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What To Wear in 70 Degree Weather? Style Hacks You Need To Know

by Triston Brewer
Wear in 70 Degree Weather

Wondering what to wear in 70-degree weather? We feel you. In fact, a ton of people don’t know how to dress up when it comes to this temperature, and even more of them will struggle packing when heading out on a trip that has this specific climate. If you are not too sure how to make your casual outfit or formal outfit look cool, no worries, we got you! Keep on reading and pick up some of the best styling tips and tricks that will help you look and feel good.

Is 70 Degrees Hot or Cold?

Wear in 70 Degree Weather
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The first rule of selecting an outfit to wear is knowing the temperature before you begin. What to wear in 60 degree weather can be drastically different from what to wear in 70 degree weather depending on the other components such as humidity, windchill, and sunlight. None of us have control over the weather conditions, but we do have complete control over how we prepare for it no matter what the elements may throw your way. 70-degree Fahrenheit weather is 20 degrees celsius weather, which makes it bearable and ‘just right, not too cold and not too hot either.

What Kind Of Clothes Do You Wear In 70 Degree Weather?

Kind Of Clothes Do You Wear In 70 Degree Weather
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A ton of guys tend to wonder ”do I need a jacket for 70 degrees”, and the answer truly varies. Those who have spent years living in cooler weather will not need to layer their clothes. In fact, you can opt for some thick sweaters or a long-sleeved shirt look and you’ll be just fine! On the other hand and if you’re used to a warmer climate and have lived with 100+ degrees, dropping below 70 might feel a bit chilly for you. This is why you might prefer a heavy coat yet a simple t shirt underneath it.

What Should I Wear When It’s 70 Degrees? Top 9 Items To Consider

1. The Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is a favorite for men to wear because of its versatility, ideal for a casual look or for the office. When it is 70 degrees outside and a bit balmy, a trench coat provides the perfect cover to get you through the day. Invest in a trench coat that is lightly lined and somewhat fitted for the most versatile look, and in a subtle color like khaki or light blue that is easy to match with an array of looks. You will enjoy pairing it with your cardigan or a scarf.

The Trench Coat
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Another popular option is the Mac, a great jacket that is perfect to wear to the office as it is more formal and looks great when tailored. Not only are they light enough for 70 degree weather, but allow for strategic layering. Available in several colors such as khaki, dark green, navy blue, and black. 

2. The Lightweight Sport Coat or Blazer

By lightweight, we mean unlined or partial lining so that the sport coat is suitable to wear during the weather. This is the time of year to swap out those tweed and flannel coats. A lightweight sport coat is not only more relaxed for a casual look, but also more breathable so you won’t be sweating bullets in the middle of the day when you wear it. Long sleeve light jacket will keep you warm while making you look stylish.

The Lightweight Sport Coat or Blazer
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3. The Harrington Jacket

That bomber jacket you’ve been wearing for the past few months now needs to be retired for something lighter. Outsons suggests the Harrington jacket – it is simple to throw on for an informal occasion, and with the right clothes, it is suited for a business casual as well. Popularized by James Dean in the 50s, this spring jacket gets the most mileage across the season as men can wear it in the office or with a statement top on the weekends. Pair it up with some ankle boots for that perfect vibe.

The Harrington Jacket
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4.  Stylish Flannel

Once spring weather arrives, flannel should be transitioned out for lighter fabrics, making 70-degree weather and the spring the perfect time to select cotton and linen for your button-down shirts. Long-sleeved button-downs in chambray, linen, and gingham, are a great look that is easy for men to pull off, with cuffed sleeves you can’t miss! Outsons recommends solid button-downs in grey, white, and light blue and then expand out towards stripes and patterns as your wardrobe grows. Throw on your leather jacket or reach for denim jackets in case you end up needing warmth.

Stylish Flannel
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5. Cotton Sweaters

There’s nothing like a fine V-neck cotton sweater to represent the coming of spring weather. Not only are they a classic top that are extremely cool for 70 degree weather, but they are versatile enough to pair with a pair of jeans, chukka boots, and a blazer, or with linen pants and sandals. A premium merino and pure cashmere top works during the spring season, and some great colors to consider include classic grey, white or light blue, or even pink for the adventurous. Do you enjoy some of these shades?

Cotton Sweaters
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6. Light Washed Denim 

Denim works for all seasons, but for the spring, you should opt for lighter hues to wear in 70 degree weather. Light washed denim has been speed-aged to perfection and upon purchase will look as if they’ve been in your closet for years. Purchase a couple of pairs that are suited for 70 degree weather and you will be able to wear them day or night. In addition, you can even rock on with insulated jackets that go perfectly with denims. If you want to know how, learn more.

Light Washed Denim 
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7. Shorts

The spring weather will eventually embrace shorts again once they land on the hotter side, and chino shorts with a 6 to 9 inch inseam – depending on height – is what you should shoot for. The bottom hem on shorts ideally rests right above the knees, and this is where you can really play up the colors from more neutral tones to periwinkle, red, and gold. Pair these up with a simple white tee and you’ll love the results.

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8. Chukka Boots

Whether you prefer the suede or leather variety, chukka boots are a classic style that most men have in their closets, and for good reason. They offer the potential to dress up and down with ease, have a highly prized aesthetic, and work well for business casual or for late evenings on the town. You will love to pair these along with stylish turtlenecks, vests, or even a pair of brown gloves.

Chukka Boots
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9. Sneakers

For days where you want the most comfortable, leisurely look, a great pair of sneakers are an absolute must for spring weather. There are some options to consider from multi-colored high-tops to minimalist all-white sneakers. Since this is an area where men can truly show off their own personal style, select a few pairs that work well for the weather. Outfit ideas include pairing them with shorts and a tank top for casual occasions, or with jeans to give yourself more flexibility for evening wear. 

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Spring Fresh: What To Wear In 70 Degree Weather

Spring is arguably the most alluring season, offering plenty of fashion opportunities across the months with no exclusive rights reserved. Men should use this period to adopt a ready for anything approach to styling that speaks to their own personal style. Once you find a great spring cologne, messenger bag, and a pair of sunglasses to complete your look, you will be equipped with enough outfit ideas to handle whatever the season throws your way!

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