The Adidas NMD Size Guide

by Mark

All sneakers fit differently, and vary slightly between releases, however, Adidas NMD’s are notorious among sneakerheads for fitting oddly. Different variations and editions of the sneaker all fit different, so if you’re buying a pair, especially on the resell market – you want to make sure they fit right. 

So you’ve got your mind set on a pair of Adidas NMD‘s. Awesome, they’re a great silhouette, although, one thing you might want to be warned of is how much they vary in size. Adidas sneakers are traditionally known for having a tight fit. But with the NMD’s, this isn’t always strictly true. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a tried and tested size guide, so you can check what you’ll need before you spend your hard earned cash on a pair.

The NMD Size Guide:

NMD R1 Mesh White/Black: Fits true to size or 0.5 up. TTS or snug.

NMD R1 Primeknit: Go 0.5 sizes down (fits big).

NMD City Sock/Chukka: Fits true to size.

adidas NMD size guide

Hopefully this guide will help a lot when it comes down to buying that elusive pair you’ve been after. There’s nothing worse than finally getting your hands on an ultimate grail, and then finding that it’s either too big or small. So to avoid this unnecessary disappointment, follow our guide.


Where to buy a pair of The Adidas NMD

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