What To Wear With A Green Jacket – 3 Looks You’ll Love

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Wear With A Green Jackets

If you’ve got a brand new green jacket you’re desperate to wear, but you’re not sure what to wear with it, you’ve come to the right place.

Let us style your best green jacket. If you’re ready for some fall outfits inspiration, maybe even get some inspiration from Nick Jonas, then this is the style guide for you. 

Wear With A Green Jacket
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As we transition into fall, you might be asking yourself what to wear in the upcoming 60 degree weather. It’s time to style some of your new favorite fall outfits, especially the jackets you’re going to have to put on as the breeze gets chillier. And what better way to do that than to take inspiration from Nick Jonas, and get yourself a green jacket? Read on, find out which style green jacket you like the look of most, and most importantly, what jeans and other style accessories you could pair it with. 

What To Wear With A Green Jacket

Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets
Image Credit: @individual36 via Instagram

Bomber jackets make a great dark green jacket outfit option, and they truly fit any man’s style. The definition of casual, this dark green jacket style is the one thing you must have in your favorite outfits-for-fall category in your closet. If you like to go for the sportier look when it comes to a green jacket, definitely keep the bomber jacket in mind. You could even make your outfit lean towards that edgy streetwear style if you pair it with the perfect (white) top and some ripped jeans. You might even find it’ll be your new favorite jacket with shirt combo. 

For starters, your crisp, favorite white top (T-shirt or long sleeved) obviously always works, no matter what color your jacket is. And if you’re opting for that route, we recommend you pair it with some fresh white sneakers to match and keep the color scheme of your dark green jacket look coherent. The guy in the picture has matched his green jacket with some white sneakers and a white mask, which also works great and is very COVID-19 season-friendly.

If that isn’t your vibe, think about pairing cool-toned jeans with your green jacket. Whether that’s your favorite pair of blue wash denim jeans, or some gray chinos, we think this could make your outfit just a pinch more dressed-up looking, all the while still looking great with your dark green jacket. Even your favorite black jeans could do, or your favorite comfy black sweats to achieve that real laid-back-in-all-black look. 

Green Utility Jackets

Green Utility Jackets
Image Credit:@Macho Moda via Pinterest

A green utility jacket could be a vital part of your outfit in fall, especially if you like to keep things casual, but still look a little bit more dressed up than if you were to wear a bomber jacket. We think a dark green jacket like this is suitable for an event where you want to make a good impression, like reuniting with your high school friends, or going out for dinner. So if you’ve got plans next week and you want to prepare for a slight cold breeze, your new favorite, lightweight, green utility jacket is definitely he way to go when it comes to green jackets. 

Then if you’re wondering what to layer underneath, of course a white top is the safe route. But if you’re feeling bold, we think a denim button-up top could pair well with the green aesthetic of your utility jacket. But if that isn’t necessarily your favorite style, any button-up top could work, especially a white one, and is the perfect way to add some class to your green utility jacket. Your favorite white shirt would show hints of reminiscing summer, whilst your dark green jacket represents the transition into fall.

Finally, we think the perfect finishing touch to your dark green utility jacket outfit would be any pair of favorite brown boots. Whether that’s a pair of brown chukka boots or your trusty ol’ brown leather boots, they’re a great way to incorporate the brown tones of the leaves around you into your outfit. That, and they can look casual or dressed up depending on what you wear with them, and they add a different texture to your outfit to make the look look more detailed overall. 

Camo Jacket 

Camo Jacket
Image Credit: @Firegypsy Vintage via Pinterest

When have camo jackets not been a thing? We think they’re either your taste and they’re your favorite jacket to wear, or you’ve never even tried one on. There’s no in between. But today, we’re going to convince you that you need one in your closet, and here’s why. 

Camo jackets are like a collage of all the fall colors, so once you’ve got yourself a camo jacket, the rest of your outfit is easy to piece together. Most green camo jackets will have patches of green, a deeper green, and maybe either a cool or warm-toned brown. So depending on your particular dark green jacket, you’ve got those colors to choose from to make your outfit cohesive. 

Take inspiration from the guy in the picture. He’s taken the light, cool-toned brown in his camo jacket and paired it with the same color chinos and top. The camo jacket dresses the look down a bit and makes it look more casual, as well as the hoodie. Your favorite hoodie is would be a great option to wear underneath a green jacket that doesn’t have an obvious collar like this one, and if you’re really fashion-oriented, it’ll be one of your favorite articles for layering. 

A white or black top could really stand out from this green jacket as it doesn’t necessarily tie in with the colors of the jacket, but still works. If you don’t fancy a pair of chinos, your favorite black jeans could be the perfect alternative and really make this outfit one of your favorite, more casual outfits for fall. 

What Can You Wear With A Green Jacket?

You’ve started off on the right foot by wearing a green jacket, be it a green utility jacket or otherwise. But if you’re struggling to come up with outfits that will match your green utility jacket, camo jacket or bomber jacket, you know you’ve come to the right place. Trust us to let you know what looks stylish with your green jacket, whether you’re looking for a casual outfit or something more dressed up. Just make sure to pay attention to the color ways in your green jacket, and whether it’s cool toned or warm toned, and then find tops and bottoms to match that vibe. If anything, you can always trust a white top and some comfy jeans to do all the talking for your outfit, especially when they’re layered underneath your best green jacket. And if you pair those with a trendy pair of white sneakers, you’re all good to go.

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