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5 Men’s Spiky Hairstyles Any Guy Can Pull Off!

by Jamie Wilson
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It can get a bad rep, but spiky hair is something that can really help to add texture and style to a simple cut. Whether you go for subtle soft spikes, or a messier, unstructured look, there is a tonne of ways to make it work for you. So, if you’re wondering how to spike your hair as well as what style will work with the length and texture of it, then have a read through our handy guide on some of the best statement spiky hairstyles for men. 

Spiky Hairstyles for Men

#1: Spiky Pompadour for Men

Spiky Pompadour for Men
@Hair Spies via Unsplash

A pompadour is a style that’s great for a variety of looks, working as a formal hairstyle for men as well as a casual, everyday one. Although there are various pompadour cuts, if you’re working with naturally spiky hair, there’s no reason not to show it off in the cut. Instead of opting for a smooth, rounded pompadour cut, follow the basic style but instead of sweeping the hair back, spike it up instead. 

Long spiked hair can be hard to keep in a set position, so don’t be afraid to use a strong pomade and a bit of hairspray. As long as you are careful with it, you won’t end up with crispy hair. It’s also important to remember to spike your hair up, rather than towards the middle, as you want a high, elevated look rather than a faux hawk. 

#2: Short Spiky Hair for Men

Men’s short spiky hairstyles obviously don’t come in one set style, and you can vary up the look depending on your hair type, whether you want to go for a fringe or not, and if you want a simple cut or a more complex tapered or faded one. You can easily keep the sides short and opt for a slightly longer spiked front with your haircut if you want a defined look, or you can simply stick to an all-over length. 

Style a men’s spiky haircut correctly, using a small amount of light wax applied generally over the hair, and you can get a subtle, clean look. Get it wrong and you’ll be channeling the very worst look of the 90s. If you’re wondering how to make spikes that don’t make you look like a greasy businessman, just follow these simple tips;

  1. Get a pea-sized amount of wax or gel and rub it between your hands.
  2. Rub your hands through your hair, ruffling the hair so the wax is distributed evenly throughout.
  3. If you want definition in certain areas, run your fingertips through your hair, but don’t deliberately spike up sections, otherwise, you’ll end up with the dreaded 90s look.
Short Spiky Hair for Men
@Hannah Skelly via Unsplash

#3: Faux Hawk Spiky Hair for Men

A faux hawk hairstyle and a pompadour might seem pretty similar, and, in a lot of ways, they are, however, the main difference in a faux hawk is the direction the hair goes in. While a pompadour is all about volume and tends to have the front of the hair swept back, the faux hawk is directed towards the middle, giving you a sort of triangle at the top of your head.

We didn’t make that sound great, but this messy spiky hair is a great option if you want a vaguely structured look, but aren’t after anything too formal. For the best result, opt for faded sides to help accentuate the pointed top. If you’re wondering how to spike short hair use a slightly heavier clay or pomade over wax to get a better hold.

Faux Hawk Spiky Hair for Men
@Damian Barczak via unsplash

#4: Long Spiky Hair for Men

When we mention long spiky hairstyles for men we’re really just talking about thick, full hair that goes as long as the chin, not hair that’s shoulder length or longer. This means there’s really a tonne of men’s spiked hairstyles you can go for, from textured chin-length hair with a sweeping fringe to a thick, all-over length that can be worked into a stylishly messy look.  

When it comes to creating cool spikes that work with long hair, a lot of the styling depends on the texture of your hair. If you’ve got thick, coarse hair that’s hard to keep in place, then a strong pomade might be necessary to help keep the shape. If you’ve got fine hair then a light wax alongside a good hairspray should be enough to give it a textured, spiked style.

Long Spiky Hair for Men
@Justin Chen via Unsplash

#5: Side Part Spiky Hair for Men

A side parting can really help to define a haircut, giving it a more structured finished and an opportunity to play around with contrasting lengths. You can experiment with a range of looks, working in faded sides, long sweeping fringes, and even buzz-cut areas, to create different dynamic hairstyles. One style that’s simple to achieve is to smooth down the short side of hair and spike up the longer one, creating high contrast and emphasising the textured fringe.

If you’re wondering how to spike long hair, such as a sweeping fringe, the key is prep and a good hairspray. Wash your hair with a shampoo tailored to your hair type then add a good hold hair mousse to damp hair. Then shape your hair with a thick wax or pomade, and finish off with a hairspray. It shouldn’t look overdone or crisp and will stay in place for the whole day. 

Side Part Spiky Hair for Men
@Stephan Louis via Unsplash

5 Statement Spiky Hairstyles for Men

  • Spiky Pompadour – A modern take on the classic cut that looks to best when done like a classic pompadour at medium-length hair.
  • Short Spiky Hair – A neat cut that’s easy to style + this short cut will work well on most low-key and low-maintenance guys.
  • Faux Hawk Spiky Hair – A defined, statement style. It usually looks so modern when paired up with some platinum blonde highlights. 
  • Long Spiky Hair – Messy, unstructured, and great for a range of hair types. Usually worn by younger guys who like attention.
  • Side Part Spiky Hair – The parting helps define the cut, creating a statement contrast in length.
Spiky Hairstyles for Men
@Abhishek Jaiswal via Unsplash


1. Is Spiked Hair Out Of Style?

Do you like to follow trends? If so, you have to figure out what works well for a specific weather season. The truth is that spiky styles come and go, and aren’t as popular as they’ve been back in 2000. Nowadays, you can rock spiky looks only if you have a stylist who can recreate your chosen look well + if you book someone with a vision. Although you might not rock a spiked classic look, you could stick try out a spiky undercut along with a skin fade to suit the event/current season.

2. How Do You Do A Spiky Haircut?

You should never experiment on your own and try to get a short spiky haircut. The truth is that you need a trustworthy barber or hairstylist who knows how to cut short haircuts and different hair texture looks. The process will look like this:

  • Your barber will wash your hair and work with a semi-dried outcome. You can always bring a picture with you for inspiration.
  • They will cut your hair in layers and work one section at a time. To get spikes they will cut your locks at the front and shape your bangs evenly.
  • With the help of a comb, they will style your hairdo in your preferred direction.
  • They will style the final result with hair gel, powder, or some of your other favorite hair products to achieve a spiky fringe.
  • The end result is durable, wearable, and perfect for loads of different face shapes since it is customizable. 

3. What Can I Use For Spiky Hair? 

Some guys like to cut their own hair, meaning that they will use a pair of scissors and a razor to get the right taper hard part spiky mohawk. Are you one of those guys? When it comes to short hairstyles yet those options that are fierce and attention-seeking, it is up to you to style it with your old-school trustworthy products. In most cases, a matte pomade with a strong-hold power will do the trick!

On That Note

There are various ways of creating a spiked hairstyle, and whether you’ve got thick or fine hair, it’s a cut that can be worked into a range of styles. Opt for a simple, short look for a neat, easy-to-style cut, or experiment with longer, messier cuts. Just remember to get yourself a good pomade or wax to keep everything in place. Are you ready for some of these looks?

Feature image from Unsplash

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