Don’t Know What To Wear To Brunch? Here Are 3 Outfits Any Guy Can Pull Off

by Amy Payne
Light Colored Coats

Reviewed & updated: March 28, 2023 by Jamie Wilson BA

No idea what to wear to a Sunday brunch invite? 

You’re not alone. Going for brunch has become an almost sacred event and everyone’s favourite Instagram activity. Do you know how to achieve different looks and different styles without overdoing it? Do you need some formal brunch outfits or are you going to some casual events?

Either way it may be: don’t come up in your old sweatpants, here are three brunch outfit ideas that any guy can effortlessly achieve!

1. Monochrome Fawn Sweater And Jacket Combo

Monochrome Fawn Sweater And Jacket Combo
@Atef Khaled via pexels

Brunch styles come down to casual outfits and casual clothing. In fact, aiming for light cream or white colors will make an amazing impact! Go for this turtleneck and throw on a button-down shirt or jacket on top. Round it up with khaki pants and white sneakers. Also, check out the instagram of British model Oliver Chesire for some additional outfit ideas. One of the easiest means brunch outfits to pull off, we love this look of a soft, fawn roll neck under a similarly coloured jacket to create a monochrome ensemble.

Monochrome Fawn Sweater And Jacket Combo
@Aman Jakhar via pexels

2. All-White Outfit Under A Light Colored Coat

All-White Outfit Under A Light Colored Coat
@Omar López via pexels

Women tend to go crazy for these looks! This is that classy Calvin Klein fit with white suede boots that most guys can pull off. In fact, if you’re going for that business casual style, consider this fit. A crisp white shirt worn with white chinos and some bright colors on top will gather all the attention! This is also one of those comfortable outfits, perfect for your brunch date moments!

PS: You can also opt for a denim jacket and brown boots in case you want to switch it up a bit or you don’t want to be in the center of attention.

All-White Outfit Under A Light Colored Coat
@Royal Anwar via pexels

3. A Bright Retro Shirt And Blue Jeans Outfit

A Bright Retro Shirt And Blue Jeans Outfit
@Denis Zagorodniuc via pexels

If you’re looking for clothes for brunch with close friends, this is the look for you. Summer brunch outfits can sometimes feel tricky to put together because you’ll want to be comfortable in the heat but not look like you just left the house in your flip-flops and gym shorts. Find inspiration in a comfy T-shirt, some Nike or Converse footwear, and some denim or skinny jeans. Luckily every man can wear this simple brunch outfit and look good doing it. The one key is to choose a short-sleeved shirt with a vintage look in a silky fabric. Casual brunch outfits such as this one will be popular in the summer months!

aA Bright Retro Shirt And Blue Jeans Outfit
@Patrik Velich via Unsplash

What To Wear To A Brunch: Quick Guide

The easiest way to put together great brunch outfits is to look for similar light tones that you can layer together. As you can see, you can look phenomenal in some simple loafers, cool accessories, and a plain white tee!
Now you know what to wear to brunch, you’ll need to check out our guide on the five best smart casual outfit ideas to up the rest of your weekend-clothes game. In the end, it is all about being confident and comfortable with your chosen fit.

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