101 Amazing Neymar Haircut Ideas You Need To Try!

by Jamie Wilson
Neymar Hairstyle

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Whether you’re a soccer fan or not, we have all heard about the amazing Neymar. From his fantastic skills to his stylish haircuts, there are many reasons why you might find inspiration from Neymar. In today’s article, we are talking about some of our favorite Neymar Haircut ideas you need to try, how you can achieve them and how to style them. So, keep on reading for your best guideline on Neymar hairstyles!

What Is a Neymar Haircut Called?

While Neymar has rocked many cool hairstyles over the years, he hasn’t invented an original haircut by himself. He is known for his mohawk hairstyles, curly hair, Neymar blonde hair, and the list just goes on. Therefore, there are many Neymar haircuts that you can choose from and find the perfect fit for you. Here is a list of our favorite Neymar hairstyles!

1. Neymar Mohawk Hairstyle

Neymar Mohawk Hairstyle
La ‘Perla’ Neymar | Copa Libertadores de America 2011 | Peñarol – Santos | 110616-6939-jikatu” by jikatu via Wordpress

One of the most signature Neymar Hairstyles is the mohawk haircut he rocked for a long time. The Neymar mohawk isn’t as long as most mohawk hairstyles. The mohawk Neymar used to have was short to medium length, ideal for his 90+ minute matches on the field. Therefore, a Neymar mohawk is a great hairstyle to go for if you don’t want to worry about styling your hair each morning. You can add some gel to it to make sure it stays put throughout the day. The Mohawk hairstyle is also easily changeable and it is a fantastic way to get you out of your comfort zone. If you want to take it a step further, you can also do the signature Neymar platinum blonde hair in the combination with the mohawk. With a mohawk hairstyle like this one, all eyes will be on you!

2. Neymar Buzz Cut Haircut 

Neymar Buzz Cut Haircut 
@alexizor via Wordpress

The Neymar Buzz Cut is one of the more simple and easier Neymar haircuts that you can achieve. While most buzz cut hairstyles are known for their 0-inch cut, the Neymar buzz cut leaves an inch of hair at the top. With faded sides and an inch of hair at the top, this Neymar haircut is easy to achieve, and maintain and is still super stylish. You can wear this buzz cut anywhere you go and it is a fantastic haircut for both work meetings and party nights. If you want a special touch, you can dye your haircut. Therefore, this Neymar hairstyle is something you will love and have no problem maintaining.

3. Neymar Fringe Haircut

Neymar Fringe Haircut
@”Neymar Jr. – Semifinals de Champions League: F.C. Barcelona Vs. Bayern München” by Marc Puig i Pérez via Wordpress

In case you want your haircut to be modern, stylish, and easy to achieve, then a Neymar fringe haircut might be your perfect match! Neymar rocked this haircut for some time and is one of those hairstyles you can wear anywhere. The fringe haircut has longer hair at the top with faded sides. Styling hairstyles like this one are quite easy. You can just brush through your hair in the morning or add some gel to it for a more put-together look. If you want to spice up the Neymar fringe haircut, you can do a buzz cut line on the side for a complete Neymar look. Hairstyles like this one are also known as modern or classy mohawk haircuts. All in all, there is no doubt in our minds that you are going to rock this Neymar haircut! 

4. Neymar Curly Haircut

Neymar Curly Haircut
@”File:20180610 FIFA Friendly Match Austria vs. Brazil Neymar 850 1705.jpg” by Granada  via Wordpress

One of the most popular Neymar haircut ideas is probably the signature Neymar curly hairstyle. In case you have curly hair, then this Neymar haircut might be the perfect match for you! With medium length curly hair at the top and an undercut on the sides, this is one of the more super stylish and modern Neymar hairstyles. Maintaining this Neymar haircut is quite easy. You can leave your naturally curly hair at the top or you can add some gel products to make spikes out of it. There are many ways you can style this haircut so it can work for all occasions. We are confident that you are going to love this Neymar haircut!

5. Stylish Neymar Haircut Fade

Stylish Neymar Haircut Fade
@”Neymar, Gerard Pique” by Doha Stadium Plus via Wordpress

A stylish Neymar haircut fade is something you will love if you want to rock the most modern haircut. Neymar is known for his platinum blonde hair, therefore it is no surprise that this hairstyle combines every modern element of his haircuts. The fade on the sides, the mohawk at the top, and the platinum blonde dye make this Neymar haircut so stylish that all eyes will be on you. Achieving, styling, and maintaining haircuts like this one is a bit challenging, but it sure is worth it. With a Neymar haircut like this one, all compliments will be coming your way!

6. Comb Over Neymar Haircut

Comb Over Neymar Haircut
@Nathan Congleton via Wordpress

A comb-over Neymar haircut is something he is most known for since this hairstyle works great when you’re running on the field for 90 minutes. All Neymar haircuts are super stylish and this one is no exception. It is short with one part of the hair combed over on one side. Haircuts like this one are a fantastic choice for men with large foreheads since they create an illusion of a smaller forehead. You can make this Neymar haircut work for all occasions and you won’t need to spend a lot of time in the morning worrying about your hair. Therefore, haircuts like this one are an amazing choice if you don’t have spare time to spend thinking about your hair. We are confident you are going to love this dark Neymar haircut!

7. Undercut Curly Neymar Hair

Undercut Curly Neymar Hair
neymar” by epolio via Wordpress

In case you have naturally curly hair and don’t want to cut it short, then this Neymar haircut is for you! Hairstyles like this one are beautiful and we are confident many compliments will be coming your way when you wear this haircut. But, they are also challenging to maintain and aren’t as suitable for everyday events as other Neymar haircuts. Because of the length of the hair, you are going to need to spend some time styling the hair in the morning. Also, the longer the hair the harder it is to do physical activities with it. Nonetheless, this Neymar hairstyle is still beautiful and something that is going to spice up your style quite a lot. 

8. Neymar Dreadlocks Hairstyle

Neymar Dreadlocks Hairstyle
Neymar Jr Presentation | Press Conference for PSG (04/08/2017)” by Antoine Dellenbach Photography via Wordpress

The Neymar dreadlocks hairstyle is something you should go for if you aren’t afraid of going all out and being the trendsetter. Dreadlocks are a hairstyle that catches a lot of eyes and you will be at the center of attention with a haircut like this one. Achieving dreadlocks is hard and maintaining them is hard work during the first month. But afterward, it is an easy ride. All you have to do is to make sure you’re keeping your hair clean. Dreadlocks are one of those hairstyles that you can wear for a year or two. They aren’t as easily switchable and they might not be acceptable everywhere when it comes to your everyday life. But, we are confident you are going to rock your Neymar dreadlocks hairstyle no matter what!

9. Styled Back Neymar Haircut

Styled Back Neymar Haircut
Neymar” by Nathan Congleton via Wordpress

Neymar hairstyles like this one are fantastic for everyday activities, they are easily switchable and you can achieve them quite easily. The styled back hair is modern and you make it work for any occasion. The faded sides add a badass touch to this Neymar haircut. You can also turn this into a messy, spiky, or straight hairstyle. Therefore, a Neymar haircut like this one is super versatile and is an amazing choice if you get bored with your hair easily. 


1. How Do You Do Neymar Hairstyle?

This Brazilian footballer often has different hairdos and hairstyles. The truth is that he has natural curls and it can be a bit tricky for his barber to do his hair. However, if you want to try a new hairdo and find a different look that suits you, why not copy him and do the following?!

  • Stick to your natural color, no reason to color it or experiment with some wild highlights as Neymar tends to do
  • Go for a long top hair and opt for shaved sides while applying your favorite wax or hair gel on the sides
  • Watch out for your hair length (aim for cuts every 3-4 weeks to maintain it)
  • Add a bit of texture with pomade, and don’t forget to wash & condition your hair with high-quality products

2. What Is Neymar’s Hair Type?

Since he is always playing football and is always active during World Cup, his hair tends to go through a lot of changes. The truth is that many big names and players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi tend to go through different kinds of hair changes. Due to constant sweating, running around, and spending hours out in the sun, their hair tends to look greasy and oily. This is why Neymar’s hair is oily and prone to breakage. This is also one of the reasons why most guys (players) tend to opt for shaved or buzzcut looks. Every soccer player can have a different cut/style of hair. It all comes down to following a trend that works for you and your hair type (as Neymar has done).

3. What Can Football Players Go For When It Comes To Their Hair?

The choice can be and feel overwhelming. The truth is that you can go for anything that you fancy and that you find attractive. Most football players tend to go for clean & shaved cuts, while others opt for practical yet voluminous messy buns or ponytails. Always go for something that you feel and look good in. Don’t just follow trends because others are doing it or because Instagram is telling you to. Most guys tend to go for:

  • A short faux hawk
  • Buzzcut
  • Ponytail & bun looks
  • Soft & short pompadour

Having Said All of That,

Neymar has been an inspiration for many people when it comes to their haircuts, as well as their everyday style. He has changed his haircut many times over the years, therefore there is an entire menu of hairstyles to choose from. He rocked long hair, short hair, curly hair, mohawks, and many other haircuts. Hopefully, you liked today’s article and will be trying one of these Neymar haircuts in the future!

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