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How to Get Jake Gyllenhaal’s Hair – 5 Looks Will Love!

by Jamie Wilson
Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyle

Jake Gyllenhaal’s hairstyles have definitely changed throughout the years. This actor has been through it all! From short to medium length hair, as well as experimenting with many different colors! Are you wondering how to get Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair? If so, we will share with you five different hairstyles. We will also tell you a thing or two about Jake & his personal life. If you are intrigued, there is no need to do your own Google search! We have all the answers to your questions in the text down below.

Is Jake Gyllenhaal Married?

Jake Gyllenhaal is, believe it or not, single! He has never tied the knot before. Although he dated a lot of famous stars such as Taylor Swift, Alyssa Miller & Reese Witherspoon, he never tied the knot. He feels like he shouldn’t have to, at least not at the moment. But when the right one comes along, he will pursue proposing since he believes in marriage.

What Face Shape Does Jake Gyllenhaal Have?

Jake Gyllenhaal has a classic oval shape face. An oval face with a rounded jawline is very attractive, yet soft & not too harsh. Men who have oval face shapes usually stick with a Caesars haircut since it frames their face shape the best. However, Jake has been through many different hairstyles.

Jake Gyllenhaal’s Hairstyle: Top 5 Different Options

1. Jake Gyllenhaal Buzz Cut

Jake Gyllenhaal Buzz Cut
Press Event for the film Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal – SXSW Interactive 2011 – Austin, TX” by Kris Krug via WordPress

Are you a fan of shorter hair? Gyllenhaal looks very formal with this buzz cut. Haircuts such as this one require no hairstyling experience. All you have to do is embrace and emphasize your short haircut. This is why short hairstyles look amazing on guys who have oval-shaped heads – they add so much to their face shape.

2. Jake Gyllenhaal Slicked Back Hair

Jake Gyllenhaal Slicked Back H
Jake Gyllenhaal – Press Event for the film Source Code with Jake Gyllenhaal – SXSW Interactive 2011 – Austin, TX” by Kris Krug via WordPress

Jake Gyllenhaal’s prisoner’s hair truly suits him. This hairdo suits him & is often the go-to for guys who love bold hairstyles. He ended up styling his hair this way after shooting the movie called ”Prisoners”. This cut is very smart and clean and perfect for formal settings, as well as for guys who work in professional surroundings. Use the right styling cream with this high fade to make the look work.

3. Jake Gyllenhaal Crew Cut

Jake Gyllenhaal Crew Cut
Jake Gyllenhaal Wallpaper” by i heart him via WordPress

Jake Gyllenhaal’s short hair really suits him, plus it requires minimal styling. If you are into low-maintenance hairstyles & you love simple haircuts, you will love this Jake Gyllenhaal slicked hair! A crew cut is timeless, simple, as well as super short – perfect for the Summer season. If you want a medium stubble along with this Jake Gyllenhaal short hair, this is a great duo to copy. You can also easily tie it in a man-bun if needed.

4. Jake Gyllenhaal Quiff

Jake Gyllenhaal Quiff
TIFF 2017 Jake Gyllenhaal” by JiBs. via WordPress

Another popular style that Gyllenhaal can easily rock is this quiff haircut. Styling is a bit harder since you’ll have to use a strong hold hair gel, as well as some pomade. However, it is a noticeable cut that can look both smart & relaxed. You will enjoy long lengths on the top and low fade sides for day and night-time wear.

5. Jake Gyllenhaal Long Hair And Messy

Jake Gyllenhaal Long Hair And Messy
Jake Gyllenhaal” by Jogos4Gamers via WordPress

Jake looks more mature with longer hairstyles. His medium-length hair is covered in texture, as well as perfect for everyday wear. Out of all the Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyles, this is the one that he has been getting the most often. Haircuts such as this suit him since he has long, healthy, wavy, as well as luscious hair. He has no bald spots, patches, or a receding hairline.

How To Style Long Hair?

 Jake Gyllenhaal hairstyle
20150524_25k Jake Gyllenhaal | The Cannes Film Festival 2015 | Cannes, France” by ratexla (protected by Pixsy) via WordPress

Styling long hair is a bit harder than short slicked hair. You have to use a high-quality conditioner, as well as a wide-tooth comb. Don’t forget to apply the product to the root of your hair since you will need to add moisture & volume throughout your entire strands. Finish off the look with some texturizing hairspray. With this look, you can make any beard styles work.

How Much Is Jake Gyllenhaal Worth?

The American actor Jake Gyllenhaal at the age of 38 years, has a net worth of $65 million! He has a lot of experience in this industry, which means that he will only strive to create & earn even more in his life. At the moment, Gyllenhaal is doing pretty good and is planning on shooting several movies by the end of next year.

On That Note

Jake Gyllenhaal’s hairstyles have changed a lot during these last couple of years. The actor has been through it all – short – long hair, as well as a buzz cut. The search for perfect hairstyles can be tough, but you need to go through many different hairstyles until you find your “the one.” Also, make sure you are okay with cutting your long hair into a short buzz cut. Always think about your hairstyles before you commit to them fully. Also, ask someone for their opinion before you end up chopping it all off.

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