7 Ways to Wear Olive Green This Season – May, 2023

by Jamie Wilson

Reviewed & updated: October 19, 2022 by Jamie Wilson BA

No wardrobe is complete without a touch of olive green. Although this may seem like a tricky color to get right, it has a lot of potentials to work well. Have a look at this season’s trend-led pieces in our style guide on olive green.  

Olive green is actually a fairly easy color to transition into your everyday wardrobe. It’s not too bright and not too boring. The tonal element of olive green allows it to be paired with navy’s, blacks, and whites without looking out of place. It’s also a color that can be worn as a jacket, trousers, accessories, and even shoes – no wonder we love it. Here’s how we’d style it.

Olive Green Trouser Outfits

Olive Chinos

Olive Chinos
@Keenan Beasley via Unsplash

Once you have a basic understanding of how to match colors, it’s time to start thinking about the specific pieces of clothing that look good in green. This is where the olive green chinos come in. As far as men’s olive pants go, the olive chinos are definitely up there with some of the most stylish and easy to wear. Fortunately, green chinos for men aren’t very bright. In fact, they’re more of a khaki color than they are a bright lime green. So, this darker shade of green makes them a lot easier to combine with other colors. Meaning the options for olive green pants outfits are quite extensive.

What to Wear with Green Pants

The increase in popularity for men’s streetwear fashion has been helped by the trend for olive green. A pair of men’s green pants look great when teamed with some old school plimsolls and a casual sweatshirt. Add a cap and your favorite skateboard to finish off the look. Green is a great way to bring some extra detail to your outfit without making it too loud. If you’re wondering what color shirt to wear with green trousers then stick with something simple like grey or black.

What to Wear with Green Jeans for Men

Green Jeans
@Diva Plavalaguna via pexels

Out of all the green clothes you could wear, jeans are most definitely going to be the most adventurous. Green jeans are pretty much the definition of a statement piece and therefore aren’t for the faint-hearted. And as much as we love a pair of jeans, pulling off an olive green pair isn’t the most stylish of options.

Instead, a pair of olive green cargo pants is a safer, and way more stylish, alternative. Whereas the unique texture of denim may not work with green, cargo trousers have got a long history of the olive and khaki green. Try teaming some with a dark sweatshirt and some trainers for a casual street style look. The fit and history of the cargo pant are what makes the style such a good partner to the color green.

What to Wear with a Green Shirt

When wearing a green shirt, it’s a good idea to try and keep the rest of your outfit pretty neutral and light, especially when you’re going for a more casual vibe. This allows the green of your shirt to do all the talking, and also means that your outfit doesn’t become overpowered with lots of different green colors. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. When you do wear an olive green shirt and want to wear a similar colored pair of trousers, break up the look by wearing a white T-shirt underneath. Keep the shirt open and casual, as it usually looks better than a smart way of wearing it.

Outfits with Green Shirts

Outfits with Green Shirts
@Tima Miroshnichenko via pexels

Try wearing an olive green overshirt with a pair of cream or white chinos. Layer your look with a T-shirt and cuff your chinos to get a great casual summer outfit. Finish the look off with a pair of white high top trainers like Converse All-Stars.

The white trainers will match the color of your chinos and contrast nicely with the dark green shirt. The best thing about this outfit is that it’s extremely versatile. You could wear this to the pub, a house party or just down the shops.

What Colours go With Green Trousers?

Colour combinations are extremely important when it comes to wearing more unconventional shades like green. Because green isn’t a primary color it is generally slightly trickier to combine with outfits that involve bits of color. However, as long as you take the time and effort to get it right, it’s not that hard. For instance, keeping your outfit monochrome and dark is an easy way to style green. Blacks, dark navy’s and white are good colors to pair with your green ensemble.

Green Trousers
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How to Wear Olive Green

  • Don’t go for anything too loud. Green can be a tricky color to get right. Stick with earthier olive greens.
  • Street style fashion is a massive trend at the moment. Complete your look with some olive trousers for men.
  • A green shirt is a great way to bring some detail to your smart-casual outfit, wear it open and you’ll have the casual look nailed.
  • Think about your color combinations. There’s no point in buying green clothes if you have nothing to wear.

On That Note

Wearing olive green doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems. The darker tone means you can wear this color with a whole number of smart and casual outfits. Although you have to be careful with trend pieces, they are great for staying stylish, even if it is only for one season. Whether you need to complete your street style look or want to vary a formal outfit, there’s something for everyone.

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