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8 Timeless Asian Men’s Hairstyles You Need To Try!

by Jamie Wilson
Popular and Trendy Asian Men Hairstyles

Asian hairstyles for men can look great on short hair, but will also look amazing on medium messy textured hairstyles. Guys love to do a lot of cool designs, spikes, textures, as well as undercut details. In this article, we will teach you how to style your Asian hairstyles, and we will also present you with the top ten Asian men hairstyles. Do you want to find out what are some popular hairstyles? If so, keep on reading and find your perfect match down below!

FAQ: What Haircut Should Asians Get?

1. How To Ask For A Two Block Haircut?

A two-block haircut is a very popular kpop hairstyle. You have probably seen it on some of your favorite celebrities, the perfect cut if you can follow trends! The characteristics of this haircut are that it is sleek, short & defined on the sides. However, the crown is a lot longer. Plenty of barbers know about this hairstyle since it is a classic Chinese haircut. Just try and bring a picture with you to the salon. This way, your barber will know what you’re trying to achieve, and what is your vision. Tell them if you want layers and get the haircut that suits your facial features.

2. How To Cut Korean Male Hairstyle?

If you want a k-pop hairstyle or you are intrigued by Korean men hairstyle options, you will always leave your top messy, textured & long. Korean hairstyle ideas are often very defined & cut only on the sides. These haircuts often have a lot of bangs, fringe, as well as undercut details. Asain hairstyles are often very specific & defined. You will never see an Asian rocking something that is not popular in their culture, or the k-pop industry. This is why you can spot a lot of Asian fade or Asian undercut hairdos.

3. What Is The Most Popular Haircut In Asia?

Asia is so big, which is why you can’t name just one hairdo that is popular within this country. However and mostly due to their tradition, you will often see guys rocking either a thick crop or a short quiff hairdo. Some other hairdos that are popular and perfect for those who want versatility are:

  • High taper fade haircut
  • Spiky hair
  • Faux hawk
  • High fade
  • Japanese samurai bun

4. Is Asians Hair Different To Cut?

The truth is that Asians have thick hair which lacks volume. How many Asians do you know that have wavy or curly textures? Yeah, didn’t think so. Often a barber will lack knowledge of Asian hairdos, which is why they can be hard to cut. The cuticle layer in Asians is thicker with more compact cuticle cells than that in Caucasians. If your hair type is thick yet straight and you wish to transition from a medium length hairdo into a man bun or top knot look be careful when booking your barber or your next hairstylist.

Top 8 Asian Hairstyles Men

1. Subtle Fade With Brush Up

Subtle Fade With Brush Up
@Rahadiansyah via Unsplash

Asian men who prefer simple haircuts will enjoy this fade. If you are someone who loves a fresh cut, and you usually go for cool & trendy spikes, you will enjoy this hairstyle. Make sure you brush it out and use a simple non-harsh hair gel or hair pomade to tame down your baby hairs & to set everything in place. Usually, guys who are in their twenties tend to go for this look, along with anyone who can handle the maintenance.

2. Straight Hair With Messy Texture

Straight Hair With Messy Texture
@Bibek Thakuri via Unsplash

Not too long ago, Asian hairstyles started to change, and Asians around the globe started to follow different trends. Plenty of new & cool haircuts have become a staple at salons. This is due to the k pop industry which has been going for medium-long haircuts with a lot of spikes, texture, and different colors. If you are willing to experiment with your texture & haircuts and you want to dye your hair – go for this sleek bleach white cut. Leave the top voluminous and shave off the sides. Younger men will gravitate towards this cut the most.

3. Long Modern Fringe Asian Hairstyle

Long Modern Fringe Asian Hairstyle
@Mahdi Bafande via Unsplash

Plenty of Asian hairstyles often look a lot like this haircut. A ton of men prefer short sides and a side part moment followed by this side bang trick. This is a long & modern hairdo that looks the best on men who need an everyday trendy haircut. If you prefer texture & you can wear bangs, make sure you get this hairstyle. Comb out your hair the moment you walk out the shower. Apply some gel & set all of your long & short strands in place. Make sure you get a haircut pretty often since this hairstyle can grow fast.

4. Easy & Simple Asian Hairstyle For Men With Thin Hair

Easy & Simple Asian Hairstyle For Men With Thin Hair
@Dale Alejandro via Unsplash

If your hair is naturally thin & you can’t grow it with ease, you will love these short hairstyles. Even if you are balding, you can go for this side-swept cut. Also, an Asian crew cut will suit you if you have naturally thin or non-voluminous hair. Make sure you add some texturizing spray every time you wash your hair. This style will also suit guys who have square-shaped heads. Go for faded temples and set your thick locks in place with your favorite clay. Girls go crazy over this look.

5. Brushed Long Hair In A Bun

Brushed Long Hair In A Bun
@Hà Nguyễn via Unsplash

Only some Asian men can grow their hair this long. Men with long hair should tie their strands in a stylish pony or a bun. Asian men hairstyles aren’t too attention-seeking, and neither is this bun. Just make sure you slick back your hair with gel or a pomade so that your hairdo can look neat. Comb out your hair every 2-3 days just so you prevent it from tangling. If you want a haircut that is all about low maintenance and you want to try out something for the gym or your sporty moments, this is it!

6. Spiky Swept Quiff Asian Haircut

Spiky Swept Quiff Asian Haircut
@Allan Mas via pexels

Quiff hairstyles have a lot of texture at the top as you can see yourself. Guys with these hairstyles often have a lot of texture & they have medium-long strands. If this sounds like you make sure you style your quiff with a small comb & add some oil to the top. Comb out your quiff every other day so that you set all of your short pieces in place. No need to wash this haircut too often either, it will look good on its own.

7. Short Asian Hair With Side Fringe

Short Asian Hair With Side Fringe
@Good Faces via Unsplash

Do you have short bangs? And you usually part your hair through the middle part? Try to add volume by styling your bangs & showing off your forehead. Men who have the perfect middle part will easily pull off this look. Asian men hairstyles don’t have to be too hard to style. This one, for instance, will suit men who are in their thirties, as well as those who don’t want to spend way too much time styling their hair. Invest 3-4 minutes in the morning and you will be good to go!

8. Medium Long Messy Pompadour Haircut

Medium Long Messy Pompadour Haircut
@Thái An via Unsplash

Men who enjoy textured hairstyles & who have medium-long hair will enjoy styling their hair in a messy pompadour. These hairstyles are very fashion-forward, but they need to be worn by guys who have naturally thicker strands, as well as a lot of volume. If your hair is thin & flat, this may not be an ideal hairstyle for you. Give this a go only if your hair is naturally thick and wavy, and if it is voluminous throughout the middle.

On That Note

Guys can go for a lot of trendy hairstyles. As you can see, Asian men’s hairstyles are very simple & not too hard to achieve. Cuts are a lot shorter & natural + Asian guys don’t love a lot of quiffs, spikes, or super tacky details. Men with short-medium hair can easily style their everyday haircuts. The only important thing is for you to get a precise haircut every 3-4 weeks to maintain the look. This will allow you to look polished at all times and to show off a modern and healthy hairdo everywhere you go!

Feature image from Unsplash

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