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Curious About Coconut Beard Oil? Here Are 19 Of The Best To Try

by Jasmine Waters
Curious About Coconut Beard Oil

Growing a beard is one thing – maintaining it is something else entirely.

Beards are notorious for being a bit of a wild animal, making it all the more important for them to be groomed and managed with a close eye. Taming it to grow the way you want is a key step in seeking full-bearded glory, with products stepping in to offer a much needed hand of support.

For the best way to tackle your beard growth and health, look no further than beard oil. Providing health benefits as well as keeping hair soft and moisturised, it’s always effective in making sure your beard remains as full, soft and tame as possible. In addition to this, oils with coconut in them are considered the best of the best, preferred by many to keep control of their facial hair.

We’ve compiled a list of the best coconut beard oils around to start your journey to full beard health. 

Why Choose Coconut Oil? 

Curious About Coconut Beard Oil
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Before you begin any beard care, it’s important to bear in mind that there’s more than one type of coconut oil available. Virgin coconut oil is the raw real deal, with the end product being free from processing, being able to keep more of its original benefits locked in. Refined coconut oil, on the other hand, tends to have been a lot more thoroughly processed, leaving it as something more akin to cooking oil.

We know that skin products in general are highly praised if they contain coconut oil in them, and it turns out many of these health benefits are present in beard oil too. Many have to deal with the facial hair nightmare of ‘beard dandruff’ (a.k.a ‘beardruff’), and coconut oil in beard related products helps to fight any flakiness and keep skin from drying out.

Using coconut oil for your beard acts as an antibacterial defence, preventing any future buildups or irritation on the skin. Seeping through the beard and into the skin itself, coconut oil has the ability to deeply hydrate and moisturise to coast each and every hair follicle. 

The benefits of coconut oil don’t stop there – if you can consistently apply this oil for the beard, there’s a greater chance of accelerated beard growth, too. Coconut oil is also supposedly the best to achieve the greatest beard shine, surpassing other oils such as argan and jojoba oil. 

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Why Should I Use Coconut Oil?

Curious About Coconut Beard Oil
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Aside from beard and skincare itself, there are extended reasons why coconut oil should be the first port of call. As well as boosting hormones, softening facial hair and also helping hair growth, it has properties to eliminate hunger and burn calories even faster.

Use coconut oil to help with the shaving process too – softening the beard prior to razor contact with the skin. Virgin coconut oil can also help in the post-shaving routine, the hydration affects healing the skin in aftercare mode. 

Coconut oil for beard health also means overall protection for your skin, containing Vitamin E that helps repair broken skin and Vitamin K which can help to combat blemishes such as acne and scarring. 

How To Use Coconut Oil: A Quick Guide

Curious About Coconut Beard Oil
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The first thing to bear in mind is that only a little oil is needed when beard grooming, and that coconut oil itself can be found in many different natural beard products – no one way has to work for everybody. It may take a little time to find the best way of applying it that suits you so it’s best to start small and add more if – or when – needed.

Start by ensuring your hands and clean and dry, taking the coconut oil and rubbing it into the palms of the hands in circular motions. First apply the oil at the tips of the beard, then working the oil deeper into the hair roots and the skin.

Massage the oil to your beard thoroughly, making sure you haven’t missed any patches. Leave this to sink in for a few minutes to allow your facial hair to receive as much moisture and nourishment as possible.

After this, you can either use coconut oil further as a conditioner, or use a beard comb to brush through the remaining product. It’s at this point further essential oils can be added – as an example, jojoba oil can help to unclog any hair follicles. If you have pre-existing issues, it’s always best to use virgin coconut oil during this process.

Make sure to comb through your beard thoroughly to get rid of any excess brittle hair. And it’s as easy as that! This process can be incorporated into your daily skin care routine, or even go as far as to ingest coconut oil for a stronger impact… though this isn’t to everyone’s taste.

Bulldog Original Oil

Bulldog is a name that’s no stranger to a skincare lineup, but this now extends to oil for beard and skin health. An all-natural product, it also contains aloe vera and green tea for extra fast absorption. Use oil dry and straight onto the skin in small doses. 

Beard Balm for Men Rocky Mountain Barber

Not only does this beard balm contain coconut oil, but it also contains everything needed for ultimate beard and skin goodness under the sun. Including jojoba, cedarweed, beeswax and tea tree, this balm is the dictionary definition of an all-natural skin product.

With ingredients sourced from across North America, this beard balm can provide the taming you need without weighing your skin down or drying it out. Extremely travel friendly, Rocky Mountain Balm proves that using coconut oil doesn’t need to be in a traditional oil consistency for it to be effective. 

King C Gillette Men’s Beard and Face Wash

In another completely different take on how to use coconut oil for beard health, this beard and face wash can both cleanse and nourish skin that can last throughout the day. Mixed with argan oil and avocado oil, the brand regards itself as being at the pinnacle of beard grooming innovation. Lather into facial hair in circular motions before rinsing. 

The Real Man Moisturizing Beard Cream

Using virgin coconut oil, this cream helps more on the styling end of all things beard related. For use on any length of beard, the coconut oil in this cream works with aloe vera to create a product that is neither oily in look or feel. Work small amounts into the beard at the roots to the tips before combing through. 

Monroe of London Beard Oil

Benefits of coconut oil from out in full force with this product, acting as an antioxidant to have reduce any irritation or beard itch. With a blend of natural oil, this lightweight beard oil will help to keep your facial hair flake free while nourishing the skin beneath it. Use directly after showering, working the oil through with the palms in opposite directions. 

Jax Scented Beard Oil

In a more traditional oil for your beard, this product is formulated to condition and leave the beard healthy with a freshly washed smell. Made using natural ingredients only, this blended formula can help to aid beard growth as well as provide nourishment. Apply oil to your beard in small amounts, massaged into the skin. 

Beard Conditioning Oil by Percy Nobleman

In a unique spritzing bottle, this beard oil is best used on coarse or damaged facial hair. Helping to prevent itchiness caused by hair growth, this natural oil for beard health is fast absorbing, but also fragrance free. One 100ml bottle can last for approximately four months – making it an even more worthwhile investment. 

Black Skull Premium Beard Oil

This beard oil wins points for presentation alone, made with the true pirate length of facial hair in mind. Using coconut oil in a natural blend formula, stops any flaking while promoting beard growth and soft moisture. Bonus points of an extra fragrant smell here, too. 

Njord Beard Oil

With a feel of Scandi chic and premium quality, this beard oil is perfect for an overall healthy look. With no saturated fat, coconut oil is blended to keep your beard moisturised and soft. Apply two to three drops of oil with the palm of the hand and massage into the skin. 

The Sadar Co Mens Beard Oil

100% natural ingredients and vegan friendly, this take on coconut oil use is combined with jojoba to soothe the skin. Working well for styling as well as hair growth, this is a true all-in-one that is a great addition to any facial kit. 

Raw Supremo Invigo Beard Coconut Oil & Lime For Men

Coconut oil and lime is a pairing we’ve not yet seen on this list, adding a new element of refreshment to using coconut oil itself. Smooth a few drops over the skin ideally after showering to ensure the oil reaches its full nourishment potential. 

Modern Day Duke – Growth Oil for Men

Old school grooming vibes are visible for this coconut oil for beard growth. With a handy pipette applicator, 100% natural ingredients ensures there’s no saturated fat or irritants. Perfect to maintain a thicker and fuller beard, it works best for men who have hair growth issues or have patchy areas. 

Etolab Oil

In a handy, discreet bottle, this oil helps to stimulate beard growth alongside fast absorption to avoid that greasy feeling. A big plus for this product is the fact that it is paraben-free, also enthused with argan oil and macadamia oil to help lock in nourishment. 

Fine Line Apothecary Hair Growth Oil

In a bit of a different tack, this oil is more focused on general growth than just for beards – meaning it can help to nourish any other areas of concern. Bringing a blend of oils to work seamlessly together, this product is a one-stop shop for every beard oil need you could ever want. Make sure to massage this oil deeply at the roots for full effect.

Men Rock Soothing Oak Moss Balm

The first conditioner on our list, this product helps to hydrate dry beards and lock in that all-important moisture. Perfect as an itchy beard remedy, it’s a great example of using coconut oil in a lightweight way that still maintains a great smell. Use small amounts of this creamy consistency with an easy-to-use pump bottle. 

Rocky Mountain Leave-In Conditioner

An oil you can leave in to work its magic is always a handy idea. The epitome of coconut oil for beard health, use this if you’re after that extra hydrating push for your beard. This product makes it easier to tame those particularly thick and unruly beards. 

Gnarly Joe Shampoo for Men

Start your facial routine off with a coconut oil boost! Formulated to particularly help growth and maintaining a sharp look, while taking care of your hair. Use on warm wet skin and lather before rinsing. 

Oxford Soap Co. Shampoo Bar

If you’re looking for something a little more general but still infused with coconut oil, this could be your answer. Caring for all things hair and particularly targeting ‘beardruff’, this handy little bar can combat everything in one go.

Woody’s Balm

Ideal for targeting any unwanted frizz, this balm blends together coconut oil and beeswax to get a tailored, refined look. There’s also the added element of grapefruit  for an extra cooling finish.

Coconut Beard Oil: Staff Picks

Whether you’re looking for something to help your beard growth or just keep your skin as healthy as possible, try these coconut oils to help keep your facial hair at its best. 

  • Bulldog Original Oil
  • Balm for Men Rocky Mountain Barber
  • King C Gillette Men’s Face Wash
  • The Real Man Moisturizing Cream
  • Monroe of London Oil
  • Jax Scented Oil
  • Conditioning Oil by Percy Nobleman
  • Black Skull Premium Oil
  • Njord Oil
  • The Sadar Co Mens Oil
  • Raw Supremo Invigo Coconut Oil & Lime For Men
  • Modern Day Duke – Growth Oil for Men
  • Etolab Oil
  • Fine Line Apothecary Hair Growth Oil
  • Men Rock Soothing Oak Moss Balm
  • Rocky Mountain Leave-In Conditioner
  • Gnarly Joe Shampoo for Men
  • Oxford Soap Co. Shampoo Bar
  • Woody’s Balm

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