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10 Bad Hair Cuts for Men To Avoid In 2023

by Triston Brewer
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Hey gents, let’s talk hair—specifically, the kind of hair you don’t want. Your haircut is more than just a bunch of snips and trims; it’s a statement about who you are. Whether you’re in the boardroom or at a bar, the cut you sport speaks volumes. So let’s get into the 10 haircuts you should definitely steer clear of this year, unless you want to be the laughing stock of your mates.

1. The Mullet

Ah, the mullet. Business in the front, party in the back, and a whole lot of regret everywhere. This retro cut had its moment—decades ago. In 2023, it’s a surefire way to get second glances for all the wrong reasons.

2. The Man Bun Gone Wrong

A well-done man bun can add a touch of mystique. But a sloppy, low-effort bun isn’t just lazy; it can throw off your whole look. If it looks like you’ve got a soggy croissant perched atop your head, you’re doing it wrong.

3. The Spiky Frosted Tips

The ’90s called. They want their haircut back. Frosted tips were hot when boy bands ruled the charts, but these days they’re just a cringe-worthy relic.

4. The Overgrown Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is low-maintenance and sharp—when done right. If you let it grow out too much without shaping it, you’re entering the realm of what’s known as the “fuzz cut”. It’s not a good look.

5. The Bowl Cut

If you’re not starring in a ’90s sitcom reboot, there’s no reason for you to have a bowl cut. Period. It makes you look like you cut your hair at home, with an actual bowl.

6. The Half-Shaved, Half-Long Mess

A daring look? Absolutely. A good look? Not so much. When one side of your head looks like it’s ready for a board meeting and the other looks like it just got out of bed, you’re sending mixed messages.

7. The Bad Fade

A good fade can make you look polished and stylish. A bad fade is just that—bad. If it looks like your head is a topographical map, your barber missed the mark.

8. The Rat Tail

Not to be mistaken for a stylish taper or a braided look, the rat tail is in a league of its own—and not in a good way. It’s an attention-grabber, but for all the wrong reasons.

9. The Excessive Mohawk

A little edgy can be good. A full-blown, foot-tall mohawk is overkill. Unless you’re in a punk band or a Mad Max movie, it’s best to keep it toned down.

10. The Overstyled Quiff

We get it, volume is cool. But if your quiff is towering over your forehead like a tidal wave, it’s time to reassess.

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The Man Bun

On that note let’s start off our worst haircuts and worst hairstyles ever with the man bun, a very bad hairdo. With the likes of Gavin Rossdale, Chris Hemsworth, Harry Styles and Penn Bagdley all sporting one, the bun seems like the most convenient ‘do’.

The Man Bun
@Keira Burton via pexels

We’ve seen the rise and the fall of the haircut in the past few years. ASOS in 2015 claimed to be selling the clip-on version, when really it was one of the biggest April Fools. All in all, the man bun has grown into a mockery rather than convenience. Claimed to be effortless for the typical modern guy, when dealing with short hair, the man bun can look like nothing else but a struggle.

The Side Swept

The Side Swept
@Lesly Juarez via Unsplash

No one likes to look ten years younger than their age. Then why would people give themselves a terrible haircut which throws them back to pre-school? Yes, Justin Bieber holds the title for the signature look, however this doesn’t mean it’s trendy. Like him, and more importantly like you, we have left that side-swept look far behind. We’re just hoping it doesn’t make a comeback anytime soon.

The Overgrown

The Overgrown
@Anna Shvets via pexels

We’ve all had our phases, some more embarrassing than others. Trying to fit into that clique at school had those drastic measures, which most of the time lead to drastic haircuts. Known as the overgrown haircut, the nostalgic big-do was not something to be recreated. Think of the time (and hairspray) you went through perfecting it? We know for sure you wouldn’t go through that again, like we wouldn’t go through with this haircut. Nostalgic phase – over and out.

Worst Haircuts Ever

From fads to the plain awful, we have seen it all these past few decades. And nothing’s funnier than seeing pictures of bad haircuts. It’s been ‘business at the front and party at the back’ to then shaping your hair to your kitchen utensils. Here’s the run-down of the haircuts which should never make a comeback.

The Mullet

The Mullet
@Ezequiel Garrido via Unsplash

From Billy Ray Cyrus to Brad Pitt, The Mullet (a.k.a the Seinfeld) has become an iconic look of the 80s and 90s. Unforgettable yes, but not exactly a trend which needs to have its second time around. Coined and popularised in the 1990s by The Beastie Boys with the track Mullet Head, the ‘do’ became the must have thing.

From music, TV to footballers, it seemed like every guy in the 80s wanting to make a statement experienced the haircut at some point in his career. With its length of history, let’s hope it’ll be the last time we see this hairstyle.

The Rattail

If you thought The Mullet was bad, let us introduce you to the Rattail. When it was established as an acceptable haircut we don’t know, but we know it’s a no-go. With Shia LaBeouf famously embracing this look on the red carpet in 2015 and Anakin Skywalker with the questionable braided plait, the Rattail has never been a trending hairstyle. From transition of Mullet to Rattail in a matter of moments with a hair band, the Rattail is considered just as much as a NO-GO.


At some point in our young years, we would grab the gel and shape our hair into something which has a close representation to artificial grass, or even that, a step closer to becoming a Gareth Gates double. In the early 2000s, the go-to spikes haircut soared.

Becoming the signature ‘pretty boy’ look, it trickled through the years, to the improved version we know today. However filling your head of hair with so much gel, you looked permanently caught in the rain. Leave the spikes to the 2000s, please.

The Blonde Perm

The Blonde Perm
@cottonbro via pexels

Why stop at spikes? Why not get a perm? Or better that why not just bleach it all over. With the likes of Justin Timberlake, there were no boundaries as to what you could do with a short-cut. It was the haircut that has been following his career til now and more likely anyone else for that matter. With ourselves closely associating this ‘do’ with a packet of noodles, it’s clear that the short, artificial blonde perm will forever stay in the 1990s and in N-Sync for that matter.

The Mohawk

It’s the symbolism of 1970s and 80s punk. Preferably more like the centre face of rebellion. The classic mohawk has seen generations of leather, check trousers, The Clash and going against the norm, but let’s face it, it’s never been considered the ‘do’ of the season.

The Mohawk
@Miguel Rodriguez León via pexels

With no limits to height, styling the mohawk can become an impractical look, not only questionable. Leading from the brightly coloured to the extremely detailed, the mohawk will always be considered one of the worst hairstyles. Want to create heights of the mountains on your head – maybe seek the alternative?

Chav Haircut

Whether you went through your chav or emo phase, the hairstyles associated with this subculture are just plain awful. From the slicked fringe crew cuts to the completely shaven off, this is the style you want to avoid!

Curtains Hair

Curtains Hair
@Anna Shvets via pexels

Once thought of as a 90s phase, the curtains have had a modern day revamp, but that’s not to say you should join in. It takes a lot to pull of this bad boy so you’ll be more miss than hit.

Weird & Funny Haircuts

From the worst to the weird, there are just some hairstyles which should have never been cut in the first place. From strange shavings to primary colours, we’ve nailed down the haircuts which are just damn right strange (and were followed by a whole lot of questions).

The Braided

The Man Bun has had its time, and there is a new Instagram-worthy hairstyle trend turning heads. Who knew that having a small ponytail, bun, or shoulder length hairstyle has so many opportunities, especially when it comes to braiding.

Braiding the hair wherever possible isn’t just a strange style, but can be seen as a form of art. Got a side, swept style, why not braid it? Man-bun, just braid it? Shoulder length hair, well you know, why don’t you just braid it completely. Although we are unsure on how long this hipster-worthy trend will last, it is by far one of the strangest yet.

Shaved Work of Art

Shaved Work of Art
@Anete Lusina via pexels

From slits in the eyebrows to striped patterns on the sides, it seems like there are no limits if you have a head of hair and a shaver. However, that doesn’t mean it works or is that… acceptable. This tops the list of horrible and dodgy haircuts.

Bright Colours

Nothing else says self-expression than permanently channelling it through your head of hair. The use of bright colours is an unnatural look alone, but mixed with a bit of art direction and imagery, it’s something which can draw attention from miles. A HUGE no from us.

And the Just Plain Ridiculous Awful Haircuts

Jokes aside, there are some truly strange hair cuts out there. So strange, that we are just speechless.

What Haircuts Should You be Having?

No matter what fads and trends we have seen, getting the right haircut to suit you, compliment your outfit and isn’t too much of a fuss to recreate is vital. Apart from pulling out the worst, we have also gathered the best. Here are the top four hairstyles you can take to the barbers.

The 50’s slick look

This haircut is timeless and easy to put together for that last minute rush in the morning. With the likes of Alex Turner embracing the look for the past two years, the 50’s slick back hairstyle is the perfect addition to dress up with and dress down. Easy to recreate with a small handful of mousse and a comb, this look can be easily styled, with an addition of a prominent parting.

The Fringe

Without merging this style into the bowl cut, the fringe is making a comeback, additionally  seen on the catwalks of SS16. For a rough but not raw look, including the fringe if you have thick hair and a broad face shape. Working favourably with straight hair as opposed to curly, the fringe is simple to style. Take it as the haircut you can literally just roll out of bed with.

The Textured Quiff

The textured quiff is arguably one of the easiest looks to maintain and ideal for those longer face shapes. With the emphasis on texture, the modern 2016 quiff is a look which can be smartened up and down with a simple touch of mousse. Wanting to achieve height and volume to your hair without recreating the mohawk? Then this haircut is the one for you, without the disaster.

5 Tips To Help You Avoid A Bad Haircut

  • It isn’t always about height, volume is just important.
  • Less is more, so no shaved patterns. Or braids.
  • Get a haircut that works and fits your face shape.
  • Only attempt the man bun if you have enough hair.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with your haircuts, however, do take note.

On that Note

When it comes to haircuts, the name of the game is balance—between classic and trendy, low-maintenance and stylish. Dodge the pitfalls we’ve talked about, and you’re already ahead of the game. Remember, a bad haircut isn’t just a style risk; it’s a vibe killer that can mess with your confidence. But don’t stress too much—a cut grows out, and mistakes can be fixed. So arm yourself with this knowledge and stride into that barber shop with purpose. You’ve got this, lads. Now go turn some heads for the right reasons

Feature Photo by Kasia Serbin on Unsplash

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