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Learn How To Dress Like Daniel Craig With This Style Guide

by Jamie Wilson
Daniel Craig Style

Thanks to the enigmatic role of James Bond, Daniel Craig has not only become one of the most influential actors in the world but is also a fashion inspiration. His suave, uncomplicated look has inspired men of all ages, and in this quick and simple guide, we’ll show you how easy it is to imitate his classic style.

Daniel Craig Suit

Daniel Craig Suit
Secretary-General Names Daniel Craig as UN Global Advocate on Elimination of Landmines” by United Nations Photo via WordPress

The suit is perhaps Craig’s most famous fashion hit on and off screen. While we’re not here to teach you how to dress like James Bond, wearing the classic suit to perfection is something the fictional spy, and the actor who plays him, are able to do with ease. Daniel Craig tends to keep his style classic, opting for simple grey or black single-breasted suits paired with a well-fitted Oxford shirt. This is generally the most flattering style you can go for, so whether you’re as toned as the man himself, or you’re packing on a few extra pounds, this look will suit you either way.

Daniel Craig Suit
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Make sure you go for versatile colours with your shirt so as to avoid clashing. White shirts obviously go well with black, grey and navy suits, but don’t forget that light blue can also be paired with them to create a clean, cool tone finish.

Daniel Craig Suit
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Daniel Craig Casual

"Lee-Pace-Dick-Hickock-Daniel-Craig-Perry-Smith-Infamous" by Peggy O'Connor
Lee-Pace-Dick-Hickock-Daniel-Craig-Perry-Smith-Infamous” by Peggy O’Connor via WordPress

Strangely enough, there’s photographic evidence that shows Daniel Craig doesn’t always wear suits, and although we admit not all of his casual wear choices have been successful, some of them have worked pretty well. Double denim isn’t something that’s easy to pull off, and it requires blending two contrasting tones together to create a look that isn’t completely overpowering.

Mixing a light blue denim jacket with a darker pair of jeans, and toning down the two with a navy polo shirt creates an outfit that’s relaxed, yet still has a rugged edge that keeps it grounded. Finishing the look off with some classic aviator glasses stops the outfit from looking too neat, and adds an element of rustic style.

The double denim look can be a bit of a striking style, and not something everyone wants to try out. However, like his suits, casual outfits are things that the Bond actor likes to keep classic, showing that simplified outfits are sometimes the best choice. If you’re working with something like a statement leather jacket, you can tone down the rest of the outfit and achieve a balanced, everyday look.

Something as simple as a black or white T-shirt, jeans and a good pair of boots can work perfectly with a leather jacket, and stops the outfit from looking too overdone.

Cardigans tend to get a mixed reception, and for good reason. There’s a fine line between comfortable, versatile cardigans and ill-fitting ones that just make you look like a sad grandad. The key to getting it right is to focus on fit and colour. Craig gets away with the cardi look because, like always, he keeps it simple. The cardigans are usually cowl neck which gives a flattering finish, the colours are versatile, and there’s little print or pattern.

He also keeps the rest of his outfit slim fit and casual. If you pair your cardigan with beige chinos and a button up shirt you’ll get the bad end of the smart casual look, and the point is to try and modernise the cardigan. Something like a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt will help ground the look and keep the cardigan from looking too structured and formal.

Daniel Craig Accessories

Daniel Craig Accessories
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So the 007 star is pretty big on accessories, and the ones he’s seen with the most are shades. Sunglasses can really change up your look, and as long as you’re not wearing them inside while vaping or talking loudly on the phone, then it’ll definitely improve it. The Bond star likes a few different styles but is mostly seen wearing the classic aviators or wayfarer styles in a sleek black.

Daniel Craig is a celebrity, so it’s unlikely he wears anything other than designer brands, but you don’t have to fork out hundreds for a good pair of shades. However if you’ve got the cash and you’re not the type to leave your belongings on the bus, then getting your hands on a decent pair is always a good idea. They’ll last longer, look better and have that added Bond style.

How to Dress Like Daniel Craig

  • For suits, keep your colour scheme simplistic and the cut classic and flattering.
  • Keep your outfits simple and focus on fit rather than print and colours.
  • Choose one statement piece and dress the rest of the outfit down to keep things balanced.
  • Accessorise with pieces like classic style sunglasses.
Daniel Craig
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And On That Note

Daniel Craig’s style isn’t something crazed and wacky. He’s not working in new and controversial looks or experimenting with vivid colour schemes and cuts. He’s working with classic cuts with versatile, flattering colours, and he’s doing it properly. Never underestimate simplicity and how much impact it can make on an outfit. Focus on good fits, colours that work for you, and clean, unpatterned designs. As long as you accessories properly and keep well groomed and sharp you won’t look boring.

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