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What To Wear In 40 Degree Weather: 6 Style Suggestions For Every Occasion

by Matilda Davies
Wear In 40 Degree Weathers

It is as difficult to know what to wear in 40-degree weather as it is in 100-degree weather. Wondering how should you dress for walking in 40 degree weather? Dressing for the cold of 40 degrees Fahrenheit (or 4 degrees Celsius), can be difficult as you need to be practical as well as stylish. Layering requires more individual items of clothing, which is why might struggle to combine both style and warmth. If you want to look cozy chic in men’s cardigan styles or add some edge to your winter look with a leather jacket, we’ve got you.

No matter where you’re going this winter, we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to what to wear in 40 degree weather, and look cool in the cold. Keep on reading and browse through your options down below.

1. Going To Work

Going To Work
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Generally, suits keep you pretty warm. But in 40-degree weather, you might want to add a few extra layers to your ensemble, particularly for the journey. If you wear a suit, think about investing in a slim-fit wool coat. They look great over a suit as well as over a turtle-neck sweater or even a t-shirt. If you don’t know what to wear in 60 degree weather, a wool coat over something casual will be sure to elevate your look. Find one in a neutral color, like tan or navy, to make it extra versatile. We also recommend throwing on a pair of brown boots that will give you insulation and are perfect for humidity. You won’t be sweating yet you will be ready to close any deal!

2. On A Date

On A Date
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Dates can be hard to dress for at the best of times, let alone in 40-degree weather. Of course, the perfect date outfit depends on what the date entails. Similar to going to the office, a woolen light jacket is great for dressing up something more casual and still keeping you warm. It’s the perfect weather to wear autumn shades like burgundy or mauve, so wear a sweater in one of these colors underneath. You can opt for long-sleeved shirt, along with turtle necks. Why not throw on a pair of gloves while you’re at it? Women love guys who can step out of their comfort zone and try out something new which will give them the ”chills”! If your muted palette feels a little boring, try spicing it up and wear some subtle jewelry, like a necklace or a statement watch. 

3. At The Weekend

At The Weekend
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The weekend is a great time to try outfits that are more casual and have a bit of edge. Keep your tailored jacket for during the week, and try a denim or leather jacket instead. Over your usual sweater and jeans combo, an oversized jacket will keep you toasty warm and make you look casual and stylish in 40-degree weather. If you’re opting for a denim jacket, get a color that contrasts with the color of your jeans to avoid looking dated. Black jeans and a light blue jacket are a great combo for any man. Find a sweater to go underneath that’s more fitted, so your outfit will still be comfortable and flattering. With the right base layer and lightweight long pants, you will easily cover a ton of ground when walking!

4. Going Out

Going Out
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Three words: layers, layers, layers. Going out in the evening in 40-degree weather means it’s colder outside and warmer inside, so it’s best to find garments you can take off and put on easily. Aiming for comfortable jeans and additional layers (mostly polyester or merino wool) will make the biggest difference. Wool will keep you really warm and looks effortlessly classy, no matter what is underneath it. You can even get an oversized fleece, if you style it with some gold jewelry and tighter jeans, to keep the look modern and youthful.

5. Formal Events

Formal Events
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Formal events are tricky because you want to keep warm but not cover your stylish formal wear under a large jacket. Layering works well here, as you can slip a cardigan or sweater under your blazer to keep you warm. If you worry it will make your look seem more casual, wear accessories to the blazer such as a lapel pin or pocket square. They will keep your formalwear looking fly, no matter what the weather is. Button up your jacket and just know that you and your date in a skirt or a dress will look like a match made in heaven!

6. Outdoor Events

Outdoor Events
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It is time to gear up and get packing! Do you plan on going on a hike? The only thing worse than being out in the cold is staying out in the cold. If you’re going to an outdoor event in 40-degree weather, you’ll need to wrap up even more so you don’t get cold after a bit of time outside. Again, layering and thick fabrics are your friends here. You can wear a sweater with a thicker jacket to keep the cold weather off, and a scarf and hat as well to lock in that heat. If you’re at a football game or out for a long walk, you might generate some body heat and want to take a layer off. You can always opt for long-johns or tights for ultimate coverage.

What To Wear In 40-Degree Weather? The Essentials

When it’s 40 degrees, you’ll certainly want to make sure you wrap up warm with a jacket or coat. But you don’t have to opt for a cozy dad look if that’s not your style. Keep it sleek with a wide-brimmed hat or stay comfortable in a beanie. The number one rule for cold weather is layers. This way you can take off the top layers when you’re inside, and still be warm when you head back out into the cold. Ready to look your best while staying protected?

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