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6 Beard Growth Stages You Need to Know About

by Jamie Wilson
Beard Growth Stages

Beard growth can be annoying if you are trying to get the perfect shape. Shaving on its own is also a bit challenging. However, with the right routine and steps, you will experience the best beard and a ton of new hairs. Growing out your beard will stop being a struggle + you will get rid of patchiness as well. Keep on reading to find out more about different beard growth stages.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Full Beard?

How fast and how long does your hair grow? Some men win the genetics lottery, while others can go bald at the age of 30. But in most cases, you will be able to grow a full beard in 2-6 months. This is because generally speaking, we can grow half an inch every month and you will begin a new hair growth cycle within this period. Hormones can play a huge role, but your hair follicle will go through the right growth stage for you to get rid of any patches.

 Grow A Full Beard
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At What Age Beard Grows Fully?

How long does a beard take to grow? Well, a full beard will take some time to grow. You will need to go through that awkward stage before you notice a significant difference. Most men will develop a full beard around their early twenties, and not sooner than this. Guys who don’t mind the ‘awkward’ phase and who need that clean outcome will enjoy this beard-growing journey. However, if you are impatient and you love to shave, it’s probably best to stay away from growing a beard.

What Are The Stages Of Beard Growth? In-Depth Explanation

You could say that there are six different stages of hair growth. Each phase has a unique facial hair pattern and looks different. Here’s what they are:

1. Clean Smooth Shave

Clean Smooth Shave
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At this stage, all of your hair is properly removed with your razor or your trimmer. You need to use a moisturizing lotion, as well as a shaving cream to calm down the irritation after you are done shaving. Your face probably looks baby smooth and is covered in no-neck hairs either.

2. Stubble = Anagen Phase

Stubble = Anagen Phase
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After you let your hair grow back, in a week, it will look itchy and resemble ‘stubble. At this one-week stage, it is vital to avoid irritation and let your skin rejuvenate on its own. You could also use a scrub if you need to remove or reduce oil and dirt, as well as redness.

3. Point Of Quitting = Catagen Phase

 Point Of Quitting = Catagen Phase
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The third stage is the most common stage when men give up. This is because their beard can look quite uneven and patchy at this point. Some stubble hairs will grow back, while some will be a bit longer. Don’t let this discourage you, and make sure you invest some time and maintenance in your styling.

4. Nourishing Stage = Telogen Phase

Nourishing Stage = Telogen Phase
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Around your fifth week of growing a beard, you will need to stack up on some products. Your beard needs to look flake-free, and fresh, and it should smell good. You will need to invest in beard oil, a small comb, as well as a beard conditioner. Try to maintain your hair, and don’t forget your neck as well. Invest in a high-quality beard trimmer to get rid of any knots as well.

5. Months In = Exogen Phase

Months In = Exogen Phase
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Once your beard is this long, it will need even more maintenance than before. A good beard balm will come in handy around your sixth week after not shaving. You can achieve that wet look and try to avoid the stranded-on-a-desert-island-look with hair and beard products. Remember that this stage is different for everyone.

6. Full Potential

Full Potential
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This is what 3-months worth of beard growth generally looks like. Once you reach this beard stage, you will love your natural, long, and bushy beard. Your journey will be over since it comes down to trimming an inch as well as getting a clean cut on the sides. This is when grooming really is key.

Top 4 Beard Styles For You To Consider

1. Beard Hair 1 Week Beard

Beard Hair 1 Week Beard
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If you are going through the beard growth stages, you may ‘suffer’ the most during this phase. It is a process that demands the patience of steel. You shouldn’t use any tools, and you shouldn’t get a trim. Give it two to three weeks, and you will grow your beard to the optimal length.

Guys who need something office-friendly and not too bold or attention-seeking will enjoy this beard style on a daily. Aim for a beard wash to get rid of any stray hairs and to get something that suits your face shape.

2. Beard Growth Timeline

Beard Growth Timeline
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You can implement and use a beard grower if your beard growth is bugging you, or if it is too slow. Although awkward stages are something that guys must go through, you can still boost your beard growth with some natural ‘beard how to grow’ supplements. This will help with itchiness and is a product that will get you even hair in no time. It gets rid of tangles and can grow your beard 1cm in a month.

How to grow facial hair? Well, don’t forget about the mustache growth stages. Growing a beard can be time-consuming, but this style, in particular, is for guys who don’t mind the process, an ugly itch, and who want their results to show off.

3. Short Facial Hair

Short Facial Hair
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How long to grow a beard in this particular style? This beard may take you up to 2-3 weeks to show. Everyone has that ‘itch phase’ where you will experience stubborn pieces from start to end. Some guys even love to wax these hairs. However, stay away from waxing, and only trim your cheeks and your chin hair if you are annoyed with the stubborn hair.

This beard style looks great on guys who love low-maintenance looks, and who love a simple beard and simple hairstyles. Just invest in your beard brush and beard shampoo to withstand this growth phase.

4. Medium 2 Week Beard Growth

Medium 2 Week Beard Growth
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Maybe your mustache grows faster than your beard? Some guys have pretty long mustache hair, while their beards are a bit slower to show. Since growing beard stages can be annoying and unpredictable, it is important to focus more detail on some other features – like mustache or your hair. Maintain something and create a slight distraction from your uneven, patchy, or short beard.

This combo is great for men who prefer and have longer mustaches than their beards. Add a bit of biotin to boost your hair and mustache growth.

Does Facial Hair Grow In Stages?

Yes, it does! You can’t expect your facial hair to grow inches overnight. During the growing process, facial hair goes through three phases: the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. Everyone will go through these beard growth stages in their lifetime.

What Grows First Beard Or Mustache?

Since now you know what are the stages of facial hair growth, do you also know which comes first; the chicken or the egg, or in this case a beard or mustache? In puberty, teen males will grow mustaches first, and their beards will come in later on. Some also struggle with hair loss and baby hairs during this point, which is why it is essential to aim for protein based foods and proper nutrients that will help your overall health, but also thicker strands.

On That Note

How long does it take to grow a beard? Well, now, you know! We hope that this article has answered some of your questions and that you will earn confidence when it comes to rocking your beard. You can find something day-appropriate or let your beard grow long and wild! Either way, consider our tips before you begin this journey, and choose wisely!

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