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The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Eyebrow Grooming: 6 Easy Steps

by Jamie Wilson
Ultimate Guide To Men's Eyebrow Grooming

Tired of your eyebrows looking like hairy caterpillars? 

Maybe you’ve decided it’s finally time to banish that pesky unibrow. Whatever the reason is for grooming your eyebrows, improving the shape and texture of your brows couldn’t be easier.

The most important thing is to have a good routine when it comes to sorting out your eyebrows. If you just dive right in and attack them with a pair of tweezers you’ll end up with over-plucked eyebrows and a red face. Not good. If you follow our easy step-by-step guide on how to groom men’s eyebrows, you’ll finish with a pair of neat and natural brows. Here’s how:

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Step 1: Measure Where Your Eyebrows Should Start And End

The main thing to remember when it comes to men’s eyebrow grooming, is that your aim is to tidy them up, not to dramatically reshape them. You can check where your eyebrows should start and end by using the straight part of an eyebrow spoolie brush. Place the straight handle against the side of your nose, holding it vertically. This should line up with the central edge of your eyebrow. Any hairs outside of this can be plucked (but hold off for now). To measure how far out your eyebrows should grow, take the brush and angle it from the tip of your nose to the outside corner of your eye – where the handle reaches your brows is where your hair should end. 

Step 2: Brush Them Upwards

Use a very fine comb (a mustache comb would work well) and brush your brows straight up. They may take a little coaxing to get them to all stand up but after a few brushes your eyebrows should look a bit like they’ve been zapped by lightning. Don’t worry though, this is only a temporary part of your eyebrow maintenance!

Step 3: Trim Any Long Hairs

Next up, we need to trim any particularly long hairs. Look for hairs that are poking out above the line that your brushed up brows are making. If there are a few hairs that seem to be too long, take a small pair of scissors and carefully trim the offending hairs. It’s best to use facial hair or precision eyebrow scissors like this nifty pair from Tweezerman. If you use a pair of kitchen scissors you’ll run the risk of chopping in too far and making your brows sparse and patchy. Men be warned.

Step 4: Brush Your Brows Back Down

Once you’ve trimmed any long hairs, you can smooth your brows back down. One of our favourite eyebrow grooming tips is to use a kid’s toothbrush (new of course) with soft bristles to get your eyebrows into shape. The toothbrush will evenly distribute the hair and you’ll be able to tell whether your brows are still too thick and furry. If they still look like they could do with removing some thickness, brush them up again and try trimming slightly more. Alternatively to using a toothbrush you can use an eyebrow spoolie brush or a moustache comb.

Step 5: Use Tweezers To Pluck Rogue Hairs

Men shouldn’t be scared of reaching for the tweezers, they could soon become your favourite grooming tool. Use a pencil or spoolie brush if you need to remind yourself of where your eyebrows should start and finish. You should tweeze hairs in between your brows and then tackle rogue hairs below and above your eyebrows, but resist the urge to start tweezing into your brows to make them smaller. If men do this their eyebrows will end up looking over-shaped and will stand out for all the wrong reasons. If you need any convincing, remember the Friends episode where Joey gets his eyebrows done? Not a good look. 

Don’t be too put off by any pain from tweezing. You may find it’s easier to do this when you’ve just got out of a warm shower, so your pores are more open and the hair follicles come out easily. After tweezing you can press a cold flannel to your eyebrows to reduce any redness and use a calming cream. Just stick with it – if you make hair removal part of your routine your skin will get used to tweezing and it won’t feel uncomfortable.

Step 6: Use A Gel To Smooth Eyebrows

By using a clear eyebrow gel, you’ll make sure your eyebrows stay neat and smooth throughout the day. Brush the gel along your eyebrow hairs, starting from the inside to the outside of your brows. For the best shaped eyebrow for men you may want to angle the brush so you’re pushing your hairs up slightly, as this will stop them from drooping down towards your eyelashes and help you look fresh. Stick to clear gel, as any colored products will be hard to make look natural on men. If you’d rather not use any gel at all, just make sure to give your eyebrows a final brush to neaten them out after tweezing.

What To Avoid

When it comes to men’s eyebrows it’s always best to start small. If you dive in and get tweezer or scissor-happy when grooming, you’ll ruin your natural eyebrow shape and it will take a while to wait for hair growth to make them look normal again. One of the best eyebrow grooming tips for men is to start by addressing that unwanted unibrow. Once you’ve gotten used to sorting out your awkward middle eyebrow hair you can branch out to the rest of your eyebrows. Avoid plucking too much of the hair beneath your eyebrows – you don’t want to look permanently surprised. Make sure you are checking in the mirror as you go to avoid any eyebrow grooming slips. .

Men’s Eyebrow Grooming: Easy Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Check where your eyebrows should start and end
  2. Use a fine comb or a spoolie brush to comb your eyebrows upwards
  3. Trim any long hairs with some eyebrow scissors to remove unwanted thickness
  4. Brush your brows back down with a comb or new toothbrush
  5. Use tweezers to remove unwanted eyebrow hair
  6. Smooth your brows into place with a clear gel (optional)

Et voila, George Clooney-worthy eyebrows.

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Your Grooming Routine

There are plenty of grooming practices that men can do to help enhance their natural look. If you like the way that men’s eyebrow grooming improves your face shape, why not think about how to make the most of your skin with some simple new habits? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy the best face masks are to use, and at how fresh one of them they can make your skin look. Don’t let your great eyebrow maintenance down by allowing dark circles take over your face, check out our guide on four easy steps to banish those bags.   

Your Grooming Routine
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