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How To Wear A Scarf With Any Outfit In 2023

by Cressida meale
Scarf on Suit

Are you tired of sporting the same old loop-and-pull scarf method every winter? Let’s get down to brass tacks: A scarf is more than just a piece of fabric to keep your neck warm. This ultimate guide is your fast-track ticket to level up your scarf game, offering a breakdown of different techniques to tie that bad boy.

We’ve covered the essentials of a killer scarf in past articles—from nailing your Thanksgiving look to adding a splash of life to those dreary winter hues. Scarves are the Swiss Army knives of men’s fashion, no doubt. But here’s the kicker: Switch up your knot game, and you’ve got an entirely new vibe without needing to overhaul your wardrobe.

Stick around, and you’ll walk away with some solid, straightforward ways to tie your scarf that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t been doing it like this all along.

The Slip Knot

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/8049492-Amanda-Christensen-Scarf-Oscar-Jacobson-Pants

This one’s your go-to for sub-zero temps. Simple yet secure, you won’t have your colleagues eyeing you like you’ve got two heads as you suit up to leave the office.

How to:

  1. Fold the scarf half lengthwise, then fold it again to form a loop.
  2. Hang the scarf around your neck, keeping the loop on one side.
  3. Thread the other end through the loop.
  4. Tighten as needed.

The Wrap-Around

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/7953710-Cos-Coat-Filippa-Scarf-Jumper-H&M-Jeans-Adidas

It’s ideal for those hustle-and-bustle days when you’re darting in and out of buildings. Tuck the ends into your jacket to keep the drafts at bay.

How to:

  1. Drape the scarf evenly around your neck.
  2. Cross one end over the other.
  3. Swing it around the back of your neck.
  4. Adjust both ends to taste.

The Shoulder Toss

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/3053739-H&M-Scarf-Knitwear-Boomerang-Blazer-Dockers

It’s a timeless classic high on style but may be better for a windy day.

How to:

  1. Drape the scarf evenly over your shoulders.
  2. Toss one end over the opposite shoulder.
  3. Optional: Do a quick shoulder dust-off for extra style points.

The Ascot

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/8271489-Frank-Oak-Oxford-Shirt-Ben-Sherman-Suit-Jack

Think English countryside but make it modern.

How to:

  1. Hang the scarf evenly around your neck.
  2. Cross one end over the other.
  3. Thread it through the loop formed by the cross.
  4. Adjust and tuck below your jacket lapels.

The Infinity

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/7019766-Club-Monaco-Peacoat-H&M-Infinity-Scarf-Burberry

For the guy who likes a little complexity without going overboard.

How to:

  1. Drape the scarf so that one end is longer than the other.
  2. Wrap the longer end around the shorter one until you run out of fabric.
  3. Tuck the ends.

The Tuck-In

Scarf on Suit
@Mariya Georgieva via Unsplash

Simple, effective, and pairs well with that hands-in-pockets swagger.

How to:

  1. Drape evenly.
  2. Cross and tuck. That’s it.

The Classic Drape

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/8134410-Dark-Tones

For the guy who loves keeping it straightforward. Ideal for those open-jacket moments.

How to:

  1. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise.
  2. Let it hang. No bells or whistles are needed.

Unlock the Power of the Scarf: A Man’s Guide to Cold Comfort and Effortless Style

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/2938515-Handmade-Scarf-Tiger-Of-Sweden-Blazer-Fabrix

Listen up, gents. We’re diving into the underrated hero of a man’s wardrobe—the scarf. Yeah, you heard me, the scarf. It’s not just a piece of fabric; it’s a game-changer. In this article, you’ll get the lowdown on rocking a scarf with swagger and pick out quality without needing a Ph.D. in textiles. We’re keeping it real, no fluff. Let’s get to it.

Less is More

You’re not Lenny Kravitz; you can’t pull off a scarf the size of a blanket. Go for something that complements your outfit, not overwhelms it. Trust me, subtlety is key here.

Keep it Manly

Scarves have a storied history dating back to military ranks. Go for something that screams ‘utility’ rather than ‘runway.’ Whether in jeans or a suit, pick a scarf that oozes masculinity.

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/6729756-Boga-Denim-Sacha-Shoes-Chelsea-Boots-Scarf-Weather

Weight Matters

This isn’t rocket science. You wouldn’t wear a woolly mammoth around your neck in the fall, right? Go for something season-appropriate; don’t let your neck be sweaty.

Just Do It

Dig out that scarf you stashed in the back of the closet last winter. They’re easier to pull off than you think. Experiment with colors, patterns, and how you knot it up. It’s a small change that packs a big punch.

Skip the Pins

Listen, your scarf is not a vision board; you don’t need pins. It looks tacky and overdone. Stick to tucking it into your jacket lapel. It keeps things neat.

How to Spot a Quality Scarf

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/4884493-Bailey-Nelson-Sunglasses-De-Capo-Scarf-Dormeuil

Check the Edges

Loose threads? Frayed ends? Walk away, man. A quality scarf will have seams and edges that are clean and tightly stitched.

Feel the Fabric

Natural fibers like silk and cashmere feel superior. If the scarf quickly feels like sandpaper or pills, it’s a hard pass.

Both Sides Now

A top-tier scarf doesn’t have a wrong side. The color and texture should be consistent front and back. If not, what are you even doing?

Scarf on Suit
Image credit: lookbook.nu/look/7043244-Club-Monaco-Suit-Cashmere-Scarf-Nike-Sneakers

3 Key Differences Between Men’s vs. Women’s Scarves

  1. Patterns and Colors

Women might rock shepherd’s check; you can too, but stay clear of anything that looks like it belongs on a Valentine’s card.

  1. Length and Width

Men’s scarves are generally longer and broader, although modern styles bend the rules. But honestly, you want enough fabric to get a decent knot or wrap going.

  1. Fabric Choices

While you’ll find women’s scarves in delicate silks and chiffons, the fabric is robust for men. Think wool and cashmere in muted, masculine colors.

What Are The Different Materials That Scarves Come In? 

CottonLightweight, breathable, versatile. Ideal for spring/fallNot very warm for harsh winters
WoolWarm, breathable, moisture-wicking. Great for cold weatherCan be itchy and bulkier than other options
CashmereLuxuriously soft and warmPricey and less durable than wool
SilkLightweight, soft, classy. Good for dressy outfitsNot warm, pricey, and less suited for casual wear
Polyester/AcrylicAffordable, can mimic properties of natural fibersLess breathable and can be less comfortable
LinenExtremely breathable, lightweight. Good for warm weatherWrinkles easily and not suited for colder climates
FleeceWarm and soft. Excellent for active, casual wearMay not be the most stylish choice for formal or business outfits
PashminaSoft and warm, used for shawls and delicate scarvesGenuine Pashmina can be expensive and less durable than wool
BlendsCombines benefits of different materials like wool-cashmere or silk-cottonQuality can vary widely

Now you’ve got the lowdown on scarf materials, making it easier to decide based on your specific needs. Whether prepping for a chilly winter or adding a finishing touch to a sharp outfit, there’s a material for you. Get out there and start hunting for that perfect scarf.


5 Imortal Rules Of Scarf-Wearing

Alright, gents, listen up. When leveling up your winter game, a scarf isn’t just a fabric you throw on as an afterthought. Nope, it’s an essential accessory that can make or break your look. Here are the five ironclad rules of scarf-wearing that every man should know:

  1. Keep It Functional Yet Stylish

We’re men; we like stuff that works. Your scarf should, first and foremost, keep your neck warm. But beyond that, it has to compliment your outfit. Whether in casual gear or decked out in a full suit, choose a scarf that aligns with the occasion and ups your style game.

  1. Material Matters

Cashmere? Wool? Cotton? The material of your scarf isn’t just about how soft it feels. In colder months, opt for a thread or cashmere scarf. If it’s a bit warmer and you’re looking for something lightweight, cotton or linen can be your go-to. The material sets the tone for how the scarf functions and aligns with your outfit.

  1. Size and Proportion

Be mindful of the scarf’s length and width. Too short, and you’ll have limited options for tying it; too long, and you risk looking like you’re drowning in fabric. Aim for a length between 60 to 75 inches and a width between 6 to 14 inches for maximum versatility.

  1. Master the Art of the Knot

Sure, you can drape it around your neck and call it a day, but why settle for basic? Tying a scarf has multiple ways, each giving off a different vibe. Knowing how to connect your scarf correctly is crucial, whether it’s the Parisian knot, the wrap-around, or the slip knot. Don’t be that guy with a sloppy knot; it’s as bad as a poorly tied tie.

  1. No Pins Allowed

Pins might be a nifty way to keep a scarf in place, but let’s be clear: pins are a no-go for men’s scarves. You’ve got a jacket or a coat with lapels; use them to keep your scarf in place. Pins complicate an accessory that’s meant to be straightforward and functional.

And there you have it—the five iron rules to swear by when rocking a scarf. Stick to these, and you’re ready to look warm and impressively well-dressed. Give that neglected scarf in the back of your closet its well-deserved day in the spotlight.


Alright, guys, that wraps up our deep dive into the world of men’s scarves. Let’s keep it simple: Less is more, and the details matter—edges, fabric, and symmetry are your new best friends. While there’s some room for creativity, please keep it on the manly side of the spectrum. Remember, a scarf isn’t just a winter necessity; it’s an accessory that can elevate your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but don’t go overboard—no one wants to look like they’re wearing a neck brace made of fabric. Use this guide as your roadmap, and you’ll survive the winter months and look effortlessly stylish doing it. Grab that forgotten scarf from your closet and make it work for you. Cheers!

Photo By Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

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