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The Ultimate Guide to Matching Your Haircut to Your Face Shape

by Triston Brewer
How To Style Sideburns To Your Face Shape

Gents, let’s get right to it. You’re here because you want a haircut that’s more than just a style statement; you want a look that complements your facial structure. So, what’s the answer? Simple: Knowing your face shape and picking the right haircut is the game-changer you didn’t know you needed. This guide will break down the primary face shapes and their ideal haircuts to give you that tailored look you’re aiming for. Read on to become your own expert in the art of personalized grooming.

Now that you’re all clued in, stay tuned for the specifics on how different face shapes pair with different haircuts. Trust me, by the end of this, you’ll be one step closer to turning heads wherever you go.

How to Find Out What Face Shape You Have

Let’s kick things off by figuring out what you’re working with. You’ll need a mirror, a comb, and a bar of soap or a wipeable marker if you’re not into cleaning soap off mirrors.

  1. Comb Back: Use a comb to pull your hair back and hold it in place.
  2. Trace the Shape: Grab the soap and trace the outline of your face on the mirror.
  3. Identify: The result? You’re looking at a square, triangle, round, oval, or oblong shape staring back at you.

Easy, right? Now, let’s pair that shape with your next stellar haircut.

Haircuts for Men by Face Shape

Square Face

You’ve got a square face? Lucky you, that jawline could cut glass. Here’s how to capitalize:

  • Trim Sideburns: Keep ’em short and above the ears.
  • Style Up: Consider a short, upward hairstyle to elongate your features.
  • Facial Hair: A longer beard could add some verticality to your jawline.

Ideal Haircuts: Think classic side partings or a textured pompadour.

Triangle Face Shape

A triangular face means you’ve got a wide jaw and narrow cheekbones. Here’s the deal:

  • Add Volume: Balance it out by adding some height up top.
  • Beard Game: A well-groomed beard will soften that strong jawline.
  • Go for a Fringe: A well-styled fringe can make the forehead appear broader.

Recommended Styles: Textured pompadours, curly tops, and even quiffs work wonders for you.

Round Face Shape

Round-faced guys, listen up:

  • Shorten the Sides: Keep the sides and back shorter to give your face some length.
  • Sweeping Fringe: A side-swept fringe works great to add some contrast.
  • Height Matters: Spiking your hair up a bit can make your face seem longer.

Top Picks: Side partings, messy fringes, and pompadours should be your go-tos.

Oblong Face Shape

You’ve got an oblong face? Good news, you can pretty much pull off any style.

  • Be Mindful: Just don’t pick something that makes your face look even longer.
  • No Long Beards: They’ll make your face seem overly elongated.

Solid Choices: Side partings and even stubble can complement your look.

Oval Face Shape

For you oval-faced fellas:

  • No Fringes: They’ll make your face look rounder.
  • Volume Up: Opt for a haircut with some height at the top.

Best Bets: Stick with shorter haircuts and well-angled side partings.

Diamond Face Shape

If you’ve got a diamond-shaped face, congrats, you’re a rare gem. Literally.

  • Grow it Out: Your bone structure supports longer lengths.
  • Layer Up: Soften those angular features with a layered haircut.

Top Picks: Anything from long locks to layered looks suits you.

The Barber’s Chair: Navigating the Conversation for the Cut You Want

Let’s be real: sitting in the barber’s chair can sometimes feel like you’re about to take a big exam. You want to get it right because you’ll be wearing the results on your head for weeks to come. But how do you articulate what you’re after? “Uh, just a little off the top,” might not cut it. Here, we’ve broken down the ins and outs of barber communication, lingo you should know, and even a cheat sheet you can print and take with you. So, next time you plop down in that chair, you’ll do so with confidence.

Know What You Want But Use Their Language

  1. Ask for a Consultation: Most barbers offer a quick consultation before they start snipping. Use this time to discuss what you’re looking for.
  2. Bring a Reference: Pictures are worth a thousand words. Save some styles you like on your phone or print them out. Make sure these reference images match your hair type.
  3. Know the Terms: Learn a bit of barber lingo. Terms like “fade,” “taper,” and “layered” are more precise than “shorter here and longer there.”
  4. Speak in Numbers: If you know the guard sizes for clippers, tell them. If not, it’s okay to say you’re not sure, but have a reference picture.
  5. Talk About Textures: If you like a bit of a messy look, the word you’re looking for is “textured.” For a more sleek look, “slicked-back” or “combed-over” works.

Your Printable Cheat Sheet by Face Shape

  • Square Faces: Classic Side Part, Crew Cut
  • Triangle Faces: Textured Pompadour, Taper Fade
  • Round Faces: High Fade, Angular Fringe
  • Oblong Faces: Side Part, Low Fade with a Beard
  • Oval Faces: Quiff, Buzz Cut
  • Diamond Faces: Long Layers, Side Swept Bangs

Print these out or have them saved on your phone. It helps both you and your barber get on the same page quickly.

Transitioning Between Styles: The Journey from Buzz Cut to Pompadour

So, you’ve rocked that buzz cut for a while, and it’s been good to you. But now you’ve got your eyes on the prize: a slick pompadour that’ll have you looking like you just stepped off a James Dean movie set. Here’s the thing, though: Getting from point A to point B isn’t as simple as growing your hair out. That “in-between” phase can feel like you’re in hairstyle purgatory, and you’re probably going to have some awkward moments. But fear not, gents. Here’s how to navigate this hair-raising journey, no matter your face shape.

The “Awkward Phase” Survival Guide

  1. Embrace the Mess: Accept that there will be a phase when your hair just isn’t long enough to style the way you’d like. Use this time to experiment with different products like texture sprays or lighter gels to see what holds up best.
  2. Strategic Trims: Yes, you’re trying to grow your hair out, but don’t skip those barber visits. A good barber can help maintain a shape that flatters your face, even as your hair grows.
  3. Hats and Beanies: If there’s ever a time to embrace headwear, it’s now. Just remember, the goal is to complement your face shape. Oval faces? Almost any hat will do. Square or round faces should opt for beanies or rounded hats to soften those strong angles.

Tips by Face Shape

  • Square Faces: While growing it out, go for styles that add some height to elongate your face. Avoid anything too bushy on the sides.
  • Triangle Faces: You’ll want to focus on adding some volume on top while keeping the sides trim. Maybe even rock a faux hawk for a bit. It distracts from a wider jaw and balances things out.
  • Round Faces: Try styles that are shorter on the sides and longer on top. You’re aiming for a more oval shape to stretch out those cheekbones.
  • Oblong Faces: Be careful with height. Too much volume on top can make your face look even longer. Instead, aim for styles that add some width.
  • Oval Faces: You lucky dogs can pull off most transitional styles. Just avoid bangs or anything that makes your face appear shorter.

Patience and Products

Above all, you need patience. Good things take time, and this is especially true when you’re transitioning between hairstyles. Also, invest in quality hair products tailored to your hair type. This isn’t the time to scrimp on the dollar store stuff. A good pomade or hair cream can make all the difference.

On That Note

Now you’re all clued up on how to know what hairstyle suits you. Of course, we haven’t covered all of the possible head shapes. For the best judgment on your facial geometry, pop in over to your barber of choice and have an expert architect craft a haircut which suits you perfectly.

Feature Photo by Shamsul Alam Topu on Unsplash

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