101 Chin Strap Beard Styles You Need To See!

by Jamie Wilson
Chin Strap Beard

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Have you ever thought about wearing a chin strap beard? The chin strap beard used to be a huge hit in the nineties. Plenty of singers, band members, as well as rappers, loved this style of beard. Nowadays, only some men rock the chin strap beard, but the truth is – it is still suitable and perfect for anyone who wishes to emphasize his strong jawline.! If you are a fan of clean beards, you like or maybe have short facial hair, and you are about low-maintenance, this beard is for you to check out!

Is A Chinstrap Beard Attractive?

This beard style is a happy medium! It is perfect for guys who don’t want a full beard and will suit guys who are not into clean and bald hair-free shave. If you don’t like the clean shave and you’re into trying out different types of beards, why not book this one? To some, this style adds class, but some women prefer fuller and bushier beards. If you can’t grow facial hair in general, rather stick to this stubborn little hairs, and don’t force a full beard if you can’t get there. With the right beard trimmer, you can get a long way.

How Do I Find My Beard Neckline? Step By Step Process 

So, how to shape beard under chin and how to determine your beard styles? If you want to give this beard a chance, here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Brush all of your beard hair out with a small comb. Make sure you are working with a clean beard. Your cheeks and lips should be properly cleaned & prepped for styling & cutting.

Step 2: Place two of your fingers beneath your Adam’s apple – that’s your mid-point. Be precise when it comes to any mm and your thin chip strap beard.

Step 3: Shave everything off that comes above this level, but up to your chin. Use a pair of clippers and remove everything above Adam’s apple with slow and precise moves.

Step 4: Make sure you emphasize your neckline with your favorite beard oil. You will easily achieve the chin strap. When it comes to the rest of your facial hair, shave it, or leave it – it is up to you.

Step 5: Avoid cheap razors. These can easily irritate your skin. Rather use a trimmer to get the chin strap beard style chin length. Use products that suit your skin, hair, as well as personal preference. 

Top 10 Chin Strap Beard Option

1. Chin Strap Facial Hair

Chin Strap Facial Hair
@Laurence Cruz via unsplash

Make sure your edges are clean and reach for a razor every 2-3 days to maintain your mustache. A quick trim is perfect for men who want to create a natural look for day-to-day wear. This thin chin strap beard will suit younger guys the best.

2. Chin Goatee Beard

Chin Goatee Beard
@Shamsul Alam Topu via Unsplash

Grooming and growing out a long beard will take the focus away from your jaw. We recommend that you go for a goatee and connect it with wide facial hair on the chin. Aim for a precision trimmer when it comes to your pencil chin-strap.

3. Chinstrap Thin Beard Styles

Chinstrap Thin Beard Styles
@Alex Sheldon via Unsplash

Younger guys usually look amazing with chin strap beard. If you can’t grow out a longer beard since you have stubborn hairs, go for this facial hair. Add only a bit of wax and emphasize the leftover facial hair. Heads up when it comes to your upper lip since it is a thin line of ruining your look.

4. Chin Strap Beard Goatee

Chin Strap Beard Goatee
@Mohamad Khosravi via Unsplash

Ginger guys have a specific type of facial hair. It is a bit harder to maintain, which is why you should invest in a high-quality trimmer, shaving cream, as well as wax. You will achieve this chin strap beard in no time; just make sure you take your time when shaving or trimming your beard.

5. Chinstrap Jawline Beard

Mature men can also grow an amazing chin strap beard. This picture just shows you that grey hairs all look good, as long as you shape your beard. You could also book your favorite barber if you are not precise enough, or if you are scared of cutting yourself. After they give you this beard shape, you will easily maintain it.

Chinstrap Jawline Beard
@Yash mevawala via Unsplash

6. Black Beard Style Chinstrap

Black Beard Style Chinstrap
@Mubariz Mehdizadeh via Unsplash

Connect your beard and do a chin strap beard with mustache. Make sure you cut all of your neck hairs, but do let the sideburns stand out. This is a clean cut that will suit men who have darker natural hair color. Go for gentle strokes when maintaining your moustache area, and think of this stubble length.

7. Chin Strap Beard Style With Moustache 

Chin Strap Beard Style With Moustache 
@James Barr via unsplash

Add your favorite beard oil and make your strands stand out. If you are a fan of shorter mustache, use a trimmer and get rid of it every two or three days. As long as your jawline is sharp and defined, your mustache won’t need to be. Your cheek line will look bold & defined, want to give it a go?

8. Detailed Chin Strap Beard

 Detailed Chin Strap Beard
@Joseph Gonzalez via Unsplash

Naturally dark and curly hair is a bit harder to maintain. This is why you will need a pricier trimmer to get the perfect shape. If you are on a search for a beard style that is a lot more voluminous at the bottom, you will love this beard with almost no mustache. When maintaining it use warrm waterr and fully rinse it out, along with high-quality & new products.

9. Long Chin Strap Beard 

Long Chin Strap Beard
@Mohamad Khosravi via Unsplash

The maintenance of this long beard and hair is a bit complicated. You will need several different products to achieve this amount of volume. This beard is a lot similar to a dutch beard and should be styled with beard oil. Perfect gor guys who are in their twenties.

10. Chin Strap Beard With Mustache

Chin Strap Beard With Mustache
@Gelmis Bartulis via Unsplash

If you are a fan of chin strap beard, but you don’t know how to get it as precise, ask your barber to give you the perfect clean lines. Only some men can maintain these beard styles, and the trick is in a precise hand, as well as high-quality products.

On That Note

Chin strap beard looks appealing on younger men, but it is a beard style that can be worn by anyone. If you have a hard time trying to grow your goatee, neck, or mustache hair – know that a chinstrap is a good choice. It will suit different face shapes, hair kinds, and is perfect if you are low-maintenance and always on the go.

Feature image from Unsplash

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