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What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather: 4 Style Hacks You Need To Know

by Lilian Koster
Wear In 60 Degree Weathers

Fall or spring, whatever 60 degree weather you’re in, we’ve got you covered. Do you prefer simpler outer layers, or do you prefer bright colors? Well, it all comes down to your personal style, and making a transition that works for your age group, headed event, and current season/temperature.

What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather
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Now is the time to whip out the neutral and cool tones from the depths of your closet, and take inspiration from the browning of the leaves outside. Keep reading for a guide on how to make the basics look stylish.

What Clothes Are Appropriate For 60 Degrees?

What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather
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Let’s talk about material and fabric. First, you should incorporate cotton, denim, and knit items. After that, make sure that you always have a comfy undershirt, along with a high-quality windbreaker and denim jeans. Your style depends and varies based on your headed event. You can opt for a long sleeve shirt, some khaki pants, or light jackets, just for starters. Add some cool sneakers and a wool coat. By mixing & matching all of these items, you will end up with a ton of different styles and fashion outfits!

What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather
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What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather – Your Celebrity Style Guide

Stumped on what to wear for 60 degree weather? It can be hard to transition from all of the funky, bright colours many people love to wear in the summertime, to something less in-your-face for the slightly cooler times of the year. We can probably all agree that wearing your favourite ‘highlighter-yellow’ T-shirt would make you stand out quite a bit from the rest of the crowd in the fall. If that’s your style, go for it, but if you like to switch it up a bit and feel like you’re not rotating between the same four pairs of shorts, this is the style guide for you. 

1. Casual Days – Double Denim

Everyone knows they can trust David Beckham for some good fall outfit ideas. If you’re stuck on what to wear in 60-degree weather, layering could be a good idea. It brings a lot of texture to your outfit, which makes it more interesting as there is more to look at. If you’re on the colder end of 60-degree weather, or maybe it’s less humid, layering is a good way to keep insulated. 

We think a good quality denim jacket makes the perfect jacket for 60-degree weather. It’s simple, but can also definitely keep warm and shield you from cold breezes. You could even wear a denim shirt underneath to match it, just like in the picture. Double denim is a trend on the rise, but pairing different washes of denim can make it less obvious if you’re not super in love with the denim on denim look. Find the right trousers that work well for you.

If you’re still not convinced, a leather jacket could be a masculine article to layer over the shirt. Change the color washes of the jean button-up and T-shirt and you’ve got yourself a sleek, all-black outfit to wear in 60 degree weather. 

2. Cool Toned Chinos

Cool Toned Chinos
Image Credit: @vancityreynolds via Instagram

If you’re not the jacket kind of guy, maybe you’re a long sleeve kind of guy, like Ryan Reynolds. And if you already feel homesick for your bright summer colors, this green sweater is sure to add a pop of colour to your perfect 60 degree weather outfit. 

We think this is the perfect outfit for fall or spring if you want to go for a casual look that leans more towards the classy, dressed-up side of outfits. These items pair together perfectly; the long sleeve sweater will be great to keep you warm, but the chinos can also match any other top. To keep your outfit cohesive, make sure that whatever you pair with the chinos or sweater is also cool toned so you’re not mixing different levels of warmth. Enjoy this simple base layer for any event, you’ll enjoy its simplicity!

3. Warm Neutrals And Trench Coats

Warm Neutrals And Trench Coats
Image Credit: @The Hollywood Reporter via Pinterest

Proof you can trust good ol’ Captain America to come up with great outfit ideas and show you what to wear in 60-degree weather. Warm neutrals can fit just about any skin undertone color, and any complexion, whether you’re the fairest of them all or the deepest. We find they’re the perfect way to look preppy, organised, yet still stylish.

Trench coats are also very in (always have been since the 1960’s). It’s the perfect way to make any outfit look more formal, and can look very masculine by turning up the collar to accentuate your jawline and general face shape. Similarly, overcoats (like the one in the picture) don’t have zippers, instead, they just hang open or sometimes can be closed with one or more buttons. But that means you won’t suffocate or feel claustrophobic if you want to wear your favourite sweater underneath, or any other top you want to layer to keep warm.

Of course, trench coats come in a variety of tones and lengths, and if you’re not a fan of the all-neutral look, you could easily pair them with chukka boots or your go-to brown leather boots, and maybe a pair of black jeans.

4. Fall Semi-Formal Wear 

Fall Semi-Formal Wear
Image Credit: @pharrell via Instagram

Wondering what to wear in 60 degree weather to a semi-formal event? Wondering what Pharrell Williams would wear to a 60 degree weather, semi-formal event? Now you’ve got it. Whatever type of suit you prefer, whether you wear a blazer or a suit jacket for example, is completely up to you. But to make it more appropriate to wear in 60 degree weather, we think any jacket is definitely a necessity. For shoes, you could always opt for your classic suit shoe, but depending on how formal the event is, a pair of brown boots could look great too. 

This look is great for versatility (so great for 60 degree weather) because you can dress it up or down however you like. Pharrell is wearing a simple white T-shirt underneath, but you can always swap it out for a button-down T-shirt, a shirt and tie, whatever suits your fancy. Just make sure it ties in with the colors of your suit, so a burnt orange or white with the one in the picture. 

And don’t forget accessories. We think warm-toned jewelry, like gold rings or bracelets, would look great as you’re heading into 60 degree weather. Maybe even a scarf could add some extra detail to your outfit if you’re on the colder side of 60 degrees, if there’s a slight cold breeze, or for when you’re just coming out of winter. A classy and crisp white one for formal events, or one with a pattern and color that matches your suit for semi-formal occasions.

What To Wear In 60 Degree Weather?

If you’re stuck on what to wear in 60-degree weather, your favourite celebrities are here to guide you, and inspire you to explore what styles would look good on you. We think as the colder weather approaches, now is the perfect time to try out different color combinations, and maybe add something new to your collection, like an overcoat or denim. Spice things up with some jewelry and be ready to feel confident after you’ve tried something out of your comfort zone. So what to wear in 60-degree weather? Go on, whip out that sweater from the depths of your closet, the one you haven’t worn in ages, and try something new.

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