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Need A Beard Straightener? Here Are 10 Of The Best

by Amy Payne
Beard Straightener

Why use a beard straightener?

When growing out your beard it can be all too easy to let it slip into a caveman-vibe tangle. If you’re fighting a losing battle against frizzy coarse hair, you might want to step up your game from your trusty beard balm and try out a beard straightener as well. 

Compact, quick, and easy-to-use, a beard straightening brush or comb will give you a neater, more groomed look in no time at all.

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What are the different types of straightener?

Just like beards, straighteners come in various shapes and sizes. From hot combs to pencil tongs, here’s a guide to the 10 best buys that make straightening a beard easy

1) Lidasen Beard Straightener Electric Comb

Ever tried using a blow dryer to straighten your beard? If you have, you’ll know just how painful and harsh on your skin it can be. Luckily this heated beard brush head will make light work of creating a sleek, polished look. With rapid warming you won’t have to wait around to be able to use this heated comb, making it perfect for those without time to spare in the mornings. With three different temperature settings, these straighteners for men will suit all beard thickness. Plus, with its four negative ion spray holes, the Lidasen comb will leave your beard looking lustrous. 

2) KIPOZI Pencil Hair Straighteners

These KIPOZI straighteners are designed for use on beards and short hair. What sets them apart from other beard straighteners is the flat iron design, which gives you the ability to create more styles and shapes. With the very thin irons, the 230℃ heat is distributed easily along the 0.7cm titanium plates making getting up close to the roots of your beard easy work. If you happen to use straighteners on your beard and hair, this would be the perfect option if you are looking to save space on trips.

3) VIKICON Beard Straightening Iron For Men

Designed in Sweden, these beard straighteners are inspired by the Vikings. So if you have a particularly full bushy beard these might just be your answer to smooth out those kinks. The main thing that sets these straighteners apart is the cordless design, eliminating the time you might normally waste untangling wires and unplugging your various devices each morning. It also means that it couldn’t be easier to use these on the go. Keep them in your bag if you want to make sure your beard still looks sleek when leaving the office or after the gym. With anti-static coating, the VIKICON beard straightener will easily slide through your hair without causing snags and keep your facial hair looking healthy. If you’re worried about forgetting to turn your straighteners off, these come with a safety function that automatically shuts them off after 30 minutes of unuse. The LED display makes it easy to use the heat level that’s right for your beard and takes the guesswork out of hair taming. 

4) Kaome Anti Scald Beard Straightener Brush

If you’re unsure whether straightening your facial hair will help fight frizz, this hot brush from Kamoi is a simple and cost-effective option to test out a heated beard straightener. With a PVC protected guard, you won’t have to worry about accidentally burning yourself, making grooming your beard easy work. 

5) BEARDCLASS Beard Straightening Comb

The great thing about this hot comb is the number and density of its bristles. If you have thinner facial hair, the BEARDCLASS device will still be able to tackle your wiry hairs, which may be missed by a sparser brush. With adjustable temperature settings, this hot comb will suit both thin and thick hair and will heat up within 40 seconds – so no waiting round to smooth out your beard before getting on with your day. The ceramic coating on the bristles will stop you from scalding your face, while the swivel cord will keep the experience quick and easy.

6) HALOVIE Mens Heated Beard Brush 

With a built-in PTC heater, this heated beard straightening brush will warm up to 200℃ in an impressive 30 seconds, giving you time to put the kettle on for that extra cup of coffee. The negative ion technology in this straightening brush means you won’t have to use beard oils or harsh chemicals to tame coarse facial hair. We love just how easy this heated beard comb is to use – with a dual-comb tooth design, the ceramic teeth will straighten your hair while the gentle rubber bristles will smooth out tangles and protect you from face burn. With two temperature settings on the HALOVIE straightening brush, you can be sure the heat won’t be frying your beard and making it even tougher. Paired with the anti-slip handle and 360° rotating cable, the HALOVIE heated beard brush is one of the best on the market.

7) Liaboe Multifunctional Beard Straightener

With advanced ceramic heating technology, this multifunctional beard straightener will ensure an even temperature along with the comb. Whether your beard hair is curly or straight, long or short, the Liaboe straightener gets up close to your roots, while it’s edging of rubber bristles will stop the heat pad from making contact with your face. 

8) FULLLIGHT TECH Quick Beard Straightener

If you’re in need of a beard makeover, this FULLLIGHT TECH straightener comes complete with natural beard oil and a beard E-Book. Of course, you might not have any use for the E-book once you’ve read our own various beard guides. The extra-long fibreglass bristles will reliably banish kinks and frizz from your beard, leaving you with gloriously straight facial hair. Another make to combine heated teeth with rubber bristles, this electric comb for beard frizz will control your flyways with ease. Its compact design makes it easy to chuck in your bag for that weekend away.

9) GLAMADOR Multifunctional Beard Straightener 

If you like the sound of a sweet deal but aren’t so keen on using oil on your beard, this hot comb from GLAMADOR comes with its own tub of beard balm and will help you leave the house looking sleek and neat. What sets this hot comb for beard frizz apart from other makes is the slimness of its bristles and teeth, making it glide effortlessly over sparser facial hair while making sure not to miss any fly away straggles without burning your jaw. Automatically turning off after one hour of unuse, the GLAMADOR will make smoothing your hair safe and easy. With a quick warm-up function and three temperature settings the comb will heat up in 30 seconds flat.

10) NAQIER Comb Straightener

With a nifty LED display, these beard straighteners couldn’t make it easier to select the temperature that’s right for your hair type. With a great guide to make working out which setting will work best for you, the safety feature of this hair straightener will cause the device to shut off after 30 minutes out of use. The ceramic coating makes it even easier to use, as your face will be better protected against heat burn. Just plugin and say goodbye to scruffy looking hair.

What To Remember When Using A Beard Straightener 

Don’t forget to turn off your hair straightener if it doesn’t have an automatic shut-off. Use a normal brush on your hair after straightening to create a more natural look. Take the frazzle out of beard straightening and protect your hair from heat by using an oil. Try to get as close to your roots as you can with a heated beard brush, or you might be left with half smooth, half frizzy beard hair. The best beard straightener for a thinner beard is one with finer, dense bristles. Using a normal size flat iron or blow dryer just won’t cut it when it comes to achieving well groomed beard hair. Use a pencil beard straightening flat iron to get close to your face. To achieve a tame beard, your straightener brush needs to be used when they’re properly heated, not right away.

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