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Amazing Man Bun Undercut Hairstyles You Need To Try!

by Cressida meale
Best Man Bun Undercut Hairstyles1

A man bun is one of those hairstyles that has become quite popular in the last couple of years. It is a stylish, cool, and trendy hairstyle. Almost anyone can achieve it and it can add that special touch to everyone’s style! If you want to find out our Best Picks for Man Bun Undercut Hairstyles, just keep on reading!

How Long Does It Take To Grow a Man Bun Undercut and Can You Have a Man Bun With Curly Hair?

If you are wondering how long will it take you to grow out a man bun undercut, the answer depends on your current hair length and the speed at which your hair grows. For instance, if you have short hair it will probably take you at least a year to grow your hair into a full man bun. If your hair is medium length, it can take up to 6 months. Nonetheless, you can still tie your hair into a man bun when you don’t have super long hair, just learn how to tie a bun since it will differ. 

Can You Get A Man Bun Undercut If Your Hair Is Curly?

If you have curly hair and you are wondering if you can have a man bun undercut, the answer is absolute yes! How to tie a man bun when you have curly hair is different than how you would do it with straight hair. Also, the best way to make sure you are rocking the best-looking man bun undercut is by having the same length of hair across your entire head. But, all in all, there is no reason why guys with curly hair couldn’t grow a man bun!

1. Man Bun Fade Undercut Hairstyles

Man Bun Fade Undercut Hairstyles
@Ali Madad Sakhirani via pexels

A man bun hairstyle like the one in the photo is one of the easier ones to achieve. You don’t need to grow out your hair a lot and it can work with medium-length hair. You are very limited when it comes to styling this hairstyle. You can either let your hair be loose or you can put it into a small man bun. The undercut on the sides makes this man bun hairstyle very badass. Therefore, this hairstyle isn’t hard to achieve and it is quite easy to maintain so it is perfect for those guys who don’t have a lot of spare time. 

2. Man Top Knot Bun Undercut

Man Top Knot Bun Undercut
@Till Daling via pexels

A top knot is one of the most popular men’s bun hairstyles. Since it is a bit longer, there are many options for how you can style your hair. You can do a top knot, a man bun, locks or you can let your hair be loose. There are endless options you can try with a hairstyle like this one. The undercut on the lower part adds that special element and makes the hairstyle look complete. You will need to spend some time in the morning making sure you achieve the perfect haircut, but we are confident it will be worth it!

3. Braided Man Bun Styles 

Braided Man Bun Styles 
@Mike Jones via pexels

A braided man bun styles are one of the edgiest man bun hairstyles you can do! You will probably have to go to a hairstylist to get the braids done, but afterward, you can wear them for a couple of weeks. There aren’t many options for styling this haircut once you get it done, therefore it is a fantastic choice for guys who don’t like spending too much time on their hair in the morning. You can do an undercut on the sides to create a more complete look. So if you aren’t afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone, then this hairstyle is for you!

4. Long Man Bun Hairstyle

Long Man Bun Hairstyle
@Marcel via Unsplash

Whoever said that man-bun hairstyles can’t look classy hasn’t seen this one! You will need long hair to achieve this hairstyle and you will also need to make sure it is healthy. One of our tips is to use the right hair products for you. Styling a hairstyle like this one might be hard at the beginning, but you will improve with time. A man bun hairstyle like this one can work for most occasions and we are confident you are going to love it!

5. Man Bun Curly Hair

Man Bun Curly Hair
@Marvin Meyer via Unsplash

A man bun undercut hairstyle with locks and curly hair gives you so many options to choose from! You can do a loose and messy bun on the days when you don’t feel like doing your hair. On other days you can add some products to it to make it look more put together. The undercut sides give this hairstyle more dimension and make it seem more modern. Another fantastic thing about this man bun is that you can leave your hair in its natural form!

6. Messy Man Bun Undercut 

 Messy Man Bun Undercut 
@Fayiz Musthafa via Unsplash

There is nothing better than being able to have a laid-back hairstyle on those chilly days when you don’t have anything special to do! A messy bun undercut can work for your every day to day life and is easy to achieve. There are no special tips and tricks that you need to know about this hairstyle. Therefore, man bun undercut hairstyles like this one are easy to achieve and maintain, making them the perfect hairstyle!

7. Loose Man Bun Hairstyle With Skin Fade

Loose Man Bun Hairstyle With Skin Fade
@Brock Wegner via Unsplash

An undercut on the side and a loose man bun at the top are one of the more modern and easier hairstyles to achieve. You can wear this man bun every day and it is a fantastic hairstyle for men with long hair. The hair can be loose on the more relaxed days and you can style it more formally for those business events. The undercut makes this hairstyle more trendy. With a man bun like this one, you can’t go wrong!

8. Styled Back Man Bun Hairstyle

Styled Back Man Bun Hairstyle
@THEMRSINGH via pexels

Styled back man bun haircuts can look very formal and you can style them in so many ways! The hair-styled back adds dimension to your face and is easy to achieve. All you have to do is add some gel products to it to make sure it stays put throughout the day. The faded sides make this hairstyle appear more edgy and cool. We are confident all eyes will be on you with a hairstyle like this one!

A man bun undercut is one of those hairstyles that can spice up anyone’s style! There are so many ways you can wear it. While it isn’t the easiest hairstyle to achieve or maintain, it surely is one of the few that can improve your overall appearance. Hopefully, you liked today’s article and will be rocking one of these man buns undercut hairstyles very soon!

Feature image from Unsplash

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