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What To Wear In 50 Degree Weather: 3 Style Hacks You Need To Know

by Jasmine Waters
50 Degree Weather

Blink and you’ve missed it – summer feels as though it’s officially drawing to a close.

As quickly as we brought the T-Shirt and shorts out, we’re packing them away and looking for that perfect outfit to wear to keep warm. With fall just around the corner, both us and our wardrobes will need to brace ourselves for the 50 degree cold.

Sometimes it’s hard to feel like you can dress to impress in 50 degrees, and being able to keep warm takes a higher priority over style. But with the right style tips in mind, your outfit can have the best of both worlds.

We’ve compiled the best three style hacks you need to know before the cold hits to know what to wear in 50 degree weather. 

What Should You Be Wearing This Fall?

What To Wear In 50 Degree Weather
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50 degrees feels like a hard temperature to prepare for. It’s not cold enough for the full-on winter coat, but not warm enough to be strutting your stuff in light layers, either. Leave the house too wrapped up and you’re sweating for the rest of the day.

When we’re thinking about what to wear in 60 degree weather, there are a lot of upcoming style trends that can help us out. Fashion tips such as playing with tailored fits and a focus on practical outerwear can help ensure to keep you looking your best and keep you warm.

Lenny Kravitz is a king of the transition from summer to fall weather, keeping his signature look anchored with bold prints, tailored jeans and incorporating classic materials such as leather and denim. His infamous oversized scarf was what made him a cold outfit pioneer, keeping his unique spin on fashion while dressing like it actually feels like 50 degrees outside. 

1. Revamp Old School Looks

Revamp Old School Looks
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Many of our basic go-to items, such as denim jeans and leather jackets, can be updated with subtle changes – keeping things fresh for when it’s 50 degree weather. Through our jeans and denim pieces, we wouldn’t be surprised to see an outfit with wide silhouettes and denim dyed with a raw edge.

Leather in fall fashion is focusing on the trench coat and slim-cut trousers – perfect for clever layering to keep you warm. If the weather out feels warmer than 50 degrees, wear a double leather combination to keep out the cold but maintain the luxury look of the European runways.

Revamp Old School Looks
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Checks are a traditional warm or 50 degree weather staple, and are looking to be featured in overly big or small sizes during the cold months. Paired with black leather or textured fabric pants, a check overcoat can finish an outfit off with flair if you want to dress things up.

Revamp Old School Looks
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If you’re looking to move away from the scarf, neckties could provide a chic alternative to wear. A key tip for tackling 50 degree weather in 2020 is to really consider how it will fit into your fashion, taking any outfit from preppy to formal. 

For a more party-ready option, a silk shirt with sail-like details is the perfect option to wear in 50 degree weather. Changing the shape of the classic silk shirt, experiment with print and texture, using ruching to alter the shape of the waist. 

2. If In Weather Doubt, Block It Out 

If In Weather Doubt, Block It Out 
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An oversized outfit is a great way to make an older outfit feel new again to wear in 50 degree weather. Not only does playing with proportion make it easier to stay warm, but it can provide a dynamic new edge, especially if you’re looking to keep things tailored underneath. Shearling coats, utility outerwear, and cardigans are all must-wear items this season, with options to dress in flawless vegan alternatives. 

If In Weather Doubt, Block It Out 
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Corduroy co-ords and jeans are other items to watch out for when you’re planning what to wear for 60-degree weather. It’s not an uncommon choice for the colder spells, a great staple piece for a seasonal outfit would be the classic corduroy blazer or a wider cord trouser.

Whether (or weather…) it’s 50 degrees or not, utility remains a priority during more unpredictable weather. Function-focused pieces are always a good investment, able to look elegant as a tight-fit outfit or ready to face any conditions in protective outerwear. 

3. Pay Attention To Micro-Trends 

Pay Attention To Micro-Trends
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Not only are the bigger trends helpful when putting together your 50 degree weather outfit, but pay attention to the smaller details too. Just like Lenny Kravitz, we’re going his way with the oversized scarf this season. A padded out, knitted scarf can help to rid the chill from your bones, and can be easily taken off if you overheat.

Following the oversized outfit theme of the season, mesh sweaters could be the in-between answer to a new way of styling 50-degree weather wear. In a move to update the looser fitting knit sweater, this can be worn over shirts and under long macs to create a kind of texture not previously seen before. 

For accessories, trends to wear in 50 degree weather could bring a hint of hardwear. A steel-capped toe or a hard-as-nails loafer are the perfect off-set to wear in the colder weather, with your feet ready to tackle anything 50 degrees can throw at you. An armour style cross-body bag is the ideal finish to your look, leaving you hands-free with both functional and aesthetic appeal. 

The ‘What To Wear In 50 Degree Weather’ Debrief 

When you’re thinking about what to wear in 50 degree weather, start with pairing oversized outerwear with tailored, fitting clothes underneath. Denim and leather are still your friends to wear in this weather, alongside shearling, check print and long macs.

To wear less layers in 50 degrees, look to mesh sweaters and corduroy co-ords. Don’t forget to finish your look off with hardened metal shoes and a hands-free weather-proof bag.

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