How to Lace Vans

by Jamie
Vans x Della Batik Slip-On Shoe

Tying your Vans shoe laces can be a lot more than just creating two loops, knotting and pulling. To get the best look, you can easily make the laces look just as good as the rest of the outfit.


How to Lace Vans Shoes

Being the face of skate culture since 1960’s and originating in California, Vans has well and truly made its way up the high street, bloggers, and street style. It’s dominated events, lifestyle and sport, becoming more than just the recognisable logo of the skateboard and strapline. The list of collaborations and iconic designs is endless, creating the epic history of Vans. Catering for Star Wars fans to die-hard Vans enthusiasts, the brand manages to pull off some of the coolest trainers seen on the market.

How to Cross Lace Vans Shoe’s Laces

Knowing how to put shoelaces on Vans is simple – you’ve just got to find the ones that will suit you and your style the best. The most common method of lacing from the bunch is the Cross-lace. Out the box and ready to be worn on the street, we like to value the cross lace as Van’s default method. However, if you are needing to refresh your memory and recover your Vans back to their first steps condition – we’ve got you covered.

  1. Thread both ends of the lace through opposite eyelets from the outside-in.
  2. Grab the right-hand side lace and thread it across to the above eyelet on the opposite side of the shoe. Remember to still thread from the outside-in of the shoe.
  3. Next, repeat the same method on the left-hand side of the lace.
  4. Repeat this process again, until you reach the top of the shoe.

How to Zipper Lace Vans

If you can’t decide on the bar or cross lace, there is a method which has the benefit of the both. The Zipper lace is versatile between finishing knots, and most definitely another simple method for when you are on the go.

  1. Tie one end of your lace tightly into a knot, creating an anchor for your lace.
  2. Thread the other end through the right bottom eyelet, from inside-out.
  3. Thread the loose end of the lace to the opposite eyelet, similar to the bar lace method.
  4. Again, grab the loose end of the lace and thread it straight across to the opposite eyelet above.
  5. Once pulled through, move straight across to the direct opposite eyelet, again, creating the straight line lace as you did at the beginning.
  6. Repeat the process once again, by pulling the lace across to the opposite eyelet above.
  7. Carry on and repeat the process till you reach the tongue of the shoe.

How to Straight Lace Vans/How to Bar Lace Vans

The bar lace is simple, ideal for a refined trainer look and follows a simple method of consistency. If you want to make sure you aren’t losing your shoe on, this method is guaranteed to keep your shoe on tightly throughout the day.

  1. Begin by double knotting one end of the lace.
  2. Starting from either side of the shoe, thread your lace through the eyelet from the inside-out. Remember to begin at the bottom eyelet of the shoe, closest to the end of the foot.
  3. Pull the lace through right to the very end.
  4. Move on to the opposite eyelet of the shoe and repeat the same threading method (inside to out).
  5. To begin the next row, grab the end of the lace and thread it through the eyelet directly above the last one.
  6. Once you have pulled the lace through you can now begin repeating the method. From the inside-out, thread the lace through the opposite eyelet of the row.

How to Hide Laces on Vans

Hidden laces on Vans is something that’s quite commonly seen. It has allowed skaters and extreme sportsmen alike to wear Vans and other trainers without having the fear of tripping or the laces getting caught in a skateboard wheel or bike peddle.

It’s the exact same method as straight or bar lacing your Vans, except you don’t want to then bring the laces back up to tie them at the front. Tie the laces to your desired tightness and then tuck them away so they don’t show. The trick is to have the laces facing downwards through the last eyelet when you lace them so it’s easier to tuck them away, and it looks neater.

How to Wear Vans

How to Wear Sk8-Hi Vans

When wearing your Sk8-Hi’s, make sure they are the centre of attention. With the quilted collar and classic “jazz stripe”, the SK8-Hi is guaranteed to elevate any outfit to a ‘streetwear’ vibe. Keeping with the influences of skate culture, opt for black wide-leg chinos, with the hem folded up. Complete the look with a striped classic T-shirt, and maybe if the weather is a bit colder, a navy coach jacket.

How to Wear Old Skool Vans

If the Sk8-Hi is a bit too high for you, then opt for the alternative Old Skool. Take advantage of the low-rise model with Edwin’s denim and fold-up hem. Next, opt for the go-to white T-shirt as an under layer. Lastly, throw over a denim jacket in a slightly darker tone for a safe but clashing texture look.


How to Lace Vans Authentic

For keeping your look simple, opt for the OG of Vans. The authentic shoes work great with any classic look during any season of the year. Saying that, a favourite look for our editors is the double denim combo. With an authentic trainer of choice, opt for a blue denim jacket to complete the outfit. Keeping the under layer simple with a white T-shirt while taking a step into a pair of black denim jeans will have you looking good with minimal effort required.

History of Vans Trainers

The coolest brand in Southern California turns 50 this year. To celebrate we’re going to take a trip down memory lane of the brand driving lifestyle and skate culture. During the 50 years, Vans has come a long way from the first store opening to now being sold on every shoe shelf globally.

Founded in 1966 by Paul and Jim Van Doren, Vans began at barely anything, going by the name The Van Rubber Doren Company. Hard to imagine, Vans had as little as 17 people at it’s first ever store opening, just one year after the first factory dedicated to the sneaker was made. Although it didn’t look promising, it’s hard to imagine then how big Vans would become.

When the skateboard “Off The Wall” motif was introduced to the brand in 1976, it soon became a staple visual for the brand. Separating itself from the sneaker shelf, the Vans logo symbolises the skateboard culture that pushed the brand into the spotlight. Soon after first store opening, the Doren’s wanted to get the word out further and they knew exactly who they wanted to focus on. As advertising was expensive, Doren’s had to figure out a way to spread the word, with using influencers to his advantage.

As advertising was expensive, Doren’s had to figure out a way to spread the word. His designs were already popular amongst local skateboarders, pushing him in the direction he needed. He scouted broke teens, wanting to make it big in the skate community, and sponsored them up to $300 with a return of wearing his shoes.

The rise in demand for the Vans trainer grew – so much so that Universal approached Doren to insist that Vans made their appearance in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. We could call this the big break for the brand – finally getting the recognition it deserved and the result of selling millions.

The brand dramatically grew, outselling millions of pairs. So much so that in the 1980’s, the Doren’s saw the potential and insisted on expanding the brand further. While the durability and construction of the shoes were ideal for the rough and grind of skateboarding, they saw the open window tap into other sports. From running to basketball, and strangely even breakdancing, Doren created a line of shoes named Breakers. Although there was huge potential to tap into the sneaker market further, for Van’s this backfired – leading to bankruptcy for Paul and Jim Van Doren.

Through the struggle and paying off debt, the Doren’s were approached by a group of investors, offering $60 million for the brand. Sales plummeted, which lead to a new direction for the company. Shifting their prospects they transitioned from trainer manufacturing company to a marketing company. Although this was a bold move, it shaped Van’s into what it is today – a community and a culture.

How to Lace Vans

  • Mix it up. Knowing different ways to lace your vans can result in giving you that extra edge to all of your outfits. You may think it’s really difficult to get right, but it’s much easier than you might first assume.
  • Cross lace: The most common style of lacing is achieved with a simple criss-cross pattern.  
  • Zipper lace: A middle ground between a cross and straight lace. Start this style by tying an anchor at one end.
  • Straight lace: Arguably the most simple style of lacing, begin this by double knotting one end of the laces.

On That Note

From the SK8-Hi’s to the Old Skools, there is a Vans trainer for pretty much any occasion and outfit, and knowing how to lace Vans is a simple and effective task. With careful construction of each shoe, covering the elements of strength, grip, and friction, Vans trainers are an everlasting staple piece for any wardrobe. Although we are seeing new designs turning in every year, Vans know how to keep their aesthetic consistent, shaping them to one of the most recognised footwear brands stores today. So if you go for the Authentic, the Old Skool or even the Sk8 Hi, you are bound to find a trainer that is right for you and your outfit.

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