10 Best Head Tattoo Ideas You Have To See To Believe!

by Mark
Head Tattoos

Head tattoos are always interesting! Are you looking for inspiration for your next head tattoo? Read on to find the best ones!

Are you adventurous enough to get a tattoo on your head?

If the answer is yes, check the ten best head tattoo ideas with designs that stand out. This is a specially curated list of tattoo ideas and ‘heads up’ about what to expect.

Head Tattoo
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Getting a head tattoo is certainly a loud way to declare that you are different and set yourself apart from the crowd. Not many would want a head tattoo, as it could make you an odd one out or the least eligible for many jobs. A tattoo artist will never recommend a top tattoo to a first-timer. And you should only get a head tattoo done from an experienced artist. The skin on the scalp is thinner, and there is very little fat below the skin, which makes it more painful. Also, the skin bleeds more, making it challenging to work on. You must follow your tattoo artist’s advice to the ”T” and make sure your head is shaved by a professional hairdresser. If you try to do so by yourself or let the artist do it for you, it may cause many minor nicks on the scalp, making it all the more painful for the artist to work on. Also, keep a spot reserved at the artist immediately after shaving.

Cool Tattoo Ideas On Your Head

Cool Tattoo Ideas On Your Head
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This tattoo is a beautiful example of the side head tattoo, which covers the ear region too. It is edgy, different, and meaningful at the same time. However, getting a tattoo on the shaved head can give you a burning or a stinging sensation. The head also has many nerve endings which makes it more sensitive to pain than other parts of the body. Work with an experienced artist who uses new, sterilized equipment every time. This will ensure the procedure is done safely and will put you at ease. 

Badass Tattoo Designs On The Head

Badass Tattoo Designs On The Head
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These are interlocking triskeles that are inspired by continental La Tène spiral work from the Iron Age. The artist says that it is a freehand design done with black ink. The ink settles in the skin in a grey blue-green tinge that pays homage to this romantic Celtic idea.

Typically, they will tell you to shave off any hair growth on the body area before getting a tattoo. Once tattooed, the area will be like an open wound that may be painful to touch and needs to heal entirely. After the tattooed area is healed, the skin will return to what it was, and hair will grow back, at a slower rate. Sometimes while your hair is growing back, it may itch intensely on your scalp.

Medusa Head Tattoo Designs

Medusa Head Tattoo Designs
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You can replicate the same design on your head or neck and leave the ear region. Medusa is one of the most popular characters in Greek mythology. She is not a Goddess or a monster but a beautiful woman from Athens. She was desired and contended by many. Also, remember medusa tattoos are used by many as a protective symbol and are interpreted as feminist symbols. Over the years, her story has been told in different contexts across the world. But when you get the tattoo around the Medusa theme, you must tell your own story.

Shrunken Head Tattoo Ideas

Shrunken Head Tattoo Ideas
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There are many shrunken heads tattoo examples out of which this one is on the arms that can be done on a bald head too. If you want to venture in the head tattoo arena and are unsure of a more prominent motif, this idea could be a great one to experiment with as it can be adjusted to a smaller size so that it doesn’t hurt much. This is a classic example of extraordinary ink artistry by an experienced tattoo artist.

If you decide to get this permanent head tattoo, just remember it cannot be removed without a special procedure. Even after your hair grows back, it will be right there hidden underneath. Getting a head tattoo will make you stand out, and you must have the confidence to carry it with aplomb. Simply stop shaving if you wish to hide your head tattoo.

Lion Head Tattoo Designs

Lion Head Tattoo Designs
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This is one fascinating piece of artwork that depicts a lion head. The placement can be such that you can start from the neck and the back of the head region so that even when the customer thinks of growing his hair, the part of it is still visible. The artist has worked hard on the design and pattern, keeping in mind the right placement for it.

If you do not want to tattoo your bald head directly, you can start with having smaller pieces of artwork done around your head, like the back of your neck or side of the face, behind the ear, or one side of the head. This will give you the confidence to have a half-bald hairstyle, making you look different along with a neckpiece like this one.

Bear Head Tattoo Designs

Bear Head Tattoo Designs
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We are looking at the perfect example of an elaborate piece of the bear head in all its glory. The detailing is just mind-blowing here. You can take a similar concept and make it on your head which might hurt a little due to the detailing work involved. As it is a pretty intricate piece of art, too. If bears are your favorite animal, you can go ahead with this look.

When you decide to go for a half-bald or full bald head tattoo, always spread your appointment. You do not need to get the whole piece done in one go. Also, make sure to let the artist know when you are in discomfort so that they can take a break. Getting a head tattoo requires a lot of energy.

Dragon Head Tattoo Designs

Dragon Head Tattoo Designs
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The dragon is a famous symbol from mythology and holds a lot of spiritual meaning to many. We have seen many interpretations of the dragon in popular culture, be it movies, series, books, or tattoos. The client has just concentrated on the dragon head in this picture, and you can take the same approach if you want something striking, colorful, and badass. A head tattoo can be intimidating for many, whether you are the first one to get it or you know someone who has one. Both can be unnerving to look at for people.

Traditional Panther Head Tattoo Design

Traditional Panther Head Tattoo Design
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A panther tattoo can represent guardianship, power, courage, and freedom. When choosing a design for a traditional panther, there is a variety to choose from, like this one which is just the head done in black with green and red highlights, which gives the tattoo a ferocious look. This type of design and symbolism could be a liberating experience and a great way to stand up for things you believe in. Tattoo artists will repeatedly check with you if you have any doubts about it.

Even when you rest the tattooed area on any surface, the constant poking in the area puts stress on the body, consuming a lot of energy. There are ways you can mitigate this, though:

Staying hydrated

Eating a good meal

Sleeping well

Avoiding alcohol, pain killers, and anything that thins the blood

Wolf Head Tattoo Design

Wolf Head Tattoo Design
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Wolf is a faithful animal, and a wolf head tattoo means loyalty and familial solidarity and partner bonds. Many people consider wolves to be their spiritual guides too. Hence, this could be an ideal tattoo for someone who values personal relationships and bonds. This black and red piece on the side of the head will mean a lot to a person who considers themselves part of a pack.

You can ask the artist for an excellent pain-numbing cream, as it will help you take the edge off. Having a  free and open discussion with your tattoo artist can help ease the process and build trust between you both. The pain also depends on your tolerance level so think it through before getting into it.

Alien Head Tattoo Design

Alien Head Tattoo Design
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A stellar alien tattoo could mean different things to different people. It could say you are a fan of sci-fi, believe in life on other planets, or simply show your love for outer space. People that flaunt this tattoo often show an interest in extraterrestrial studies and research. With two large, black oval eyes, it is a clever piece of artwork with neat lines and a simple design. There are also full-body alien tattoos ideas to choose from.

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