How To Fix A Patchy Beard In 3 Simple Steps!

by Jamie Wilson
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Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Grooming is a daily or at least a weekly step for every guy. Keeping your facial hair under control is crucial since everyone will stare at your face when you’re out of the house. Do you want a full beard without stubble? The truth is that your facial hair tells a lot about you when you are on public transportation, at work, or out with friends. If you want to figure out a bit more about proper hair growth, as well as how to fix a patchy beard, keep on reading! We are all about embracing your natural beard patches, as well as bald beard spots while improving a patchy beard look.

Can Patchy Beard Be Fixed?

Yes, it can! Growing out your facial hair can change your entire appearance. However, you have to take proper care of your beard if you want to speed up its growth & get the desired thicker shape. Genetics can have a huge part when you are trying to speed up the growth of your patchy beard. However, the key is to have a well-trusted barber, patience, and time before you are ready for your new patch-free beard.

How Do I Fix My Patchy Beard? Top 5 Steps

1. Let It Grow

Instead of trying to grow your beard short & prickly, go for a longer look. Stay away from your trimmer and take several months to grow out your beard. Longer hairs can also move in one particular direction and will cover up bald patches, especially if your hairs tend to curl up. Just make sure you are fine with those awkward stages since they can be (and look) the worst. Patchy beards will demand some patience, so you better be up for the challenge.

2. Condition Your Beard

A wiry beard and a dry beard are often in men. This is why you need to nourish it with the proper set of hair-care and grooming products. Make sure you use a conditioner that will remove any dead skin cells, but that can also exfoliate your skin and speed up growth. These conditioners should be only catered to and used over your beard, don’t use the kind that goes onto your hair.

3. Use A Beard Oil

Beard oil or even a beard balm is a must-have for every guy. This item has a lot of nourishing and essential oils that can help with hair follicles and will speed up beard growth. Beard oil will also help out with your beard style & combing. Softer & smoother hair is a lot easier to comb through with a small brush. Go for a clean look, and never skip the application of your beard products. You can incorporate some natural oils for best facial hair growth and routine.

4. Implement Vitamins & Supplements

Try and intake the daily dose of your vitamins. Some vitamins can also speed up your hair growth, as well as your facial hair. Plenty of nutritionists recommend intaking vitamin B6, beta-carotene, as well as vitamin C. However, the #1 go-to solution should be biotin. Biotin will help your beard grow like crazy, and you will have fuller follicles in no time. Biotin can also give you longer nails & softer skin.

5. Eat Well 

Last, but not least, try and eat healthily. Plenty of high-quality organic foods and water will help out with your overall body health. Intake a lot of eggs, avocados, bananas, as well as protein. Aim for some vegetables, sunflower seeds & nuts, along with red meat such as beef. Don’t forget some mushrooms, white meat, and tuna since these can be essential for a patchy beard! With the right nutrients, you can boost your testosterone levels!

Top 5 Different Patchy Beards

1. Patchy Beard Growth Dark Brown Color

Patchy Beard Growth Dark Brown Color
@Caleb Lucas via Unsplash

Your cheeks probably have the most patchiness, right? Well, the beard grows differently in all the places. Try not to shave your beard hair and let it grow over time. Your beard hair will grow faster if you implement all of our previously explained steps. Just make sure you are patient enough. Beards such as this one can also look amazing with a bit of mustache, and can look appropriate for any event. 

2. Patchy Facial Hair With Moustache

 Patchy Facial Hair With Moustache
@Drew Hays via Unsplash

Younger men often have patches in beard. If this is you, know that there is a patchy beard fix! If your beard looks a lot like this – make sure you look after your diet. No reason to shave off any beard patches or details. Just look after your diet, exercise, and live a healthy life – you will have better facial hair in no time.

3. Patchy Beards And Short Moustache On Ginger

Patchy Beards And Short Moustache On Ginger
@James Barr via Unsplash

Ginger men usually have a hard time trying to speed up their hair growth. This is why you should make a slight distraction with your mustache and your hair. Besides this, focus on exercise and your beard grooming skills. If you are not that good at defining your lines, make sure you find a well-trusted barber.

4. Thin Beard On Mature Men

Thin Beard On Mature Men
@Brian Lawson via Unsplash

You can have a dashing appearance, even if you have a gray beard. Older & mature men have different hair growth. However, they can still rock a patchy beard style. You should only trim the sides every 2-3 weeks and emphasize your leftover beard fill in. 

5. Patchy Beard With Moustache And A Goatee

Patchy Beard With Moustache And A Goatee
@Isaac Ramirez via Unsplash

Younger men often have a patchy beard. Their hair growth is a lot slower, but very defined once it starts to show and covered in darker (almost black) hairs. What is the solution for a patchy beard? Let it grow and give it some time. Beards such as this one will take some time to grow out, but don’t forget that a clean diet and healthy exercise will only promote even healthier growth!

Keanu Reeves Beard

Keanu Reeves Beard
@”Keanu Reeves” by Nathan Congleton via Wordpress

Keanu Reeves is one of those celebrities that has a specific hair growth pattern. He does not mind his beard, and he actually loves to promote it on the Red Carpets! He has a dashing appearance no matter where he goes, so why not let him be your inspo for a patchy beard? Simply emphasize it and wear with confidence during your day-to-day activities. Don’t be too harsh on your hair growth, and rock your beard, always!

Why Do I Have Bald Spots In My Beard? Most Common Reasons

1. Due To Genetics

Well, genetics is something that you can’t really change. Unfortunately, poor genetics can leave you with short & uneven hair, patchy beard, or sometimes – no beard at all! Genetics is different for everyone. If your dad has had an un-patchy beard all his life, you may have a hard time beating him in this game. However, you should definitely invest more effort into growing out your beard than others who have great genetics. Usually, your testosterone level is pretty low, and you won’t be able to switch up your hair grow naturally or overnight.

2. Stress & Poor Diet

Remember to create a healthy environment around you & always try to rest! Junk food, lack of sleep, as well as a large amount of stress, will have an impact on your overall body & hair growth. Make sure you take proper care of your entire body as best as possible. This means running, meditating, eating healthy, as well as getting 7-8 hours of your beauty sleep.

3. Hormonal Disbalance

Hormonal disbalance means that your testosterone level is pretty low. Some men & women also have Alopecia – which is a condition where you lose all of your hair, or you experience hair thinning. In most cases, you will have to visit a doctor where they will prescribe you proper medication. Mostly, this is minoxidil. It can manage and speed up your hair grow and will help out with any type of hair loss.

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