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10 Best Trimmers For Balls: The Only Game Where You Don’t Want To Play ‘Catch’

by Joseph Birch
Best-Trimmers For Balls

So, you’ve perfected the hair on your head and face, now it’s time to concentrate on the less visible areas of your body.

Once you’ve read our top-class guide to shaving your balls, you’ll want to find the best equipment for doing so. Here’s our list of the 10 best trimmers for your balls. 

Before we get into the list, there are a few topics we need to consider when choosing a trimmer for our sensitive areas. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to this, as such a personal area needs, well, a personal choice. Learn how & why shaving is necessary for most guys.

Why do it in the first place?

Best Trimmers For Balls
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Some would question the need for shaving at all when it comes to pubic hair, and there are different factors that should inform your decisions in the matter. Some men like to be hairy, while others prefer to be smooth as can be. Your partner might like you a certain way as well, but whether you go long or prefer to keep things close when shaving, it always helps to maintain your look with a handy ball trimmer. The absolute last thing you want is any kind of accident down there, which apart from being painful, can also be dangerous. 

Power is of utmost importance when shaving your balls. If your device doesn’t have the power you need then there’s more likely to be pulling, tugging, and an increased chance of ingrown hair, none of which are very pleasant. There are different kinds of body hair trimmers too, whereby some function more like a traditional razor, and others are more like the trimmers your barber might use. Again this is a personal preference to a degree, but while hybrid razors have a certain extra level of capability for detail, there is always the issue of needing to get replacement blades. 

When it comes to shaving your pubic hair, we would highly recommend doing so in the shower when your skin and hair are soft, allowing you the best shave possible. For this reason, it is key to have a device that is waterproof or showerproof, and if you’re better suited to wet shaving then this is important as well. The layout of your bathroom should come into consideration too, so bare in mind whether you have a socket nearby and can handle a corded trimmer, and if not then be sure to go cordless!

Electrical device consideration wouldn’t be complete without two of the biggest factors to think about: Battery life and brand recognition. Thankfully, the runtime of batteries these days is consistently high, and you shouldn’t need more than an hour for sculpting your hair down there which most trimmers will offer. If you’re the kind of guy who does the full hair/face/body all in one go, then you might need to consider longer battery life. As you look down the list you’ll notice a variety of brands, most of which we’re sure you’ll recognise. We’ve also included a few lesser-known offerings that still do a great job so remember that while you can take comfort in established big names, there are other fish in the sea to consider when you shave.

Philips OneBlade Hybrid Body and Face Trimmer QP2630/30

If there’s one brand that really stands out in the grooming world, it’s Philips. The OneBlade is essentially a hybrid between your traditional bladed razor and an electrical trimmer but believe us when we say it’s the best of both worlds. The comb and skin guard attachments (five in total) give the OneBlade the perfect range for details sculpting and scaping both above and below the neckline, and while the need to replace blades every 4 months or so make this more of a connoisseur’s choice, it’s totally worth it. 

Philips Series 7000 Showerproof Body Groomer and Trimmer BG7025/13

Phillips’ second offering on our list of trimmers is another superbly sleek handheld that offers both ends for different ways of shaving. The dual-sided design allows for trimming down to a manageable length before opting for a close shave if you so desire. With a four-directional contour system and a showerproof, skin-friendly shave, there is nothing not to like here. It also offers an insanely good 80 minutes of cordless use after only a one-hour charge, setting itself in good stead compared to the rest of the market. 

Wahl Aqua Blade Trimmer 20-In-1 Multigroom

Coming in at number 3 is the heavyweight Aqua Blade from Wahl. As experts in the personal grooming world, we would expect nothing less than 20 different grooming options and a whopping 180-minute run time. As well as heads for keeping your nose, ear, and facial hair in check, the Wahl Aqua Blade offers 16 comb lengths that give it versatility as a hair trimmer and body trimmer in equal brilliance, including managing your pubic hair with ease. 

Braun 10-In-1 Multi Grooming Kit MGK7221

Another brand that needs no introduction is Braun, standing on this list with a multi-functional grooming kit for all your personal shaving needs. The Braun 10-in-1 features lifetime sharp blades, a washable and waterproof exterior, and a neat and tidy charging stand for easy storage on your bathroom side. The mini foil shaver will make sure you get the detail in hard-to-reach areas for a close shave near and around your balls. This funky color also makes it a lot more desirable, don’t you agree?

Philips Series 3000 Showerproof Body Groomer BG3010/13

Halfway through our list of offerings is another personal favourite for us here at Outsons. We can’t get enough of Philips and the Series 3000 Body Groomer is no exception. As a simple and affordable trimmer with beautifully crafted handling and bi-directional functionality, there isn’t a better no-fuss option out there. Some men don’t want 20 attachments and tons of juice when it comes to selecting a trimmer, which is fine. If that’s the case then here is your new best friend. 

Manscaped Lawn Mower 2.0

As the standout independent choice from this list, the Manscaped Lawn Mower offers an excellent challenge to the big guns of the personal electrical grooming world. The trimmer itself has an adjustable shave guard and state-of-the-art technology to keep your balls free from nicks and cuts. The grooming kit provides all the formulations and equipment in a luxury travel bag to keep your sensitive areas feeling fresh and discreetly maintained so you can concentrate on the important things in life. High-quality and super durable.

Philips Series 7000 11-in-1 Ultimate Multi Grooming Kit MG7735/03

A simple yet versatile groomer, the Philips Series 7000 is a solid and reliable choice of trimmer if you want to play it safe and focus on styling. Self-sharpening stainless steel blades and a handy nose/ear attachment will have your body hair in check in no time whether it’s your chest, armpits, or balls. The quick charge capability will give you a full trim with only five minutes of charging if you’re in a hurry before your next hot date. It is also great for traveling.

Gillette Fusion Styler 3-in-1 Trimmer, Razor and Sculptor

On our quest to find the best body trimmer for balls we can across this wonderful budget option from Gillette. Similar to the Phillips OneBlade, it’s a hybrid device that doubles up as both a shaver and a trimmer with attachments for razor blades as well as combing options. Its sculpting precision is bettered only by the price point and it’s compatible with all Gillette Fusion 5 razor blades for hassle-free shaving. 

Panasonic ER-GB80 Wet & Dry Electric Beard, Hair and Body Trimmer for Men

Our penultimate choice for today is this powerful offering from Panasonic. While it comes in at a slightly higher price point, it sure packs a punch. Offering 40 different length settings across body, hair, and face attachments, this trimmer is the perfect choice for the man who wants one tool for everything. It’s completely washable and comes in a luxurious brushed metal finish, so will look great in your bathroom even when it’s not in use. You will like it for its hefty weight as well.

Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

Rounding up the list to find the best trimmer for your sack is the Remington All-in-1. With 14 length styles, up to 65 minutes of runtime, and a rechargeable Lithium battery providing a safe, reliable, and long-lasting device, this mid-market option is definitely worth considering. It also comes with a nose, ear, and detail trimmer for keeping your shave standards high, no matter which head you’re working near. 

Top 5 FAQs When It Comes To Shaving Yur Balls

1. What Is The Best/Safest Hair Trimmer To Shave Balls?

Do you struggle with your pubes in your groin area? If so, welcome to the club (and no, you’re not the only one). If you are a tad bit insecure about your pubes don’t be, since it all comes down to using the best ball trimmer. You should avoid any type of dull blade at all costs, and only focus on high-quality electric shavers. The truth is that you can pick out any tool that suits your use out of our recommended options. Different hair lengths will prefer different trimmers. Opt for remington’s pg525 or any of the Philips options, in the end, you can’t go wrong with these suggested kinds.

2. Can We Use Electric Trimmer For Private Parts?

Yes, you (we) can! It all comes down to finding the best pubic hair trimmer that has a comfy grip and an ergonomic handle. As long as you’re careful enough, you will avoid any type of skin irritation. Aim for an adjustable guard and preferably some ceramic blades. Once you’re used to holding it and using it the right way/direction, you will complete the shaving mission successfully.

3. Is It Safe To Trim Balls With Trimmer?

If you’re trying to get your balls & penis to look flawless make sure that you’re properly equipped and prepared. For starters, you’re going to need to invest 5-15 minutes (depending on the length of your pubes) + you will need to have a bit of privacy at your home, or at least in your bedroom. You should:

  • Wash your private parts with cold/lukewarm water
  • Go for some cordless trimmers that have a rechargeable battery for a comfortable and convenient use
  • Apply a bit of your favorite shaving cream and shave away
  • Don’t rush the process since you don’t want to cut yourself
  • Once done wash away with water and tap-dry your skin to avoid irritation

4. Can Beard Trimmers Be Used On Balls?

Just because something can be used on a certain body part it doesn’t mean that it should be used on that body part. Does this make sense? Let’s state it like this; would you ever use your nose trimmer to get close to your balls? This probably sounds unsanitary and maybe even gross to some of you, right? Well, if you have a proper cleaning brush and you plan on investing some time in the grooming and maintenance process you can give it a go with multi-tasking this way. It is a personal preference after all, along with time being of the essence.

5. Who Should Trim Balls & When To Start?

Yet again, this is another question that can be super intimate and personal. Different guys and even women begin this process during different times in their lives/with different age groups. If you like to keep yourself & your balls nice, clean & fresh, you can start the minute they show and begin to grow. For most guys, shaving intimate parts begins around the age of 15-16, but the thickness, density, and length of your pubes can all be hereditary, leaving you with different routes to take.

Best Trimmer For Balls: Staff Pick

If you’ve looked over this list but still can’t decide, the best trimmer for balls is the Philips OneBlade. It comes in at a mid-range price point but has all the versatility and functionality that you need for shaving without breaking the bank. It feels great to hold and comes in a fantastic colour scheme that makes it stand out in a crowded market, what not to love? So, are you ready to begin the grooming or shaving process? Be careful, have some time to spare, and enjoy your clean & lean outcome in no time!

Feature image from Unsplash

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