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101 Amazing Van Dyke Beard Ideas That Need Try!

by Jamie Wilson
Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke is often called Vandyke or Van Dyck and is a facial style that was very popular in the 17-the century. It was worn by Anthony Van Dyck (a Flemish painter) and is a popular hair & beard choice still to this day. Interested in some new beard style ideas? Who wouldn’t want a beard goatee named after a painter?! If interested, keep on reading and browse through your Flemish painter options!

Is The Van Dyke Beard Attractive?

Van Dyke beard is a form of beard and mustache. The beard is shaped into a goatee, while the mustache can be done in any way, shape, or form. What’s important and different regarding this beard hairstyle is that all of the hairs on the cheeks are shaved off. Guys wanting a full beard will like a comb out look. There are always different variations for you to try out, just stick to something that suits your preference and always ask your hairstylist/barber for help and input.

How Do You Make A Van Dyke Beard? How Do You Trim A Van Dyke Goatee? Step By Step Process

  • Step 1: Shave your face once a week. However, make sure you have enough of a beard to shape it into a Van Dyke. The easiest way to achieve a Van Dyke is for you to shave your beard in a circle.
  • Step 2: Once you shave your sideburns and your cheeks, make sure you have enough hair above your Adam’s apple. Use a trimmer to give yourself a precise goatee.
  • Step 3: Cut your mustache if they are touching your lip. Give them a quick trim to achieve the perfect length. Make sure you use a high-quality razor along with some shaving foam.
  • Step 4: Use beard wax to give its definition and shape. Maintain the beard by brushing it upwards and by trimming the ends every week.

Top 4 Van Dyke Beard Looks

1. Van Dyke Beard Style

Van Dyke Beard Style
pkingDesign via WordPress

This Van Dyke beard style just shows you that you can look business casual while rocking it. If your facial hair is darker and you don’t mind grooming your beard once a week, give this clean-cut a chance. Also, it can look great if you naturally can grow longer & darker strands. Show a bit of your jaw with this short stubble. You can also embrace natural patches.

2. Black Van Dyke Facial Hair

Black Van Dyke Facial Hair
van dyke” by mizmareck via WordPress

Your Van Dyke beard can be short at first, and you can gradually let it grow. This beard style will look great on any face shape. However, if you are a fan of Italian mustache, trim these and style them upwards with a pomade! This is the best look for guys who have slightly curly or wavy beards. If you have an oblong face this look may suit you the best, leaving you with that gentleman look.

3. Grey Beard Styles Van Dyke

Grey Beard Styles Van Dyke
Van Dyke” by MF:thatkidwho via WordPress

Men who are low-maintenance and who have no time to style their beards will look a lot like this! If you are a fan of messy chin-length beard and you like bushier beard, just let it grow out. The search for the perfect beard for mature men is finally over! Just style this facial hair with proper beard products. Embrace a full goatee and wear this look casually and in your own way.

4. Johnny Depp Beard Styles

21738979726 c92db62dc2 b 1 Outsons
Johnny Depp Net Worth” by celebrityabc via WordPress

This Van Dyke beard style along with Van Dyke mustache looks amazing on Johnny Depp! This man can pull off anything & everything, including this not-so-modern beard style. This Van Dyke beard style is just an example that younger men, as well, can rock the Van Dyck beards. Johnny is one of those celebrities who can do it and wear it all. If you have a diamond face shape, this will look amazing on you.

On That Note

sIf you prefer styles that stand out, and that is not your typical stubborn facial hair looks, be creative, and stick with this style. Beards such as this one are not too hard to style but can be hard to grow out. Make sure you have patience and let your hair grow out to your chin-length! Once it does and you are done with the growth, ask a professional barber to trim it. You will love the outcome!

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Need More Inspiration

1. Van Dyke Style Stubble Beard

Van Dyke Beard
@Joackim Weiler via Unsplash

Dark brown/natural brown or black hair will compliment this overall vibe the best. If you like your naturally thick and healthy texture, why not show it off? With time, care, and patience your beard can grow up to 2cm in length. Invest in your favorite cream and pomade to end up with a bushy yet attractive day-to-day look.

2. Cool Beard Shape With Long Hair

Van Dyke Beard
@Alex Sheldon via Unsplash

This Van Dyke beard look just goes to show you that anyone can rock it and should give it a go. If you have medium-long hair this will suit you. Guys should embrace, rock, and fully grow out their natural locks to achieve this beauty. You will look trendy and elegant + you will also like a bit of frizz to your beard. Teen guys or those in their 20s tend to go for this look the most often.

3. Disconnect Style Of Beard With Black Hair

Van Dyke Beard
@John Mark Arnold via Unsplash

Disconnected and styled this way, a hairdo with a short, thin, and stubble beard can look good and practical. Guys who don’t have a lot of spare time can try out to grow this beard and hair duo. If you prefer low-maintenance ideas and you’re all about quick 5-minute routines, try this Van Dyke look. Men who are in their 30s often go for this beard and hair look. Most guys can pull off this vibe. Want to try it out yourself?

4. Chin Beard And Moustache Look

Van Dyke Beard
@Ahmet Polat via pexels

Lastly, why not try out this beard and hairstyle? It is a fuller, thicker, and voluminous idea that you’ll be pleased with. Heads up since getting to this Van Dyke beard can take weeks. Invest in your favorite beard pomade, and oil, along with hair shampoo & conditioner that can boost the growth in the right direction.

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