How to Get the Perfect Side Parting In 3 Simple Steps!

by Jamie Wilson
How to Get the Perfect Side Parting In 3 Simple Steps

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

Hairstyles and haircuts such as this one are super trendy & are usually worn by men who love to follow all the trends. If you have medium-long hair you can achieve the right clean cut. We will share our tips & tricks on how to style the perfect side part, just keep on reading!

How Do You Part Your Hair To The Side?
When trying to position your hair always talk to the best hairdressers and barbers. Most of them will tell you that you should do the following:

Position your comb over the center of your hairline
Run it back on one side and create a side part
Use your fingers to remove frizzy strands
Blow-dry your bangs and only then toss them on the side
Add your favorite hair styling product and add volume
Top 8 Side Part Haircut Ideas

1. Side Part Haircut With Mohawk And Defined Sides

Side Part Haircut With Mohawk And Defined Sides
@Damian Barczak via Unsplash

Achieving texture is a bit hard, especially when you have the taper mohawk haircut. However, in order to achieve the perfect clean-cut simply comb your hair backward. Use your hair gel and create a messy medium swept cut if you want more volume.

2. Side Part Curly Hair With Wavy Strands

If your hair is naturally curly you will love rocking this celebrity-famous voluminous ultimate haircut. Move your hair to one side and let your curls shine & speak for themselves. The best product is a shea butter gel since it will make even shorter curls stand out & shine on their own.

3. Side Part Haircuts With Voluminous Bangs

Finish off this look by combing your hair to one side and make sure you blow dry your bangs every 2-3 days. This is a beautiful slicked cut which will look amazing for weddings and on guys who have voluminous & thicker strands.

4. Side Part Modern Haircut With Sleek Fade

You can use hair-styling products to give your cut more volume to one side than the other. This cut is very fashion-forward and you’d love this medium volume haircut if you prefer longer styles. It can be a bit hard to set all of the strands to one side, but try to use a bit more hair mousse & hair gel to set everything in place.

5. Quiff Textured Side Part Haircut

Choose the right set of hair products if you wish to achieve this cut. Every guy will love the texture, but you will need to have a wide tooth-comb, along with a texturizing spray to achieve it. Set your hair in place and blow dry it so it doesn’t move around. This can be an amazing soft day-to-day cut, and you should continue wearing it if you love the natural volume & you aren’t into different or shorter styles.

6. Wavy Hair Slick Back On The Side Part

Wavy Hair Slick Back On The Side Part
@James Barr via Unsplash

Natural wavy hair should be taken care of. It can be a bit harder to deal with these shapes & to make them look cool. However, you will end up with the right hold if you use a hair pomade. Run it smoothly through your hair & try to deep condition since it will moisturize your strands + allow them to shape the ideal way.

7. Slick Back Taper Haircut With Side Parting

If you want the super slicked back cut and if you are into defined & classy looks ask your barber for this hairstyle! It is definitely a strong statememnt piece cut, and it will look the prettiest on men who have straight & shiny hair types. You can also go for a slight undercut detail if you need just a bit of dimension. This is an amazing go-to hairstyle for working men and guys who need formal hairdos.

8. Military Skin Fade Haircut With Short Sides And Back Haircut

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