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101 Best Butterfly Side Tattoo Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind!

by Jamie Wilson
Best Butterfly Side Tattoo

Butterflies are beautiful creatures found in nature. Their immense beauty makes them a perfect fit for tattoo art. So, why wait to ink a butterfly side tattoo?

Butterfly Side Tattoo
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Many body art can make one look beautiful, but having a tattoo that looks mesmerizing is the best.

Finding such an ideal tattoo among several super cool tattoos is difficult. However, nothing to worry till you see the butterfly tattoo designs consisting of uncountable tattoo ideas that are eye-catching.

Many people think of butterfly tattoos as feminine, but the reality is that anyone can ink these, irrespective of their gender. However, it has a strong connection with feminity and romance. After all, butterflies tattooed on the body symbolizes nature’s beauty. In addition to that, it is a symbol of love and transformation over the ages.

There are different butterfly tattoos, each one having a separate meaning. For instance, the half butterfly tattoo is a sign of love and innocence, and the two butterflies symbolize freedom and love in Chinese culture. Furthermore, three butterfly tattoos are a symbol of rebirth, as in some cultures, a butterfly tattoo is considered to be the renewal after death.

Apart from the deeper meanings that a butterfly tattoo depicts, it is one of the most charming insects on earth and a beautiful tattoo idea one can think of. It might be a common tattoo, but its popularity opens the door for tattoo artists to experiment and create unique butterfly tattoo designs.

After understanding the essence that a butterfly tattoo carries, who would want to miss it? So, here we present some of the beautiful butterfly tattoos that are absolutely amazing.

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Watercolor Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
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This colorful butterfly rib tattoo is not only attractive but a pure pleasure to the eyes. These types of amazing watercolor paintings are worth praising. The tattoo artist has put a lot of effort into giving justice to such an amazing tattoo idea.

The addition of watercolor makes this tattoo design more lively. The colors are making it all bright and charming. These butterfly tattoos are inspired by watercolor paintings, and this is where the style gets its name from.

It is one of the perfect tattoo ideas for someone who loves watercolor tattoos. You can ink this with as many colors as you want to give a more vibrant look.

Dreamcatcher Butterfly Tattoo Ideas

Dreamcatcher Butterfly Tattoo Ideas
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This tattoo idea is an absolutely awesome and unique take on making a butterfly tattoo, and the credit for this goes to the creative mind of the tattoo artist. This can be termed as an “own unique art.” as the illustration depicts a story in itself.

The black ink butterfly is beautifully designed, and the emerging girl from it who is trying to catch the moon (her dreams) is gracefully shown in the tattoo. The addition of the moon and star in the tattoo adds more flair to it. Moreover, the butterfly tattoo style shown here is quite different as one-half of the butterfly is sketched as flowers.

One can ink this beautiful butterfly tattoo with black ink or with multiple colors as per their choice.

Realistic Butterfly Tattoo

Realistic Butterfly Tattoos
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This butterfly rib tattoo idea is not only eye-catching but also quite fascinating to see. Many tattoo artists experiment with the color or design of the tattoo but here, the highly skilled tattoo artist made the entire butterfly look like a real one. It seems as if there is a separate layer of skin underneath.

These kinds of butterfly rib tattoo ideas are special and must be tried once in the journey of tattooing your body. Here also, the colors give life to the beautiful butterfly rib tattoo.

You can ink this tattoo on your rib cage with vibrant colors to make it look more natural.

Small Butterfly Tattoos

Small Butterfly Tattoos
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This butterfly tattoo idea might look like an old tattoo, but it is aesthetically pleasing and definitely appealing to the eyes. It is a simple butterfly tattoo, but the way the tattoo artist has inked it with a unique color is commendable.

The essence of this tattoo lies in its simplicity, and once this trick is mastered by the artist, the result can be a beautiful tattoo like this. That means even your tattoo artist can make such a lovable tattoo for you.

This butterfly tattoo on the side neck can be inked in whichever color you wish and deliver the best result.

Butterfly Rib Tattoo Design

Butterfly Rib Tattoo Design
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This cute and delicate rib tattoo idea is a perfect choice for someone who wishes to have a tattoo on their skin over the rib cage. It includes three butterflies, among which one is a side view butterfly tattoo, making the entire side rib look attractive.

The sketched butterfly tattoo is simple yet captivating. The artist has used black ink in its making, but you can use the color of your choice.

It is ideal when drawn on the rib cage, and there can be an addition of one more side butterfly tattoo, which can make it look more glamorous.

Cute Butterfly Tattoo

Cute Butterfly Tattoo
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This cute butterfly tattoo is for those who love tattoos, especially cute little ones. It will look good on women mostly because of its position on the side of the belly. It is also popular as one of the super sexy tattoo ideas among women.

You can use such butterfly tattoo ideas and ink them on your body to look more attractive. It can also be transformed into butterfly rib tattoos to go with the popular style.

You can ink this butterfly tattoo with black ink or multiple inks as per your choice.

Butterfly Floral Design Tattoos

Butterfly Floral Design Tattoos
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A butterfly tattoo like this can charm anyone with appealing colors. The artist has mixed the colors appropriately, making them look a bit real and imaginary at the same time.

As we already know the butterfly tattoo meaning, we understand a butterfly tattoo symbolizes changes in life. Similarly, this tattoo carries even a special meaning that can empower anyone. This butterfly tattoo represents your life’s journey, from nothing to working hard every day and achieving the best in the end.

You can get this tattooed on your body by using vibrant colors and remind yourself to never stop like the little butterfly.

Mini Butterfly Rib Tattoos

Mini Butterfly Rib Tattoos
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These minimalist rib cage tattoos are highly adorable as well as sexy when combined with a little innovation, as in this mini butterfly rib tattoo, which feels realistic because of the shadow added to the design by the artist. Such techniques of an artist create unique butterfly tattoo ideas.

You must go for this butterfly rib tattoo design once in your lifetime, and you should also call your friends to join you. It is a gender-neutral tattoo design, so anyone can ink it.

Use as wonderful colors as possible whenever you are going to ink such a beautiful tattoo.

Unique Butterfly Outline Tattoo Idea

Unique Butterfly Outline Tattoo Idea
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This black ink tattoo idea is a unique approach by the artist in the world of tattoo art. Here, the upper half is just the outline, and the lower half is more realistic. The beauty of this tattoo lies in its design and the way the artist combines the outline tattoo with the other half.

Every outline is made with great precision and provides the essence of this butterfly tattoo. Such tattoos symbolize freedom and the love for nature by humans.

This tattoo is an ideal choice for your first tattoo. You can use such butterfly tattoo ideas and add your own elements to it to make it more interesting.

Fusion Butterfly Rib Tattoos

Fusion Butterfly Rib Tattoos
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Such big prominent tattoos not only look great but appears like real butterflies as well. The fusion art shown by the artist here is admirable. He/she has used multiple colors and blended them together to get such an amazing result.

This tattoo can be combined with a floral rib tattoo or a flower tattoo to turn into a more attractive art. You can also add your favorite quotes to make the tattoo more personal.

People choose rib cage tattoos to look more elegant and hot. This tattoo is believed to be one of the popular butterfly rib tattoo ideas that are loved by everyone.

We have seen various types of butterfly tattoos and got to understand it looks great, mostly as rib tattoos. However, you can ink them in your preferred body parts and look as charming as you desire.

Butterfly tattoos merged with floral tattoos are great and will appear glorious on anyone. You can add beautiful flowers like red roses and dedicate the entire design to your loved one.

You must use the beautiful butterfly tattoo ideas provided above and enter the glamorous world of tattoos.

Apart from the tattoo ideas mentioned above, here we cater to you with some more ideas that might interest you and help you select your favorite design for your next tattoo;

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What does a butterfly side tattoo mean?

A butterfly side tattoo typically symbolizes transformation, growth, and change. It can also mean having the strength to take on different challenges in life or breaking free from a difficult situation. Depending on the design of the tattoo, it could have many different meanings for the individual who has chosen it. For some people, it is an expression of freedom, for others it may be a reminder of the fragility of life, and for some, it can be a symbol of hope. Whatever the meaning is to the individual, this type of tattoo is usually chosen as an expression of personal identity.

What are the different designs of butterfly side tattoos?

There are various designs available for butterfly side tattoos, ranging from the traditional tribal designs to more modern and abstract styles. Some popular designs include butterflies with colorful wings, geometric shapes, and intricate patterns. Other ideas could be a group of small butterflies flying together or one large butterfly stretching its wings out across the side of the body. This type of tattoo can also be combined with other symbols or elements such as flowers, feathers, stars, and hearts to create a unique and personal design. No matter the style, a butterfly side tattoo is sure to make a bold statement.

How much does a butterfly side tattoo cost?

The cost of a butterfly side tattoo will depend on a variety of factors such as the size, complexity, and color of the design. Generally speaking, smaller tattoos can range from $50 to $200 while larger ones might be between $300 and $1000 or more. Because this type of tattoo is usually quite intricate and requires skillful application, it is recommended to find a reputable artist for the job. This will ensure that the design comes out looking exactly as desired.

How do I choose a butterfly side tattoo design?

When choosing a butterfly side tattoo design, it is important to consider the symbolism behind the designs and make sure that it reflects you or your beliefs. Consider what message you want to convey with the tattoo and think about how it will look on your body. You should also take into account the size of the tattoo and any possible placements before making a decision. Finally, research local tattoo artists and look at their portfolios to make sure you find the right person for your design. With careful consideration and some creativity, you can easily find a butterfly side tattoo that is perfect for you.

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