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Awesome Shaved Sides Haircut Ideas You Need To Try!

by Cressida meale
Side shaved haircuts

Everyone likes to change up their style from time to time. Therefore, it is no wonder we are always on the hunt for the perfect haircut. Do you like layers, braids, a crew cut or a ponytail look? If you are a fan of versatile hairstyles that can work for almost everyone, then you are in the right place. Because today we are bringing you Shaved Sides Haircut Ideas for Men, you will love! Keep on reading to find out more. 

What is a Shaved Side Haircut?

As the name suggests, a shaved side haircut means your sides are shaved, while the top of your hair is a bit longer. These hairstyles are also known as an undercut. You can personalize your shaved side hair any way you want. You can have long, curly hair at the top or short straight hair. There are many options to choose from, and we are bringing you all of them today.

1. Taper Fade Shaved Sides Haircut

Taper Fade Shaved Sides Haircut
@Thgusstavo Santana via pexels

A taper fade haircut is probably the most popular shaved side hairstyle. Taper hairstyles require you to have longer hair at the top and shaved sides. If you don’t like long hair, you can do a medium hairstyle at the top with a buzz cut on the sides. You can also connect the taper fade with your beard. These hairstyles are easy to maintain and can work for almost anyone! Do you want to try out this side part hair design?

2. Side Shaved Hairstyles

Side Shaved Hairstyles
@Anete Lusina via pexels

If you aren’t a fan of spending a lot of time doing your hair in the morning, then this side shaved hairstyle is for you! With shaved sides and messy hair at the top, this hairstyle is easily styled and maintained. You can brush through your hair in the morning using hair to make it appear stylish. For a more neat look, you can add gel or any other hair product to keep it in place throughout the day. This type of texture and trend is a common go-to by most guys who like high fades.

3. Short Hair Shaved Sides Hairstyle 

Short Hair Shaved Sides Hairstyle
@Orione Conceição via pexels

Now, if you are not a fan of long or medium-sized hair, then a short hairstyle is what you are looking for. Shaved sides and a bit longer hair at the top help you achieve a badass look. These haircuts are also an excellent choice for those who don’t like spending time maintaining their hair, and there is no need for using any hair products. So if you have a busy schedule, maybe this is the hairstyle you should go for! Most guys enjoy a skin fade and razor defined beards.

4. Mens Long Hair Shaved Sides

Mens Long Hair Shaved Sides
@cottonbro via pexels

Long hair at the top with fully shaved sides will give you a very stylish and modern appearance. Haircuts like this one are great for guys who always have to look like they are at the top of their game. You will need to spend a couple of minutes in the morning, maintaining your hair, but it will be worth it. Also, these haircuts can be styled and changed quickly; therefore, we are confident you are going to love it! A textured crop and shaved haircuts are for those who like cool and edgy line ups.

5. Mohawk Shaved Sides Hairstyles 

Mohawk Shaved Sides Hairstyles
@Mikail Duran via Unsplash

Styled short hair at the top with shaved sides is the way to go for guys who have time for maintenance. Hairstyles like this one are an excellent choice for guys who have to have a professional appearance at most times. It isn’t hard to achieve this hairstyle, but you will need to spend some time in the morning, making sure it stays put throughout the day. The top of the hair gives you a professional look, while the shaved sides make it modern. Most hipsters will enjoy long bangs fringe cuts.

6. One Side Hairstyle

One Side Hairstyle
@haad ul zaman via Unsplash

If you are looking for an easy-maintenance hairstyle that will still look stylish and isn’t hard to achieve, you have found the perfect match. The only requirement is that you have somewhat long hair. With shaved sides and messy hair at the top, there is no need for you to style your hair at all. A cut like this one is also changed quickly, so you don’t need to worry if you need to make your hair look more professional. All in all, this laidback hairstyle is both stylish and easy to maintain at the same time. Shaved hair designs on sides of your head will attract a lot of looks.

7. Styled Back Shaved Sides Hairstyles

Styled Back Shaved Sides Hairstyles
@Brady Jordan via Unsplash

Shaved sides hairstyles can look super badass when you do them in the right way. For instance, shaved sides with slicked-back black hair at the top look edgy and stylish. With a cut like this one, there is no need for worrying about if your hair is matching your style. Maintaining it is easy; just add gel to your hair in the morning to make sure it stays put throughout the day. You can also easily change up this hairstyle, and we are confident all eyes will be on you! High taper and wispy strands will look good on most guys.

8. Buzz Cut Shaved Sides Hairstyles

Buzz Cut Shaved Sides Hairstyles
@Jeff Tumale via Unsplash

A buzz cut and shaved sides is a match made from heaven. Hairstyles like this one look sexy and neat, and the best thing about them is that it takes almost no effort to maintain them. You can keep your hair at the top a bit longer for a more modern look, while the shaved sides give it an edgy touch. If your hair grows fast, you will need to visit your barber at least once a month to make sure your hair is still looking fresh and neat. Go for a comb cut and long locks if you can maintain the length.

Having Said All of That,

Shaved sides haircuts are a trendy cut choice for guys. Not only is this hairstyle super stylish, but it can also be styled in so many ways. There are so many options to choose from, and we are confident there is a style suitable for everyone. Hopefully, you enjoyed today’s article and will be trying one of these sides shaved hairstyles soon!

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