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Amazing Samurai Haircut Ideas That Need To Try In 2024!

by Cressida meale
Samurai Hairstyle

In case you are on the hunt for the perfect hairstyle that is going to spice up your everyday appearance, then you are in the right place! The Samurai Hairstyle is unique, and modern and can work for most, if not all, face shapes. Do you want to rock a samurai bun, a pony look, or any other unique hairstyle? You can easily switch it up and it is a super versatile haircut. So if you want to find out more, keep on reading!

What is a Samurai Haircut?

In Japanese history, their bravest warriors – samurais – were known for their specific hairstyles. It is called the chonmage and it represents a top knot cut. There are different variations of this hairstyle. A top knot ponytail with shaved sides, with a beard, with curly hair, small bun, messy bun and with a bald head. These hairstyles became quite popular in the 21st century and many famous people were seen wearing them. 

How to Achieve a Samurai Haircut?

There are many Samurai hairstyles you can do. Depending on whether you have long or short hair, as well as your style, there are different options to choose from. Also, watch out for your hair type and any tangles before you start creating a half bun or some long locks. You can make it simple and just tie a top knot by yourself. You can visit your hairstylist and do a buzz cut on the sides. So if you need some inspiration for your hairstyle, keep on reading to see our list!

1. Japanese Samurai Hairstyles

Samurai Hairstyle
@”samurai spirit endures” by TruShu via WordPress

A man bun at the top with normal length hair is a very trendy hairstyle that you can do easily! All you need is a hair tie and some expertise in how to tie a perfect man bun. Don’t worry if at the beginning your hair looks a little sloppy, it will get better with time! Hairstyles like this one can work for a lot of occasions and we are confident you are going to look your best wearing it! This samurai man bun is for those who like simplicity, as well as those who wish to try out some new hairline ideas.

2. Top Knot Hairstyle

Top Knot Hairstyle
@Eric Esma via pexels

Ponytail top knot hairstyles like this one are trendy samurai haircuts that can spice up your everyday style effortlessly! The short top knot goes very well with a mid fade on the sides. You will need to visit your barber once a month to make sure your haircut is looking fresh. By adding a razor line to one side, this samurai hairstyles gain a whole different dimension and a badass look! With a hairstyle like this one, all eyes will be on you! With the right elastic and your favorite brush comb, you will easily achieve this bun style.

3. Cornrows Samurai Hairstyle

Cornrows Samurai Hairstyle
@”Almost Samurai” by Hotarugari via WordPress

Cornrows are an amazing hairstyle for everyone who doesn’t have time to visit their barber once a month and doesn’t want to think about their hair for some time! A samurai hairstyle like this one was fantastic for their warrior days. The hair wouldn’t get into their face and they would suffer a lot fewer injuries in the head. Haircuts like this one are quite trendy, you can’t do them yourself, but it sure is worth it paying some bucks to get it done. We are confident you will love rocking this amazing hairstyle! If you are all about dreads and funky cuts, this will suit you.

4. Long Samurai Hairstyle 

Long Samurai Hairstyle 
@SHTTEFAN via Unsplash

In case you are a fan of longer hairstyles, then this samurai ponytail haircut is for you! There are more options to choose from with longer hair. You can use a hair tie for a regular ponytail, for a top knot or even for locks. If you want to add a more unique touch to your hairstyle, you can do a buzz cut one the sides. Hairstyles like this one are cool, modern and stylish. Therefore, you can’t go wrong with samurai haircuts like this one! Watch out when doing your hair around the back of the head, you will have to pick up proper amount and remaining hair strands to get this design.

5. Curly Samurai Hair

Curly Samurai Hair
@Cup of Couple via pexels

You can still rock a samurai hairstyle even if you have curly hair! Hairstyles like this one are more laid back and you can play around with the style you want. You can let your hair down for a messy hairstyle or you can put it into a neat ponytail for a more sleek look. Haircuts like this one are quite stylish and unique. Maintaining a samurai curly haircut isn’t demanding at all. You can let your hair be in its natural form or add some products to it for a more textured look. All in all, we are confident all compliments will be coming your way with a hairstyle like this one!

6. Half Up Half Down Samurai Hairstyle

Half Up Half Down Samurai Hairstyle
@Matt Sings via Unsplash

A half up half down samurai hairstyle is a fantastic choice for guys with long hair who don’t feel like doing an undercut, but still want to add that something special to their hairstyle. By using a hair tie, you can do a bun at the top and let the other parts of your hair down. Hairstyles like this one are easy to do and maintain. The hardest part about long hairstyles is making sure your hair is healthy. But, long hairstyles allow you to switch up the form of the style and are super versatile! Therefore, with a fresh hairstyle like this one you are going to look your best.

7. Messy Samurai Hairstyle

Messy Samurai Hairstyle
@Seth Doyle via Unsplash

Messy hairstyles weren’t a tradition in the Samurai culture, but they are modern now! These hairstyles are laid back, easy to do and are still stylish. You can do them by tying a messy bun at the top and letting the rest of your hair be loose. Hairstyles like this one are fantastic for everyday wear and those casual events. You can always switch it up into a more classy look with some hair products. Therefore, if you are looking for an easy to maintain and achieve hairstyle, while still looking cool, then this is your match!

How To Maintain a Samurai Hairstyle?

Now, that you’ve seen different variations of samurai hairstyles, you need to know how to maintain them. Most samurai hairstyles involve having medium to long hair, therefore the most important thing is to take good care of your hair. You will do that by picking the right shampoo, conditioner and any other hair product you might need. Since most samurai haircuts are worn in a bun or a ponytail, make sure you are using a good hair tie. Scrunchies or spiral hair ties are the best since they do the least damage.

Having Said All of That,

Samurai hairstyles are quite different from any other hairstyle. They are mostly long with your hair tied up. Depending on how you do them, a samurai hairstyle can look quite modern or it can take the classic traditional approach. You can combine these hairstyles with a beard or a mustache. If you do decide to add something extra to it, you can always do a buzz cut, a mid fade or a full shave on the sides. Therefore, samurai hairstyles are quite versatile and they can work almost for everyone. Hopefully, you liked today’s article and will be trying one of these haircuts in the future!

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