How To Wear White Chinos

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How to Mix & Match Your Blazer and Trousers

If there’s one thing that should be in your closet this summer, it should definitely be white chinos. Here’s how to wear yours. 

Summer is on the way, the weather is about to get hotter (we hope so), and sometimes jeans can be slightly heavy and warm for the summer since denim is a thick fabric. Every man should own a pair of white chinos this season. It instantly gives you undeniable style and confidence, and you look like you are ready to hit The Hamptons.

Chinos are the best alternative to jeans and can be worn every season, not just summer. It gives you a hint of elegance that makes your outfit stand out; whether you are in the office or about to hit the pub with the boys. Now white chinos might not be what you would usually wear however they’ve made a comeback, and with the right style and confidence you can definitely pull them off for every occasion.

Also as the weather is getting warmer, you will need to wear something that reflects the sun not draws it, and what better colour than white. White chinos resemble an elegant sophisticated twenty-something gentleman whose style is casual yet chic.

The classic slim leg style can be worn with a T-shirt, a classic denim shirt or more formally with a shirt and a blazer. It can be combined with loafers or boat shoes for more casual appearances. Here’s your guide on how to rock white chinos this summer.


What Goes with White Chinos

So what goes well with white chinos for men? Loads of different things. When wearing white you can really play with your style. Head to toe white with a pop of colour, white chinos and trainers. But, before we get onto all of that, let’s look at the basics.


White chinos are all about embracing versatility. White is considered a neutral colour and easy to style with pretty much everything, whether that’s pastel or bolder colours. Various shades of denim shirt will make the ideal white chino outfit.

However, if you are more on the daring side you can wear a dark colour shirt with dark colour shoes, definitely a stand-out outfit that gives you that edgy look. A denim shirt would match perfectly with white chinos. Add a classic silver watch or bracelet with brown loafers and you are ready to hit the French Riviera.


What Shirts to Wear With White Chinos

White chinos can be seen as the base to your outfit, so anything you add to them is the main focus. When you are thinking about the different shirts you can wear with white chinos, go bold. Think about all the shirts in your wardrobe you might not find easy to match, the striped one, the print one and even the pink one. You can mess around with different styles and see what you feel most comfortable in.

mens white chino pink shirt street style

Shoes to Go with White Chinos

So we have the T-shirts and shirts sorted, but what about shoes? Well worry no more, we’ve got you covered. This kind of trouser can be paired with a number shoes.


For a more formal look why not pair your white chinos with brogues. They’re the perfect match for a man who is looking to wear his new favourite trousers in the office or maybe on a date. Keep the colours in different shades of dark and light brown and you can’t go wrong.



Perfect for a night in the city where you want to keep it casual but not too casual. Similar to brogues, keep it between light and dark brown, or why not a navy blue colour to match your denim shirt.



The right choice of accessories can make or break an outfit. For instance a watch or belt can significantly enhance the whole look. As mentioned, white chinos are associated with well educated aristocrats, therefore a watch in the colour silver will add extra elegance. And of course a belt is an important accessory for every outfit. The ideal belt would be between light and dark brown.



Now you might be thinking men in white chinos isn’t a thing, well it is. We are going to go through a few different occasions just to show you exactly when and where a white chino might work.

White Chinos on a Date Night

Looking good on a date is definitely a must, especially if it’s a first date. Wearing chinos is probably better than jeans as you want to look casual but not too casual, and you also want to be more comfortable.

White chinos will show that you are a confident sophisticated man. The perfect match would be with a denim unbuttoned shirt or jacket paired with light brown brogues. Add a brown belt to the look and you’re ready to impress your date.


White Chinos at the Weekend

It’s the freaking weekend, you have your shades on, your T-shirt on, and of course the white chinos. Rock the weekend with a bad boy outfit. Pair your white chinos with a knitted jumper and cardigan or overcoat. Team with black boots or brogues.

White Chinos In The Office

Who said that you have to wear classic dark trousers to look formal. Chinos can look equally smart and their natural breathable fabric can keep you fresh on those warm summer days at the office. Now you might be a bit wary on wearing white chinos but fear not, we’ll walk you through the ultimate white chinos office look.

As we’ve previously noted, white gives you a hint of elegance as it’s a timeless piece. It can be worn with a navy blazer, white T-shirt and dark brown brogues. Another possible combination is a navy shirt minus the blazer, a dark brown belt and light brown coloured brogues.


White Chinos as Smart Casual

White chinos transition perfectly into your smart causal summer wardrobe. You can play around with different layers (remember British summers are very unpredictable). Summer is also the perfect time to try out different colours, so why not look at navy or green shoes or even try your favourite trainers.

White Chinos as Streetwear

White chinos as streetwear? I know what you’re thinking, it won’t work. Well behold this look is actually very doable. It’s all about colour matching though. Opt for light colours on top, then go colour crazy with your accessories. Or, you could just keep it monochrome, whatever floats your street style boat.

How To Take Care of Your Chinos

We all know that whites are easy to stain and sometimes as much as you wash them, the damage is irreversible. Therefore you need be aware of where you’re going, for instance I would not recommend white chinos at a picnic at the park for obvious reasons. Make sure you always wash them with other whites or even better hand wash them so they don’t lose that stand-out colour.


Finding the Perfect Chinos

Wide Leg: The wide leg is perfect for gentlemen who’s bigger built, as it gives the impression of a more natural look between the legs and the torso, hence more comfortable than the tighter slim leg option. Roll the cuff a little bit to make your look extra stylish. However, if you are on the shorter side we will not recommend this as it tends to make you look shorter, the slim leg will be a better choice.

Slim Leg: Perfect for the man who is looking to wear this in the office or on a hot summer night, as it’s tight enough to flatter but not too tight making you uncomfortable. These will match perfectly with a shirt and blazer. The slender look of this specific fit creates the illusion of longer limbs, hence you look taller than you actually are. We recommend this for men who are looking for extra inches.

How to Wear White Chinos

  • White chinos are a summer look, avoid them at all cost when the temperature drops.
  • Do not limit yourself in thinking your shoes need to be smart, white Vans are the perfect match.
  • Get the right fit with your chinos, since they are a thinner material than denim, they show everything.
  • Keep your white chinos clean, they are not built for picnics in the park or a night out raving.

mens white chinos smart look street style

On That Note

So there you have it. Now you have absolutely no excuse not to wear white chinos this summer. A big tip on pulling off this trend is confidence, strut around the town like you own it, your outfit represents the person you are. White chinos styled properly can make you stand-out from the crowd as a fashion conscious gentleman.

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