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101 Awesome Ivy League Haircut Ideas You Need To Try!

by Jamie Wilson
Ivy League Haircutss

Men who have straight hair can easily achieve ivy league hairstyles. If you love prestige Princeton-inspired hairstyles (or Harward, if you are a Harward student or lover) you will enjoy this article. We have some classic ivy league haircuts that may suit you. Find out about proper styling and hair cutting by reading the text below! 

How Do I Ask For An Ivy League Haircut?

Ivy league haircut is not the most difficult nor innovative hairdo. A lot of barbers will easily give you the classic ivy league cut. Styling-wise, it is good to bring a picture with you, always. If you are not too sure what to say to your barber, just make sure you tell him to leave you around 2 inches at the top. Go with a razor or with a trimmer #2 to give yourself a taper. You could also go for a low or high fade, it is all up to you.

What Is A Gentleman’s Haircut?

Your version of a gentleman’s haircut can be different compared of others around you. However, your barber will advise you to get a haircut:

  • That is precise, modern, as well as stylish at the same time.
  • A side part, as well as a fade, is always a good and cool choice.
  • Precise facial hair and a statement beard will add up to your masculine and gentlemanly look.
  • Side-swept and Harvard clip or Princeton haircut ideas are amazing to start with.
  • Shorter hair on the sides with a voluminous and textured top is a bullet-proof solution.

Top 10 Ivy League Haircut Designs

1. Ivy League Hair Black Hair

Ivy League Hair Black Hair
@veeru edits via pexels

This ivy league hairstyle looks professional and is properly cut on the sides. Go for a shorter top and place it in the back with hair wax. Taper fade on the side should be combed out with a brush, and you should get frequent cuts (3-4 weeks are ideal).

2. Modern Ivy League Cut

Modern Ivy League Cut
@Nathan Fertig via Unsplash

Shorter haircuts will look great once combed on the sides. Styling itself is not hard, just set the top strands with a small brush and your favorite hair-care product. Add a significant amount and let your baby hairs stick in place.

3. Ivy League Haircut Short 

Ivy League Haircut Short
@Kenzie Kraft via Unsplash

This is a typical Princeton cut that is super easy to style. Simply get a haircut and make sure your hairline does not look uneven. This tapered cut would also look great with an undercut detail. Cut short hair often, and try to also trim your beard to enjoy and get the perfect styling.

4. League Haircut Ivy Long Hair

 League Haircut Ivy Long Hair
@Tyler Nix via Unsplash

Guys who have naturally long hair and who are not a big fan of crew cut hairdos should get this longer ivy league haircut. Make sure your top is longer and your sides are trimmed and tapered down. Apply a matte wax to your haircut and add only a bit of product to the sides. Guys who have naturally longer and thicker strands will easily pull off this cut.

5. Short Ivy League Haircut

Short Ivy League Haircut
@Hannah Nicollet via Unsplash

This messy ivy league hairstyle is for guys who love low-maintenance and reckless haircut designs. If you have a receding hairline you will easily cover it if you go for the textured ivy league haircut. Mature men will look amazing with this ivy league haircut.

6. Defined Crew Cut Ivy League

Defined Crew Cut Ivy League
@Sam Burriss via Unsplash

Ivy league haircut with beard can look dashing! Guys who have naturally darker and thicker hair will enjoy this styling. We recommend that you stick with this ivy league haircut and pair it along with facial hair, only if you can grow thicker and longer hairs. Comb the hair out and use a bit of oil on both your hair and your beard.

7. Ivy League Haircuts 

Ivy League Haircuts
@Sung Wang via Unsplash

This taper ivy league with a slight faux hawk is for men who want volume. Make sure you comb out your hair every morning with a brush to achieve this brushed out top. Let the top grow an inch or two before you trim it down.

8. Crew Cut League Haircut Ivy 

Crew Cut League Haircut Ivy 
@Streetwindy via Unsplash

A crew cut is very simple and is the next most-relaxed and low-maintenance thing next to an ivy league haircut. If you want to get rid of a voluminous top and you need to touch up your ivy league haircut, you will enjoy this crew cut or a buzz cut.

9. Long Ivy League Cut

Long Ivy League Cut
@Potters Media via Unsplash

Men with black hair will easily pull off an ivy league haircut. If your hair is naturally thicker, longer, as well as healthy – try and emphasize the top with a trustworthy matte pomade, and use a bit of hair oil on the sides. Add products gradually and make sure you wash your hair every 3-4 days (maybe even more often if you use a heavy amount of product). Unfortunately, men with longer hair tend to get it dirty easier and faster.

10. Blonde Modern Ivy League Haircut

Blonde Modern Ivy League Haircut
@Paul Theodor Oja via pexels

Ivy league crew cut or an ivy league regular cut looks great on younger and older men. If you are in your twenties and you have a bright orange, yellow, or even ginger hair – you can still pull off this cut! It is a day-to-day choice, and it can look good on anyone, as long as your hairdresser adjust it to your head and face shape.

On That Note

Add Harvard clip or league haircut the ivy hairdo to your go-to list! This hairstyle can look great on anyone, no matter their age, preference, hair length, or color. Men who have been wearing a crew cut all their life will enjoy experimenting with this hairdo, while others will love the fact that it is so low-maintenance. Choose one of our ten designs, they will suit you, we promise!

Feature Image from pexels

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