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The Ultimate Guide to Styling Your Beard in 2023

by Triston Brewer

Look, let’s cut the fluff—facial hair is more than a trend; it’s a statement. So if you’re aiming to get your beard game on point in 2023, you’ve clicked on the right guide. Whether you’ve got a full-on lumberjack thing going on or you’re rocking the stubble, we’ll run you through the essentials: from grooming products to shape choices, and even how to adapt your beard to your lifestyle. Quick answer to the main question? The secret to a killer beard in 2023 is twofold—consistency in maintenance and knowing when to switch things up.

The Foundation: Right Products, Right Results

First rule of Beard Club: don’t scrimp on products. Yeah, that supermarket beard oil might be cheap, but it’s probably just as effective as water. Look for oils with jojoba or argan oil—natural ingredients that nourish without making you smell like a flower shop. Personal anecdote: I once used some bargain-bin oil and ended up with a beard that felt like straw for a week. Lesson learned.

Beard Shapes: Size Does Matter

Alright, so you’ve got options here—Van Dyke, goatee, mutton chops, the list goes on. Your beard shape should be in harmony with your face shape. Got a round face? Opt for a beard that adds some length. Sharp jawline? Accentuate that with a well-defined shape. I tried the yeard (a year-long beard) once; while it was epic, it overshadowed my features.

Maintenance: Don’t Let It Go Wild

If your beard is the forest, then grooming tools are your lumberjack gear. Keep a decent trimmer around and learn how to use scissors for detailing. Also, never underestimate the power of a good beard comb. I’ve got one that’s lasted longer than some of my relationships. Keeps the beard untangled and makes sure the oils are evenly spread.

Lifestyle Adaptability: Your Beard Goes Where You Go

Listen, a spiffy beard isn’t just for show; it’s got to adapt to your life, too. If you’re a gym rat, consider a short, manageable style. Office job? Keep it neat and professional. I’ve found that a mid-length beard works for me; it’s long enough to make a statement, yet short enough to not get caught when I’m shooting photos for my blog.

Beard Care Tips

You’ve grown a beard, chosen your style – are we done yet? Not quite, if you want to keep your beard looking healthy, tidy, and stylish, there are few more things you’ll want to bear in mind:

  • Shave: You’ll want to run a trimmer over the body of your beard every so often to remove split ends and stray hairs. Use a razor to tidy up the edges around your neck and the top of your cheeks, too.
  • Wash: Just like your head hair, you shouldn’t be leaving it unwashed. Shampoo/condition your beard twice-weekly.
  • Other products: Look at using a beard oil or other leave-in conditioner for an added shine. Towel-dry your beard after a shower and get to work with your product of choice.
  • Skin: Remember to take care of the skin beneath your beard. The hair of your beard will actually ‘wick’ moisture away from your face, which can seriously dry out your skin. Massage a moisturiser into your beard to avoid dandruff and dry skin.

What Tools to Use on Your Beard

If you’re reading this, it’s a safe bet that you want to do this beard thing right, so that means getting the right tool for the job. How do you choose? Well, we can help with that with some of the best beard products out there.

Best Beard Trimmers

Remington MB320C Barba Beard Trimmer is a solid, entry-level shaver, suitable for clipping your beard, shaving your head, or trimming designer stubble. It has nine length settings (1.5mm – 18mm), and the blades are ceramic-coated for extra resilience – dare we say, it’s likely one of the best trimmers for men at the moment.

Another great option is the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-in-1. A neat little tool that can be used as a razor, beard trimmer, or an edging blade, and can be picked up at a very affordable £15 on Amazon.

Best Beard Styling Products

If you’re planning to keep your beard looking full, lustrous and healthy a beard oil is a great investment. Murdock’s iteration of the common grooming essential is easily among the best beard oils out there. The lightweight combination of argan, jojoba and apricot kernel oils will not only have your facial hair looking the part – but will speed up growth too!

This handy beard moisturiser from will not only give your beard a tamer appearance, but the nutrient rich cream will also absorb into your skin – saving you the job of having to work on that yourself.

Last, but not least, Murdock’s post shave balm can easily double up as a beard treatment with chamomile and calendula to calm irritation among a plethora of other moisture rich ingredients to keep you looking your finest. Pop some into your beard for 30 mins, then wash out for a healthy, happy beard!

How to Grow A Beard

Before you can even think about styling a beard suited to your face, you’ll need something to work with. While it’s pretty self-explanatory, we’ve included some tips below that should help get things growing.

  • Start with a blank canvas – Exfoliate your face first as this helps remove grease and dead cells from your skin. Lather up and get your razor in there – remembering to shave with the grain to avoid painful ingrown hairs.
  • Diet – Hair follicles are technically dead cells. They don’t grow, so much as your body is pushing them out of your skin. The key to speeding up the process is eating the right, protein rich foods such as meat, peas, broccoli, chickpeas, and spinach. Supplements like biotin, fish oil, and a multivitamin are also good options to consider.
  • Wash – Washing your beard on a regular basis is going to keep things fresh looking (and smelling), as well as simultaneously stimulating beard hair growth.
  • Leave it Alone – Don’t stroke, comb, or otherwise bother your beard too much, either, as this can lead to patches and split ends.

How to Fix a Patchy Beard

While growing a beard is one thing, fixing a patchy one is a different ball game altogether. There’s a multitude of reasons that your sparse beard could be shedding, or not growing at all, ranging from more serious cases to simply not having the genetic makeup. Regardless, here’s a few tips on how to grow a thicker beard.

  • Bald patches in beards caused by a lack of beard-growing hormones can be rectified by taking hair loss supplements such as minoxidil or high-quality multivitamins.
  • A patchy stubble could simply signify a lack of blood flow to the higher cheek areas. Eating a healthy, protein rich diet abundant in essential amino acids can stimulate growth in these situations.
  • There’s a proven correlation between micro needling and growth stimulation of beard bald spots. While you can do this from home, it’s worth speaking to a professional to avoid unwanted damage.
  • While they may be rampant at the moment, not all men have begun incorporating beard oils into their grooming regime. While not technically designed to accelerate beard growth, those wondering how to grow a full beard would benefit from integrating them into their routine.

Styling your Beard

Be sure to take your face shape into account when deciding on your style – it can really make all the difference. While getting this right initially can be a little tricky, the real beard and moustache care comes in the form of regular trimming, quality products and giving it a wash a couple of times a week.

The Beard-Face Match-Up

Oblong / Rectangular Faces

You’re not aiming to stretch an already elongated face, so you’ll want to keep the length below the chin to a minimum. Go for some extra bulk on the sides or a casual all-around stubble. This will fill things out a bit, counteracting that elongated look. Been there, tried that; trust me, it helps.

Square Jaws

Your jawline’s already a strong feature, so you don’t need a bushy beard emphasizing it. Instead, aim to elongate your face by growing your beard longer at the bottom. This will soften those hard angles and make your face appear longer than it actually is.

Round Faces

Here, the goal is stretching out the visage. A fuller beard will only spotlight the width of your face, so instead, go for length at the bottom and keep the sides in check. If you want to venture beyond the basics, a goatee could be your power move. I rocked a goatee for a while, and it surprisingly changed the way my face looked in photos—worth considering.

Triangle Faces

Thicker jaws with brows that are narrower in comparison means you’ve got to ease up on the facial fuzz. Too much beard, and you’re overemphasizing an already prominent jawline. Stick with minimal growth, keeping it clean and intentional.

Mastering Beard Styling

Creating the Fade

To break up the monotony and add some dynamic flair, taper the length of your beard as you move down your face. Trim it shorter below the jawline and take it down another notch when you reach your Adam’s apple. This creates a more nuanced look, and I found it really elevates the entire beard game.

Edging & Shaping

You’ve got to maintain those borders. Use a solid wet-shave razor to clean up the upper cheeks and around the neck. A tip from my experience—use a non-lathering oil, gel, or creme for a smoother shave. You want to see the lines you’re carving out, so avoid anything too foamy.

Pro Tip: The Barber Visit

If you’re in the early stages of beard growth, hit up a barber for an initial shaping. Trust me, once you’ve got that blueprint, maintaining it yourself becomes a cinch. Your barber sets the lines; you just have to trace over them in your upkeep. Takes the whole “Should I trim here or there?” question out of the equation.

On That Note

Mastering your beard style isn’t just about letting it grow; it’s an art of shaping, styling, and maintenance. Remember, your face shape is the canvas, so choose a beard style that complements it. Don’t skimp on quality products; a good oil or gel is your beard’s best friend. And while going DIY with your beard can be gratifying, a professional touch now and then removes guesswork and keeps you on point. The risks? Well, a bad beard day can throw your whole look off, so it’s vital to keep it intentional and well-groomed. No shame in switching things up or even starting over if things go south. But get it right, and your beard will be the finishing touch that defines your style. So go ahead, embrace the beard game. You’ve got the playbook; now make the play.

Feature Photo by Nathon Oski on Unsplash

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