101 Men’s Top Knot Haircut Ideas That You Need To Try!

by Jamie Wilson
Top Knot Hairstyles

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Are you a fan of top knot men hair buns? This hairstyle and knots, in general, are very low-maintenance and perfect for men who have naturally long hair. If you like braids and want to try out different types of locks, it’s your lucky day! Here, we’re going to talk about twists and different variation ideas that will suit most guys. If you are not too sure how to style a top knot, keep on reading! We will share some amazing top knot men hairstyle options, and will give you some professional tips & tricks on how to tie a top knot with ease, and in many different ways!

How Do You Do A Top Knot?

Celebrities often rock a top knot or a half bun look. You don’t even need to see different barbers in order to pull this style, since you can do it on your own. If you want to do the top knot hairstyle make sure you have proper hair products, such as:

  • A hair spray 
  • Hair elastic 
  • Some bobby pins

Step By Step Process 

  • 1: Work your hair and tie it up after washing it up and blow-drying. However, the best outcome and texture is achieved around the second day (this hair can lift with ease). 
  • 2: Brush your hair upwards and remove any unwanted flyaways with your brush. Any knots will go aways, especially if you have frizzy hair.
  • 3: Tie your hair with an elastic into a high ponytail at first. Secure any unwanted pieces with bobi pins (if you have time to spare). If not, go for reckless knots and a hairstyle that is messy and low-maintenance at the same time.
  • 4: Wrap up the back portion into a knot. Lift it and tie it around your ponytail till you achieve volume as well as your preferred bun height.
  • 5: Once the bun is up and high, you can secure it with some additional Bobi pins. However, what you should do is spritz it with your trustworthy hairspray to remove any stubborn strands. Place the product 2-3 inches away from your hair, and spritz away!

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Top Knot?

Usually, hair tends to grow around half an inch per month. Normally, it can take you anywhere from 6-12 months to achieve the right knot length. This, however, will depend on the current state of your hair, and its length. If you are trying to rush the process, you can speed it up with some hair vitamins and minerals. Try to massage your scalp to boost your blood flow and circulation which will promote new hair growth at the top of the head. A top knot style when approached with the right shampoo or conditioner will grow fast & healthy!

Top 8 Top Knot Men Hairstyles

1. Man Top Knot Hair

Man Top Knot Hair
@SHTTEFAN via Unsplash

This man bun looks pretty natural and is easy to achieve. This man top knot is tied in a high bun, and it even gives out that samurai vibe. If your hair is short tie it closer to your temples. If it is long, go for this high hairstyle. Most guys will go crazy over this man bun hairstyle.

2. Messy Male Topknot

Messy Male Topknot
@THEMRSINGH via pexels

If you are running out the door and you don’t want to spend a lot of time on your hairdo, get this man bun. It is a hairstyle that looks pretty reckless and will suit younger men, especially college students. Wear your hair in a messy bun and secure it with two elastics. Use a sturdy elastic band to prolong its wear time.

3. Knot Hairstyles With A Beard

Knot Hairstyles With A Beard
@Fayiz Musthafa via Unsplash

Guys who have a bit more time to spare can give this man bun undercut a chance. Try and pair the top knot men hairdo along with a beard style. Hairstyles such as this one will take 4-5 months to achieve. If you prefer the shape of this beard, as well as the state of naturally thick and dark hair, you will love this hairstyle! Hipsters tend to go crazy over this type of a hair trend.

4. Casual Style Top Knot Hairstyle

Casual Style Top Knot Hairstyle
@Marvin Meyer via Unsplash

When doing this bun hair try and use hairspray and some bobi pins. Hairstyles such as this one will demand a bit more time & patience when it comes to its style. Try and blow dry your hair straight and brush it backward with some oil and a brush. Once everything is in place, set your hair with a high-quality hairspray. This man bun will suit men who have naturally straight & shiny hair.

5. Top Knot Men With Buns

Top Knot Men With Buns
@Keira Burton via pexels

This tp knot men haircut is very professional and business-forward. If you are into styles that are noticeable and neat, give this style a chance! You can have a shaved face or short stubborn beard, and incorporate the haircut along with it. Make sure you go for a low bun style since it is a lot more business-professional.

6. Man Bun And A Beard 

Man Bun And A Beard 
@Karsten Winegeart via Unsplash

You can create a business-professional hairstyle even if you have long hair. Place all of your hair in a high bun and make sure that the top knot is noticeable, yet symmetrical. Hairstyles that have defined features and combed-through features will always look great for the office. Stay away from a fade, and embrace your natural texture!

7. Messy Man Bun Knot 

Messy Man Bun Knot 
@Ali Madad Sakhirani via pexels

This top knot men hairdo will suit men with an oval-shaped head. Round face shapes will easily slay this cut. Make sure you are very precise when getting this haircut, as well as when you’re getting this beard. Be very slow because you don’t want to cut your skin. Hair-wise, apply some oil to your hair as well as onto your beard to make the strands healthy and shinier.

8. Black Man Bun Knot

Black Man Bun Knot
@emre keshavarz via pexels

If you want your baby hairs to stand out around your crown, you can go for this look! Haircuts such as this one are pretty easy to achieve. Just let your hair air dry on its own, and put an emphasis on your shaved sides. Tie it up in a high top knot. Men who have stubborn hair should use a hair tie to secure this knot and should apply some pomade to their front part.

On That Note

Which top knot hairstyle is your top favorite from our guide? All of these 12 top knot hairstyles can suit any face shape and age group, just customize it and personalize per your preference, and you will love the outcome!

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Feature image from pexels

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