How to Easily Wear Pink Trainers this Season

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How to Wear Blush Pink Clothing

Knowing how to wear men’s pink trainers is a hard task. Will you look too feminine? Will your friends laugh at you? Will you feel comfortable in them? Luckily for you, we’ve put together this handy guide on how to wear pink trainers for men. Take a look below.


One of the biggest trends of this year has been the resurgence of pink in menswear. The colour has shed its feminity and become one of the hottest colours to wear all season. High-end designers to high street stores have all made the colour a staple part of their lines. If you’re trying to break away from the simple “jeans, polo shirt and trainers” look then pink trainers will definitely lift your outfit.

Although some people may still consider pink a ‘girls’ colour, thankfully, a surprising amount of men have donned the colour with no fear. When it comes to wearing pink, especially pink trainers, there are a few rules to remember. This guide is designed to help you know when, how and where to wear this statement colour.

Real men wear pink. It’s as simple as that. Pink fashion is something that you should be paying attention to because it has come back with a bang for this season. There are a few simple rules that we will take you through so that you don’t look a tit if you finally decide to bite the bullet and buy a pair of pink trainers.

Wear Colours That Compliment Pink Trainers

When it comes to lacing up those pink trainers you’ve just bought, it’s important to make them a statement piece. If you want people to notice what you’ve got on your feet then make sure you wear colours that add to your bold shoes. Wearing muted tones or some soft and neutral tones will ensure that your pink trainers take the limelight.

What we mean by neutral colours are greys, whites and dark navys. These are great for showing off your new kicks whilst not stealing the thunder from the overall outfit. If you’re feeling confident, then a pink T-shirt with white trousers will find the perfect balance between your outfit. As these colours create a great contrast against each other, you create a statement.

black bomber jacket grey sweatshirt black jeans mens street style

T-shirts and Overshirts

When it comes to layering an outfit involving pink trainers, finding the balance is the most important part. You can just go solo with a T-shirt and still make it look cool, but you’ve got to create a textured look. The great thing about overshirts is that they give an added dimension to your look without you really having to do much. Shirts and trainers are definitely an outfit that we would recommend trying out this year if you want to look cool.

The outfit below is a testament to what we mean. Pink menswear and trainers is definitely something we’d recommend. This light pink overshirt, a simple plain white T-shirt and navy chinos are perfect for the summer. It’s light and airy whilst still providing the layers that we are so fond of. Pair this outfit with your new pink trainers and before you know it, you’re an on trend fashionista getting papped at fashion week.

mens pink top black tracksuit bottoms pink trainers


The great debate has started again. Jeans or trousers with your sneakers? Trousers and trainers will certainly show that you are on trend with your look this year. They are a fantastic addition to your wardrobe and, speaking from experience, add a smart yet informal element to your style. Although some people may consider this a fashion faux pas, we’d have to disagree. Pairing a nice pair of light grey or navy trousers with some pink suede sneakers will certainly show you’re up to date with this season’s looks.

mens style pink trainers black trousers pink jumper


When it comes to jeans and trainers, you are slightly more limited in which colours you can go for. Black and light blues are the only two options unless you’re feeling really summery and decide to wear white denim. Darker navy or selvedge jeans just won’t go with your pink trainers and will make the bottom half of your outfit look too heavy in comparison with the light pink trainers.

Back, light blue or white are really the safest options in this situation. They will also help to pull your outfit together as a whole instead of making it appear mismatch. We’d recommend any of the three pairs below to wear with your shoes.

ripped jeans grey sweatshirt pink trainers

Jacket and Coats

Although it might seem a bit silly, wearing the right jacket can really make or break an outfit with pink trainers. A good pink outfit should have some element of layering to it so wearing a light mac in summer can help create that desired texture to your look. Coats are out of the window as they don’t have the same lightness to them so go for a blazer or lightweight coach jacket to go with your overall outfit.

Bomber and Harrington jackets are definitely in our top suggestions. You can dress either up or down by wearing a shirt underneath or keep it simple with a nice T-shirt. They’re one of the more versatile pieces to add with your pink trainers so get one in your wardrobe.

Despite what people may think, you can wear a blazer with trainers so don’t be scared of trying this out. A lot of men wearing pink will dress it up smartly, whether this is by wearing a blazer or jacket. Be confident in your choices as it will say a lot about you.

tiny tempah pink coat grey joggers pink shoes-min


Wearing pink trainers might seem a bit bold but it’s really not. They’re a great signature piece and can be worn in a number of ways and, as we’ve discussed, with a number of different products. Ultimately it’s up to you how to wear them but we think wearing them casually is a great way to show them off.

Tracksuit bottoms are a great way of showing off those fresh new trainers of yours, especially black ones. The neutrality of the black helps to show off the pink shoes a lot more than you think. This out is casual enough that you can head out on a hangover with it but still makes everyone have a look at you. You can’t go wrong by making a statement and, personally, this is one of the best ways to do it.

mens street style pink trainers black tracksuit bottoms

How to Wear Pink Trainers for Men

  • Compliment your trainers – wear colours the accentuate your pastel footwear so that they really stand ou
  • Keep it relaxed – whilst you can wear pink footwear formally, we’d recommend wearing it for more casual occasions
  • Simplicity is key – make sure you wear simple colours, keep it neutral or very muted on the tone front
  • Be confident – wearing pink shows that you have a lot of balls so don’t be afraid to show your confidence off
  • Layers – layering your outfit is extremely important when it comes to wearing pink, overshirts are in

mens street style grey coat black jeans pink trainers

On That Note

Wearing pink trainers shouldn’t scare you, in fact you should want to wear them. They’re a great addition to your wardrobe and will allow you to be experimental this season. Remember that if you want to show your pink trainers off, wear tones that are neutral as they’ll bring the whole thing together. Layering is important, as is the colour of the denim you wear. Keep things casual as it might be too hard to wear pink trainers formally. If you’re ever stuck, take a look back at this guide to give you a hand.

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