Don’t Know What To Wear To Brunch? Here Are 3 Outfits Any Guy Can Pull Off

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Light Colored Coats

No idea what to wear to a Sunday brunch invite? 

You’re not alone. Going for brunch has become an almost sacred event, and everyone’s favourite Instagram activity. 

Don’t let the side down by rocking up in your old sweatpants, here are three brunch outfit ideas that any guy can effortlessly achieve:

1. Monochrome Fawn Sweater And Jacket Combo

Monochrome Fawn Sweater And Jacket Combo
Image Credit: @oliver_chesire via Instagram

When it comes to what to wear to brunch, men might feel as if their options are limited. Thankfully it’s actually really simple to put together the perfect outfit and the main style tip to achieve the best brunch looks is to keep your colors light. Going for a palette of fawn, ecru and light gray will give your casual brunch style a sleek uplift. If you want to see some top brunch attire, check out the instagram of British model Oliver Chesire for some additional outfit ideas. One of the easiest mens brunch outfits to pull off, we love this look of a soft, fawn roll neck under a similarly coloured jacket to create a monochrome ensemble.

Monochrome Fawn Sweater
Image Credit: @oliver_chesire via Instagram

This style works particularly well in the fall when you’ll want to rock some layers but might still have your brunch outside. Don’t let the cold weather get you down, it’s easy to make this outfit warmer by going for a thick sweater and soft fleecy bomber. If you would prefer a more casual look, it’s straightforward to use this color-match technique on a dressed down style and still create an excellent outfit for brunch. Try pairing an ecru hoodie and denim jacket together for effortless casual brunch style. This is the best casual brunch outfit for a bright but cool day, so don’t forget your sunglasses as chances are you’ll want to sit outside for brunch and soak up the last of the sun.

Jacket Combo
Image Credit: @iamgalla via Instagram

2. All-White Outfit Under A Light Colored Coat

All-White Outfit Under A Light Colored Coat
Image Credit: @tiniegram via Instagram

Want to know what to wear for brunch on a chilly day? You should still wear light colors when it comes to your winter brunch outfit but team them with a thick overcoat. You’ll obviously want to remove this when you get to the cozy restaurant, so you’ll still need to consider what you wear beneath. It might seem risky when it comes to any potential bearnaise sauce spillages, but by wearing an all-white ensemble under a camel colored coat you’ll keep the morning brunch event feeling bright and fresh. We love Tinie Tempah’s outfit here, and if you want any inspiration on how to dress well, our guide to his overall style will cover you for a range of great ensembles. The beauty of this brunch look is just how easy it is to tailor to your own personal style. If you prefer a formal brunch look you can team a crisp white shirt with a pair of structured white chinos and white suede boots. If you’re putting together a more casual men’s brunch outfit then style a plain white T-Shirt with a pair of monochrome jeans and converse to keep your look simple and relaxed. Just be aware that you’ll be taking your coat off at the brunch restaurant, so you might want an additional layer that will offset the all white look. An easy way to do this is to wear a denim trucker or fawn cashmere cardigan under your coat for the perfect brunch outfit.

Light Colored Coat
Image Credit: @danilocarnevale via Instagram

3. A Bright Retro Shirt And Blue Jeans Outfit
Image Credit: @iamgalla via Instagram

If you’re looking for clothes for brunch with close friends, and have a very casual style, this is the look for you. Summer brunch outfits can sometimes feel tricky to put together because you’ll want to be comfortable in the heat but not look like you just left the house in your flip-flops and gym shorts. Luckily every man can wear this simple brunch outfit and look good doing it. The one key is to choose a short-sleeved shirt with a vintage look in a silky fabric. Keep to bold bright colours and stay away from heavy dark shirts that will dampen the airy brunch mood. Similarly, wear a pair of light blue jeans and white converse with your shirt to stick to the summery brunch-outfits vibe. With this combo you won’t be stuck on what to wear to brunch, as there are plenty of bright retro style shirts to choose from. For plus size brunch outfits, Asos are a great brand that make retro shirts in all sizes. 

very casual style
Image Credit: @oliver_chesire via Instagram

What To Wear To A Brunch: Quick Guide

The easiest way to put together great brunch outfits is to look for similar light tones that you can layer together. The best summer breakfast outfits are all about laid-back fun, with playful, bright shirts taking centrestage. If in doubt, go for an all-white or ecru ensemble that you can wear under a camel coat or pastel jacket – just layer up as the weather gets colder. If you’re worried whether these brunch outfits will suit you, the real thing to remember is to go for something you feel comfortable in – it will be obvious if you’ve got clothes on that make you feel awkward so try to reflect your genuine style through your brunch outfits. One thing you absolutely need to wear to brunch is a pair of sunglasses, as you never really know when you might be sitting outside and you don’t want to be wincing at the sun while your friends are looking cool in their shades. 
Now you know what to wear to brunch, you’ll need to check out our guide on the five best smart casual outfit ideas to up the rest of your weekend-clothes game.

Feature image: Vonecia Carswell

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