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101 Best Dragon Side Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Dragon Side Tattoo

Dragons are believed to be imaginary characters that are admired by all, which makes the great dragon side tattoo a popular choice among tattoo lovers.

Dragon Side Tattoo
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In the history of tattoo designs, one of the most famous tattoos that have been considered the “favorite tattoo design” is the Dragon Tattoo.

The tattoo artist experiments with various innovative ideas to portray it as a unique tattoo design in their every attempt. The effort of the artists has transformed the dragon tattoos and given them several new identities that are in popular demand by the people.

It has been in demand for various reasons, one of which is people’s belief that the dragon tattoo design is lucky. Besides that, the dragon tattoo represents life, freedom, and happiness. Moreover, it is also a symbol of power and knowledge.

The meaning of a dragon tattoo also changes with the change in its artistic style, size, and colors. However, numerous people regard a dragon tattoo on a woman as a sign of fearlessness, anger, passion, or understanding.

After gathering all the knowledge about the dragon tattoo, let us see some of the great body art that can also be used as a reference for your next tattoo.

Chinese Dragon Tattoo

Chinese Dragon Tattoo
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This Chinese dragon tattoo on the side of the body is nothing less than a marvelous body art by the tattoo artist. It has no color, but the tattoo design still has the power to attract attention.

The Chinese dragon in the tattoo is outlined with black ink, and a few shading is done by the artist. Also, flowers are included on the sides to make it more attractive and turn it into a beautiful tattoo for women. The Chinese dragons bring fortune and are symbols of wisdom and power.

You can ink this eye-catching tattoo design on your body with black ink and look gorgeous with the Chinese art

Aztec Dragon Side Chest Tattoo

Aztec Dragon Side Chest Tattoo
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The Aztec dragon tattoos are a sign of protection from evil fused with traditional dragon tattoo designs, which are fascinating to look at. Dragon tattoos are common in Aztec culture, and people highly admire the deeper meanings associated with them.

Apart from these, people consider the sea serpents as the god of knowledge learning in life. Not only do people admire these dragon tattoos, but this is one of the important reasons behind their tattooing.

You can get this dragon tattoo inked on your body with black ink or add colors to give your own creative flair to it.

Yin and Yang Symbol Dragon Tattoo

Yin and Yang Symbol Dragon Tattoo
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Mythical creatures like dragons have always mesmerized people with their outlook and stories related to them. One of which is the yin and yang emblem merged with a dragon tattoo, which brings two spiritual meaning signs. Together, they represent balanced energy, a need of almost every individual.

It is inspired and evolved from Chinese culture, in which yin and yang are understood as two opposite forces. Thus, the amalgamation of both makes up the universe. Besides that, people strongly believe that the sign provides them with a balance of luck and fortune.

Anyone can ink this small dragon tattoo design with black and white ink to preserve the authenticity of the symbol.

Blue Dragon Tattoo

Blue Dragon Tattoo
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Colorful dragon tattoos like these are quite rare and completely depend on the artist and his/her expertise in the field. This blue dragon has its roots connected with Chinese culture and heritage. Hence, there is a definite meaning to the blue dragon tattoos, that they represent new life and growth.

Apart from its meaning, no one can deny the mesmerizing beauty of this tattoo design. The essence of this dragon tattoo design lies in its color, and here this particular blue color is quite engrossing.

This colorful dragon tattoo is a perfect fit to be a thigh tattoo design. You should ink this fierce dragon with some floral design around it to make it a more beautiful dragon tattoo.

Red Dragon Tattoo

Red Dragon Tattoo
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The red dragon tattoos, especially the ones with Japanese dragons, look powerful and deadly, which attracts people to ink these kinds of tattoo designs that will leave a mark on anyone’s mind.

The Japanese dragon tattoo dragons look dangerous, yet it symbolizes love and passion along with strength. People also consider the red dragon tattoo as a Chinese tribal dragon tattoo because of its resemblance with the tribal tattoo art.

It is also believed that the Japanese red dragon tattoo has a fierce nature and can cause storms in the skies. All this makes it a great choice for you to choose it as your next dragon design tattoo.

Black Dragon Tattoo

Black Dragon Tattoo
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This spine-chilling dragon arm tattoo is a perfect tattoo design for a gym enthusiast or someone with a great physique. This side dragon tattoo is absolutely captivating and a bit scary because of its outlook.

Here, the artist has done a commendable job in maintaining precision through the entire body art, from sketching the dragon eyes to carrying out every single detail of the illustration.

The black Chinese and Japanese dragons are associated with vengeance and are often linked to catastrophes like storms and floods. Altogether, according to the people, it is one of the most powerful magical creatures.

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Dragon Tattoos
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The Japanese dragon tattoos have their own unique flair in their dragon tattoo design which comes from Asian cultures. The dragon thigh tattoos like this are truly attractive mostly because of the combination of colors used in them.

Besides that, the main reason that makes it one of the best dragon tattoos is the meaning associated with the Japanese dragon. As dragons are considered a force of god in Japanese culture, therefore people also believe the dragon tattoo is a symbol of wisdom. They trust that dragons turn the elements of the universe to the benefit of the individual. Hence it is also a good luck symbol.

You should ink this dragon thigh tattoo design as per the original colors related to it and call for all the fortune in your life.

Dragon Forearm Tattoo

Dragon Forearm Tattoo
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This dragon tattoo design can be treated as a phoenix tattoo as well because of its resemblance with it. However, the detailed portrayal of a dragon done in this dragon sleeve tattoo is admirable and all the credit for it goes to the artist.

The maker of such European dragons is particular about their depiction of the dragon. It is clearly visible in the dragon tattoo design how much hard work was put into transforming it into such a realistic dragon tattoo.

You can ink this wonderful tattoo and be sure to catch all the attention of the room. One can add more colors to it, but accuracy is the essential element here.

Japanese Tribal Dragon Tattoo

Japanese Tribal Dragon Tattoo
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The tribal dragon tattoos are quite engrossing because of their tattoo designs that stand out among other dragon tattoos. Besides this, there are numerous elements in this dragon tattoo that are not only praiseworthy but very much difficult. Be it the eyes or the mixture of colors; everything turned out accurate.

The design is quite loud in terms of its appeal to the audience, as the artist has given time to detail it and give a certain expression to the dragon, which makes it fascinating.

It is definitely a special dragon tattoo, and you must opt for inking this dragon shoulder tattoo on your body soon.

Tiny Dragon Tattoo

Tiny Dragon Tattoo
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Small dragon tattoos like these are the cutest versions of a dragon tattoo, and hence, these are quite popular among adults. People ink tiny dragon tattoos on the side of the stomach, ears, and arms.

This dragon tattoo can be treated as the amalgamation of European and Asian cultures, which makes it an ideal tattoo design to opt for. You can also ink more tattoos like these or several parts of your body and look cool.

Tattoos add a quirky element to your personality, and you must choose dragon tattoos like these and add your flair to them to make them more interesting.

We have already seen various types of dragon tattoo designs, and all have something unique to offer to the audience. Before deciding on a tattoo design, it is crucial to understand what goes well with your tattoo. For instance, black, white, or red color are a great choice and goes well with a blue dragon tattoo.

Apart from the above-mentioned dragon tattoo designs, here we suggest you some more dragon tattoo ideas that might interest you and work as a reference for your next tattoo.

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What is the meaning of a dragon side tattoo?

A dragon side tattoo can symbolize a number of different things, such as strength, power, and ferocity. It can also represent good luck, prosperity, and wisdom. In some cultures, the dragon is also seen as a guardian spirit that can protect against evil forces.

How much does a dragon side tattoo cost?

The cost of a dragon side tattoo will vary depending on the size, complexity, and artist you choose. Generally, smaller tattoos will cost less than larger ones. Simple designs may cost around $50 while more detailed ones can run up to $200 or more.

How long does a dragon side tattoo take to heal?

Most dragon side tattoos will take 4-6 weeks to heal completely. During this time, it is important to keep the area clean and dry to prevent infection. you should also avoid picking or scratching at the tattoo as it heals.

What are some of the best dragon side tattoo ideas?

Some popular ideas for dragon side tattoos include traditional Chinese dragon designs, Japanese style dragons, and more. You can also get creative and design your own unique tattoo. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that has personal meaning to you.

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