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10 Best Hair Building Fibers To Hide Your Bald Spot In 2023

by Triston Brewer
Best Hair Building Fibers

Let’s cut to the chase: Nobody wants to talk about it, but the thinning hair up top is a reality many of us have to face. Whether you’re just starting to see your scalp or you’ve been dealing with this issue for a while, the good news is that there are solutions. Today, we’re diving into the top 10 hair building fibers that’ll help camouflage that bald spot and give you a fuller look instantly. Short on time? Grab yourself a bottle of Toppik Hair Building Fibers — it’s the gold standard for instant results.

Why Hair Building Fibers?

Let’s be real, men are just as conscious about their hair as women are. And when the mop up top starts thinning, it can mess with your confidence. Hair building fibers are a quick and easy solution. These are micro-fibers that adhere to your existing hair, filling in gaps and giving an illusion of a fuller head of hair. Think of it like the Snapchat filter for your bald spot.

What Are The Hair Fibers Made From?

Usually coming in a powder or spray, there are three main types of fibers for men to choose from. Cotton fibers are the best for sticking to bare skin and covering bald spots, but may not cling well to your own hair. Natural human hair fibers will most closely replicate the look of your own, and blend in well to your existing hair. Keratin (the protein that our hair, nails and skin is made up of) is most popular and will bond well to strands as the fibers have the same molecular structure as your own hair.  

What To Consider When Choosing A Hair Loss Concealer

Just like the majority of men’s grooming products, it’s important to think about what factors will make a hair concealer work well for you. If you have sensitive skin, you may find a natural human hair fiber will be less likely to irritate your scalp and cause itching. If you need a bald-patch concealer that won’t come off in rainy or humid weather, you’ll need one with a high resistance factor. What are you starting with? If you want your thinning hair to look lustrous and thick again, choose a hair filler powder that will blend in well with your hair. On the other hand, if you are looking to conceal a larger bald spot, you will do better with a fiber that sticks well to skin. Our guide to the 10 best hair loss fibers takes the guesswork out of hiding your bald spot:

  1. Color Match: The fibers should blend seamlessly with your natural hair color.
  2. Adhesion: They should stick to your existing hair without requiring a ton of extra products.
  3. Natural Ingredients: Look for fibers made from natural materials like wool or cotton.
  4. Budget: Some options can be pricey but don’t automatically assume that more expensive means better.

1. Nanogen Keratin Thickening Hair Fibers

If you want to wear your hair fibers overnight, the color lock technology in this Nanogen keratin powder won’t cause awkward stains on your pillows and bring up uncomfortable questions. With a kinetic strip on the sleek, modern packaging, the keratin fibers are given a static charge to bond with your hair before reaching your scalp. If you also want to use other products to battle hair loss, these fibers won’t block your pores and decrease the effectiveness of topical treatments. Helping men and women to hide hair loss for over 10 years, these fibers for hair loss will give your new thick look staying power. 

2. Hair Genetics Advanced Keratin Hair Fibers

This hair loss spray cover-up is one of the best hair fibers for those who like to use products on the go. Chuck this in your gym bag for an easy shake and spray application without mess. With a unique advanced formula, the Hair Genetics Keratin Fibers use static electricity to stick like a magnet to stick to your existing hair. If you have a short cut, this is the best hair loss concealer for you. Formulated from all-natural ingredients the brand promises this keratin concealer will not cause itching, but still has the staying power to last you through the hot summer months. With refill packs available you could soon find this to be your favorite bald spot spray.

3. Eclipse Instant Hair Filler

Available in 10 shades, this microfiber from Eclipse will give you fuller hair quickly. With the option to shake or pump the powder onto your scalp, the waterproof hair fiber doesn’t clump or suck up moisture from your hair. To make sure you get a natural look, use your hands to lightly pat your hair in between shakes to get a good even coverage and build the cover up well. Wind and rain resistant, Eclipse Instant Hair Filler can stay in place for up to a week to hide hair loss. The only downside to the product is the lack of natural ingredients, so may not be the right choice for men with sensitive skin.

4. XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers

Feel self conscious that your bald patch concealer will slip down your scalp when you get sweaty at the gym? These natural keratin fibers for thinning hair from XFusion are resistant to perspiration, so will protect you from any embarrassing incidents. With a similar technology to the Hair Genetics spray, these hair loss hiding fibers are charged with static energy, and will stick to any type of hair without clogging pores. If you can’t find a shade that exactly matches your own, it’s possible to use a mixture of XFusion keratin fibers to create your own personalised hair color and flawlessly cover thinning hair.

5. ELEVATE Natural Hair Perfecting Fibers

With a wide nozzle on the applicator pump, this ELEVATE spray is best  for covering larger bald patches quickly and accurately. If you have hair loss on areas that are hard to reach, this is a great option for men who need a more precise applicator. For an even more natural look, gently brush through your hair in between applications. Lasting up to two months, it’s easy to see why the ELEVATE natural hair loss concealer is a favourite amongst men.

6. Toppik Natural Keratin Hair Fibers

Though the Toppik hair fibers only come in nine shades, if you’re looking for a hair loss concealer that will cover gray roots to keep your color looking fresh then this is the best powder to go for. The colorfast formula means you don’t have to worry about the hair loss concealer melting down your collar in hot weather, while the statically charged fibers will intertwine with even very fine hair. Made of high-grade keratin, this toppik hair loss concealer is one of the best options for men and women with short, sleek cuts.

7. CUVVA Keratin Hair Fibers

While hair loss is a fact of life for many men, it doesn’t mean that you have to put up with it if you don’t want to. Hair loss fibers can work with what you have to help you regain your confidence when it comes to your look. If you are struggling to find a brown hair filler to match your color, this bald patch cover up spray comes in 4 shades tailored for darker hair and has been helping both men and women cover signs of hair loss.  

8. LUXE Professional Hair Fibers 

Made with microscopic thickening fibers of the finest keratin, LUXE recommends you use their product when your hair is completely dry. However on top of being wind, rain and sweat proof, this fiber will even stand up to being blow dried, so perfect if you want to add some full on volume to your hair. Tested by dermatologists and certified hypoallergenic, this hair loss concealer will work well for men with sensitive skin who don’t want to ruin the effects of using a bald spot concealer by coming out in a nasty rash. 

9. FEBRON Volumizing Hair Fibers

Designed to be undetectable under the bright stage lights of the entertainment industry, FEBRON scalp concealer for thinning hair is perfect if you need seamless coverage under harsh office lighting or on sunny days. Because it was intended for use by actors and Hollywood stylists, these are some of the best hair fibers for men who want to style their hair, as the ultra-lightweight powder won’t weigh your cut down but will still resist wind and rain. If you want to stay away from using harsh chemicals, this hair loss concealer is made from 100% natural fibers and is never tested on animals. Do your bit for the planet while still creating the look of thick, impressive hair.

10. BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Fibers

One of the most popular hair fillers for men, it’s easy to see why so many people are satisfied with the results that this BOLDIFY thickening powder provides. With a wide range of 100% plant-based colors, it’s simple to match this hair loss concealer to your own hair tone for a really natural finish. With their color match guarantee, you can easily swap the product for another of the 15 shades to make sure you get the right one for you. The clump-free formula and follicle mimicking molecules will closely match your own to blend into your hair and bond tightly for maximum staying power. If you like your hair to look healthy and glossy, as well as thick, this will add a good level of shine, unlike some other powders which have a very matte finish.

What To Remember When Choosing And Using Your Fibers

Make sure you take time to get the shade that best matches your own hair color. If the shades don’t match the concealer will look unnatural and it will be obvious that you have used a filler. If you can’t find a suitable color, try mixing shades to create your own unique tone – but make sure you use the same brand and type of fiber. For a more natural look, pat your head in between applications of fibers or use a soft brush to gently brush the product through your hair. If you don’t want a filler that will cause stains on your clothes, or slip off in the elements, choose a hair fiber that is wind and rain resistant. Some fillers will stick better to a bare scalp so are better for concealing larger bald spots, but if you want to make your existing hair look thicker, use a statically charged keratin fiber that will stick to your own hair. 

How Hair Building Fibers Work: The Science

Alright gents, let’s get a bit geeky and talk science. You might wonder, how can some fibers give you the illusion of a fuller head of hair? The magic lies in their electrostatic charge. Most hair building fibers are made from materials like keratin or cotton — materials that can easily be given a static charge. When you sprinkle these fibers onto your existing hair, the charge makes them cling to your hair strands like a magnet to metal.

The fibers intertwine with your natural hair, giving the appearance of a fuller, denser mane almost instantly. Think of it as filling in the gaps in a sparse forest; suddenly, it looks like thick woodland. The good quality fibers are also colorfast, meaning they won’t run or smudge, ensuring that the illusion is maintained throughout the day. Knowing the science behind it can give you that extra bit of confidence to rock these fibers like you were born with them.

Application Techniques for Maximum Effect

Now, let’s get practical. Application can make or break your experience with hair building fibers. Here’s how to do it right:

  1. Start with Dry Hair: Always apply the fibers on completely dry hair; otherwise, you’re looking at clumping.
  2. Shake, Don’t Dump: Hold the container like a saltshaker, about 3-6 inches above your head, and shake gently to disperse the fibers.
  3. Less is More: Begin with a small amount. You can always add more if needed.
  4. Pat it Down: After applying, lightly pat your hair to help the fibers blend in.
  5. Setting Spray: To make sure it sticks, use a hair setting spray, but just a light mist will do.

For those of you who are visual learners, consider whipping out your smartphone and looking up some video demonstrations. It’s just like learning to tie a tie; once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

While this might seem straightforward, there are some rookie mistakes you’ll want to steer clear of:

  1. Over-Application: More isn’t always better. Dumping a load of fibers on your head might just make it look unnatural.
  2. Wrong Color Match: Choosing a shade that’s too dark or too light can make the thinning area more noticeable, not less. When in doubt, go a shade lighter; you can always layer.
  3. Not Setting the Fibers: If you skip the setting spray, don’t be surprised if your fuller mane doesn’t survive a gust of wind or a sweaty workout.
  4. Applying to Wet Hair: As mentioned earlier, wet hair is a no-go. It leads to clumps, and
  5. nobody wants that.

Wrapping It Up

Alright, gents, we’ve taken a pretty thorough journey into the world of hair building fibers — from the science behind their adhesive magic to the art of perfecting the application. These nifty products can be a game-changer, giving your self-confidence a little nudge when it comes to your hair situation. Just remember, choose the right color, less is often more, and make sure to set those fibers in place. Keep in mind that while these fibers are a quick fix, they’re not a permanent solution for hair loss. But hey, if it helps you step out with a bit more swagger, why not give it a go? Armed with these tips, you’re more than ready to tackle that thinning mane and look your best doing it. Cheers!

Feature image from Pexels

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