so Hollywood like!

What Haircut Does Bradley Cooper Have?

Bradley Cooper often rocks wavy, messy, and medium-long haircuts. Through the years Bradley Cooper hairstyles haven’t changed much and have been pretty typical and low-maintenance since he is a low-maintenance guy. However, on Red Carpet events, Bradley Cooper hairstyles will be slicked back or pushed to the sides since this look opens up his face shape and makes his eyes stand out! Guys who like heavy side partings, have long locks and wish to rock a bad boy look will try to copy this icon!

Did Bradley Cooper Grow His Hair For A Star Is Born?

Bradley Cooper plays the character of Jackson Maine in ‘’A Star Is Born’’ and is always rocking some long carefree locks. He didn’t have to grow his hair for this movie since it was already at its ideal length. His look usually suits men who love reckless and wavy options, and who have naturally long and healthy hair.

Does Bradley Cooper Have Curly Hair?

Yes! Bradley Cooper has naturally curly hair and a bit of a stubborn & messy curly beard. He also has naturally lighter hair, brows & beard which can be styled with the use of minimum products. Anyone who is into low-maintenance looks and not spending a fortune will appreciate Bradley Cooper & his routine!

Top 5 Bradley Cooper Hairstyle Options

1. Bradley Cooper Haircut Short

Bradley Cooper Haircut Short
bradley cooper” by Mario A. P. via WordPress

Bradley Cooper hairstyles are always on point! This look will look amazing with a beard and some spikes. You will achieve a high top with some hair gel. Get a small amount of product and apply it with your fingers. This styling will take only five minutes to do, no need to invest any more time or product! Age-wise, you will want this low-maintenance hairstyle if you are in your 30s, it is perfect for you!

2. Messy Hairstyles Bradley Cooper 

Messy Hairstyles Bradley Cooper 
Bradley Cooper vino a divertirse a El Hormiguero” by ElHormiguero via wordpress

This is a cool Bradley Cooper short hairstyle that he used to wear back in the day. This hairstyle looks great when swept to the side and once you apply the gel over the entire top portion. Men who have an oval-shaped head will love this style, and it will complement their face. Ask your barber if this cut would suit your hairline before you start copying other celebrities.

3. Young Bradley Cooper Hairstyle

Young Bradley Cooper Hairstyle
Belaj Bluaj Okuloj de Bradley Cooper” by МОЛОКО via WordPress

Bradley Cooper short hair with highlights looked great back in the day. A lot of men in 2000 loved the reckless and highlighted look. This hair is easy to style as long as you maintain the highlights, as well as the trim. Go to your hairstylist every three weeks to maintain your beard and make the cut sleek, modern & professional. Every man who has thin hair and who is into noticeable hairstyles will wish for a little change. 

4. Bradley Cooper Hairstyles

Bradley Cooper Hairstyles
Discussing mental health care with Bradley Cooper” by Senator Stabenow via WordPress

Bradley Cooper long hair looked amazing on Jackson Maine! Was this your favorite movie that made 2018 remarkable? He has long hair and a long beard which compliment his face and accentuate his eye color. If you want to get something that no one really rocks, and you are a fan of a bold hairstyle, this is ideal for you. Some men should get this hairstyle and rock a voluminous top and longer strands to a special occasion, as long as this is your preferred style.

5. Wavy Haircuts Bradley Cooper 

Wavy Haircuts Bradley Cooper 
Bradley Cooper” by JiBs. via WordPress

Lastly, this slightly slick hair with beautiful gorgeous and wavy locks should be pushed back. It will look the best with minimal use of hair-care products. If you are blessed enough to have naturally wavy hair and you have a masculine style with some locks, embrace this or similar Bradley Cooper hairstyles. You can wash your hair and let it air dry for the best outcome, or you can use a hair mousse, a curling gel, or anything that will boost the volume of your curls.

On That Note

Bradley Cooper hairstyles are almost always unique in their own hair. If you love this hairstyle or any of our suggested options, embrace the Cooper cuts! A lot of them are Red Carpet friendly, and they will look amazing on different men and different hair types as well as head shapes. You should get also the Jackson Maine hairdo if you love a long beard and a reckless style. Let us know which of these hair options is your favorite down below!

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Bradley Cooper
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Bradley Cooper
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Bradley Cooper
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