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101 Awesome 1940s Men’s Hairstyle Ideas You Need To Try!

by Jamie Wilson
1940s Mens Hairstyles

Are you an old soul? Do you like old-school music (Frank Sinatra, or Elvis Presley maybe), along with old-school haircuts, as well as a retro way of dressing up? If so, let us take you down memory lane and give you some amazing, beautiful & popular retro hairstyle options. Are you ready to bring back long locks and try out some 40s hairstyle ideas? If so, you will enjoy this article filled with 1940s men’s hairstyles. Men who are on the lookout for classy and defined hairstyles may find 9 amazing cuts in this article, see for yourself down below!

What Were Popular Hairstyles In The 1940s?

Men’s hairstyles have drastically changed in the last 80 years! You can even see a drastic change in the 1950s and hairstyles of the 1930s. Thanks to the influence of different celebrities, film stars, and even the music (especially jazz era), people had to adapt and try some new haircuts. In fact, some of the most popular hairstyle designs were:

  • A crew cut
  • Quiffed hairstyle
  • Slick back haircuts
  • Medium & messy length (curly hair)

Every look was different based on someone’s age, and preference, as well as targeted and headed events. For instance, crew-cut men’s hairstyles were a lot more worn in Europe, while loose curls were popular in the US! Older men preferred minimal facial hair with their haircuts, while younger guys were all about a defined goatee.

Did Men Have Long Hair In The 1940s?

Hairstyles for men back in 1940 were a lot easier to style than women’s hairstyles! Women had longer hair, covered in curls, volume, and a lot of hairsprays! Straight hair wasn’t modern or chic, which is why they had a tough time styling it. Let’s not forget all the crazy headbands, scarf, or turban accessories as well, jeez.

Men, on the other hand, were pretty low-maintenance. Everyone visited their barber on a regular, and every cut was pretty simple and easy to achieve. Short hair was also a lot more common than any other medium-length or super-long hairstyle designs. Just a bit of pomade was all it took to get the perfect daily groom!

Top 9 1940 Men’s Hairstyle

1. 1940s Hair Styles Messy Haircut

1940s Hair Styles Messy Haircut
@Vinícius Estevão via pexels

A beard paired up with a defined haircut will look amazing even nowadays and on so many different men! If you want a high bun with a side part, go for this hairdo. This one will look the best on guys who have oval faces. The way to make this short hair even more popular and trendy? Go for a pair of bangs or even some highlights! You can always ask your hairstylist for a unique and special outcome, just go for a cut that suits your style and you’ll enjoy it for months to come!

2. Wavy Crew Cut Style

Wavy Crew Cut Style
@wassim mechergui via Unsplash

You can embrace the old-school and colorful vibe that was very common and retro back in the day. By dressing up the right clothes and pairing up the right jewelry, your hair will look even more fashion-forward! Keep the top voluminous, and cut the sides just a little bit. Make sure they are properly trimmed and maintained around every third week. Apply your favorite hair mousse over your strands and onto clean hair. It will give bounce and life to every hairstyle, but especially this one!

3. Black Men’s Hairstyles 

Black Men's Hairstyles 
@Daniyal Khalil via Unsplash

1940 hairstyles were very masculine and gorgeous. Men looked like gentlemen while rocking their slicked-back hairstyles, so, would you want to give similar options a chance? Try and pair along with some funky mustache or interesting beards with this look. There are many different and new styles that you can go for nowadays, just be creative and patient if you’re trimming it on your own. Always cut the back of your hair at a professional hairdresser, but slowly and gradually do the front on your own (if you’re brave enough). Go for a fade and enjoy this vintage hairstyle.

4. Slicked Back Hairstyle 

Slicked Back Hairstyle 
@Gregory Hayes via Unsplash

The hairstyles of the 1940 s were noticeable and manly. If you have time to spare early in the morning and you are into loud cuts, you will prefer this one over other options. Use a hair spray along with some matte clay to push back all of your strands. This hairstyle will look good on men who have medium-length hair and who want to seek attention with their bold approach. 

5. Medium Length Popular Hairstyle 1940 Look

Medium Length Popular Hairstyle 1940 Look
@Štefan Štefančík via Unsplash

If your hair is naturally long, thick & dark, you will easily rock longer and more voluminous hairstyle ideas. This is an old-school Italian-inspired hairdo, which reminds a lot of the 1940s. The best part regarding this or similar hairstyles? They are natural and completely product-free! If you are someone who is into quick and easy hairstyles and you only have 5 minutes to spare each morning, this should be the first hairstyle on your list.

6. Shiny Slicked Back Men’s Hairstyle 

Shiny Slicked Back Men's Hairstyle 
@Spencer Selover via pexels

This black hairstyle and a defined cut can be work appropriate. If you have short hair and you are on the lookout for one hairstyle that will look both business & casual, go for the slicked-back mens hairstyles. They can be easy to style since all you need is high-quality wax. Once your hair is washed, blow dry it backward and use high heat to diminish frizz. Make sure your motions are steady and precise. Once done, set the hairs in place with your trustworthy product.

7. 50s Hairstyles Male

50s Hairstyles Male
@LinkedIn Sales Solutions via Unsplash

Your hair can be still and not move an inch! Put the hair in the back or on the sides to give it a definition. Guys who need an actual proper hairstyle for work will push their hair on one side only. A heavy side part usually looks amazing on men who have a square-shaped head. This is pretty popular among workaholic men, as well as guys who have more volume on one side! Create dimension and add a heavy amount of hairspray on top to stick all of your strands in place.

8. Short Shaved Sides

Short Shaved Sides
@Aleksandar Andreev via Unsplash

World war 2 hairstyles had to be short back in 1940. In fact, a lot of men went with either a buzz cut or a crew cut, also known as military hairstyles. Today, men still have to get (and they prefer) bald and short hairstyle ideas when joining the army. If you are off to the army, or you are just a super low-maintenance person, give this ww2 haircut a chance!

9. Pompadour Hairstyle Look 

Pompadour Hairstyle Look 
@Luke Jones via Unsplash

Lastly, if you need hairstyles from 1940 options with a touch of modern 2020, create something unique and top-class for yourself! Only some stars can rock this pompadour hairstyle, would you dare to be one of them? This hair is not too short nor long, but it does have a long and voluminous top. The pompadour is slicked back with some clay and sea salt spray and will look amazing on men who love hipster-inspired hairstyles. Get regular cuts and trim down the sides every 3 weeks to maintain the ideal length of this pompadour.

On That Note

Hairstyles in 1940 were quite something, weren’t they? Do you dare to bring back some of these looks? Hairstyles for men have changed a lot throughout the years and in time. So, which one was your favorite from our ‘’menu’’? 1940s hairstyles were pretty unique, especially during the world war. Take a chance and explore some unique hairstyles, and stick to one of our 9 favorites, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Feature image from Unsplash

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