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101 Amazing Flow Haircut Ideas You Need To Try!

by Jamie Wilson
Flow Haircutss

A flow hairstyle is perfect for guys who are into longer, messy, as well as voluminous hairstyles. You won’t have to worry a lot about your appearance if you get this haircut. Why? Because this hair can be styled messy, uneven, as well as recklessly. Either way you choose to sway the look will still look great for day-to-day wear! See for yourself by browsing through our 13 flow hairstyles!

How Do I Grow Out My Hair Flow?

  • Let your hair grow out and give it a couple of months as well as time to show off on the sides.
  • Always start at the top, and get your sides trimmed or faded.
  • Your top should be around 3 inches.
  • Apply your favorite gel or cream products onto damp hair to make it stand out even more.
  • Get regular trims (every 3-4 weeks) and make sure you only cut the sides to let the flow ‘’flow’’!

What Is A Hockey Flow?

Flow is often linked to hockey players. This is a longer untamed hair that flows underneath the hat or a hockey player’s helmet. It suits and frames their faces, and looks amazing for similar sports players + is very practical.

Top 8 Flow Haircut Designs

1. Flow Haircut Wavy Hair

Flow Haircut Wavy Hair
@Estudio Polaroid via pexels

Women usually love guys who take care of their appearance. This type of styling is perfect if you are one of those guys who does not like to use a lot of products. Leave your hair clean, brushed out, and let it air-dry. If your hair is not frizzy or curly (naturally) you will easily achieve this hockey haircut design.

2. Flow Cut Curly Medium Length Hair

Flow Cut Curly Medium Length Hair
@Ivan Oboleninov via pexels

Do you have naturally curly hair? If so, emphasize your locks with the right set of products. This flow cut will add a lot of dimension to your face and will look the best on men with oval faces, as well as those who have naturally curly hair.

3. Messy Side Part Flow Cut

Messy Side Part Flow Cut
@Ashir via pexels

Side-swept and parted bangs are perfect for baseball players! This hairstyle also looks a bit surfer-like and is great if you have naturally softer curls. Emphasize the flow by adding a curl gel or curl cream to your strands. 

4. Short Flow Haircut With Bangs

Short Flow Haircut With Bangs
@Diogo Brandao via pexels

Try to rock mini bangs from time to time. They can truly frame the face, and they usually suit men with square face shapes the best! Styling is not too hard, only add some mousse to the front portion of your hair. Ask your barber to give you sharp and clean lines, before you continue to grow out longer strands.

5. Flow Hairstyles Mature Men

Flow Hairstyles Mature Men
@Bruno Cervera via pexels

This flow hairstyle is business-appropriate, as well as perfect for guys who love precise and clean hairdos. This one does not demand a lot of growing, and you can simply brush it out on the sides with your favorite tooth comb.

6. Wavy Hair Flow Hairstyle

Wavy Hair Flow Hairstyle
@Juan Gomez via pexels

Younger guys can go for an undercut detail, or they can make their hairdo pop out with a lot of hair gel! Make sure your hair does not cover your ears and use a mild gel to stick all of your strands in place. This cut is mostly worn by college students, as well as those who don’t have a lot of time to fix up their cuts. 

7. Messy Hair Flow Hairstyles

Messy Hair Flow Hairstyles
@Austin Distel via Unsplash

This type of flow haircut needs a precise trim. It also requires regular upkeeps. Guys who want to make their strands stand out should blow dry them with a comb and should add depth. This flow hairstyle will suit businessmen the best, as well as guys who like to look professional most of the time.

8. Shorter And Simple Flow Hair

 Shorter And Simple Flow Hair
@Radek Pestka via Unsplash

This hockey hairstyle can look smarter and casual, it all depends on the outfit that you wear! Let your cut stand out by adding pomade to the top only. It will give you hold while adding an element of fun to your flowing cut.

On That Note

Now you know how to grow flow with straight hair, and you’ve browsed through 13 different designs – are you ready to embrace this hairdo? Fashion-wise, it is still trendy, and it will definitely suit you if you are a fan of flowing, low-maintenance, yet beautiful cuts.

Feature image from Unsplash

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