13 Ways to Wear Jeans With a Blazer

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When it comes down to achieving the smart-casual look, you cannot go wrong with jeans and a blazer. A classic combination in our books, this is our definitive guide on how to get the most out of the look and essentially become a wardrobe staple. 

How to Wear a Blazer

Blazer With T-shirt

Starting with the basics, a blazer and t-shirt look is an easy option to pull off, even for those last minute plans. This is one of those outfits you can chuck on ten minutes before dashing out the door, and there is still a good chance you’ll be better dressed than most people at the function. Whether you opt for a beige blazer or black, pairing it with a white t-shirt will always create a laid back, smart casual vibe to your look. With a solid casual base, you’ll have plenty of freedom to throw on an extra accessory or two to complete the ensemble.

blazer v neck tshirt mens street style sunglasses

Denim Jacket, Shirt & Blazer

If the weather is a bit cooler, or the T-shirt and blazer are too much of a simple put-together for you, then spruce up your look by layering up with a denim jacket. Perfect for cooler weather in autumn and winter, this look brings a distinctive detail to the classic shirt and blazer ensemble. Popping on a denim jacket can also knock down the formality of the look, and you’ll get extra creativity points from your mates.

man grey blazer denim jacket

Blazer and Shirt

Lastly, the timeless look which will evidently have you covered for every suave occasion throughout the year. A crisp blazer and oxford shirt were a style match made in heaven. Depending on your own persona and colour of choice, you can’t go wrong with an oxford shirt and a blazer. When paired with a slim jean, this look will fit you right in at your ‘TGIF’ drinks.

mens tweed suit jackets

How to Wear a Blazer with Jeans

Black Blazer Outfits

The most common (or clean-cut) way to wear jeans with a blazer is opting for the classic black slim or skinny jean. A look which can take you from your day at work to the pub, it’s a combination which doesn’t have to break the bank. For us, choosing a black jean provides you with all the choice in the world for what colour shirt and blazer you decide to go for, let alone fabrics. Coincidentally, this means you don’t have to feel restricted when experimenting with different textures and colours with your outfit.

all black outfit for men

Blue Jeans with Blazer

Blue jeans with a blazer will always be a classic choice when your dress code is smart-casual. Think of it as the best both of worlds; denim is laid-back and casual, while the blazer is structured and refined. Also, it’s just as easy to pair with literally any blazer of choice (apart from Navy, no doubling up here), this smart-casual combination is sure to save you in the morning rush. Also, this look can easily transition to after work drinks. What we’re getting at here is that if you’re wearing a blazer and jeans, you’ll be dressed perfectly for almost any occasion.

men black jeans white shirt blue blazer black boots

Grey Jeans with Blazer

If black and blue denim just isn’t tickling your fancy, then try opting for a shade of grey denim to switch up your look. Perfectly suited for autumn and winter style, grey denim can be just as easy to wear with your blazer as other shades. Our Editors prefer to pair our grey denim with darker neutrals like black, navy, or even some printed styles of blazers. Monochromatic colour schemes can work for some looks, but be advise against wearing grey denim and a grey blazer together – you could end up looking washed out or like you’ve just stepped out of a 1940’s film.

Men’s Coloured Blazers

There’s no need to stick to black and grey if colour is more your thing, and a bright blazer can really bring your outfit to new levels. For summer you could go for light pastel colours, like a blue or pink, and for the winter months experiment with patterns and darker shades. Giving your look a bit of personality is the perfect way to make a statement, especially with a classic look.

When opting for colour always remember to keep your jeans simple. This means no stone washes, rips, or extravagant stitching. Opting for too much detail can create a bit of a clash or a headache for eyes. So for this time, take into account less is more.

black polo shirt mens street style polo shirt and blazer for men

Coloured Blazers Outfits

To keep things simple you can stick to a neutral pair of blue jeans, and match your blazer with a simple white shirt. However, if your blazer is in a bright or light colour you can achieve a summery vibe by pairing it with straight leg or skinny white jeans. Because of the standout look of a coloured blazer, it’s best to keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral and simple, or at least in the same tone so there’s not a huge amount of contrast.

Don’t limit yourself by adding character to your look with just colour. If you decide to opt for a bit of print then pair your blazer with classic black jean. It’s the best colour to compliment most prints, as black lowers the attention that can be drawn to your blazer, let alone level out the tones in your outfit. Additionally, with the perks of looking suave with black denim, this is look is easy to transition from season to season.

mens red blazer dark jeans chelsea boots

Inspiration For Casual Blazer Outfits

Okay, so as the blazer is generally a formal looking piece, when we say casual we don’t mean something you can lounge around in. It simply means dressing slightly more comfortably, while maintaining the sharpness of more formal ensembles. Below are some of the best examples of some stylish men pulling off the casual look with their blazer and jean combination.

man wearing a grey blazer and trousers

Can you Wear a Suit Jacket with Jeans?

It’s a question that has a two distinct answers, with a lot of people feeling pretty strongly either side. People who answer no usually aren’t too happy about pairing a blazer with jeans either, and people who answer yes are usually more relaxed about the ‘rules’ of fashion. In reality, the difference between a suit jacket and a blazer are fairly small, with the suit jacket always having a matching pair of trousers made to go with it. They’re also a little slimmer fit than the blazer, and can come in sleeker shiner materials.

To pull off a suit jacket with jeans it’s best to keep your jeans slim or skinny fit and avoid a straight leg jean or anything that’s too loose. A suit jacket is a slim fit item so you need to keep the look consistent, and not pair it with anything that’s going to contrast with it too much.

magic fox ripped jeans navy blazer mens street style

What to Wear With Light Blue Jeans

Jeans with a blazer is a classic look that can be styled so many different ways. If you’ve got a pair of light blue jeans, then you’ve got quite a few options to play around with. When opting for the softer blues, the options are quite open as denim can be considered a neutral as well. Opt for darker neutral blazers like navy and black for a polished vibe to your ensemble. Alternatively, go for a blazer in a lighter shade for more casual occasions. Bold colours can work as well, but if you’re going that route stay away from patterns so as not to go overboard.

man wearing black blazer and jeans

What to Wear with Dark Blue Jeans

Dark jeans have an inherently smarter vibe to them, so pairing them up with a blazer is perfect for slightly more formal occasions. Dark jeans are a little easier to pair with blazers if you’re looking to smarten up your look, especially when opting for darker neutral tones. Additionally, darker jeans create more of a refined look, making it an easy go-to when transitioning from day to night. Go for a smart-casual vibe by pairing your jeans with a classic white oxford and sleek black blazer. Or, chuck on a graphic T-shirt instead of the oxford for a more casual, street style look.

mens street style grey blazer white shirt blue jeans red tie

Finishing Touches

The more obvious way to customise is adding in some accessories. Watches, sunglasses, chains, and pocket squares all guaranteed to spruce up any look (not all at once, though). However, If you’re unsure of what to add to your look, maybe stick with something simple such as an all gold or leather watch. Lastly, don’t forget to smell great. For the season our Editors favourite Laboratory Perfumes. Available in the must-have Amber and Samphire, this sure to impress.

How a Blazer Should Fit

    • The sleeves should always fall just above the hand and be slim fitted around the arms.
    • Blazers should be tapered into the waist, but unless you’re super slim avoid the skinny fit.
    • The length of your blazer should be no longer a couple of inches below the hip bone.
    • Make sure your collar is fitted correctly. If you’re wearing a shirt then your jacket collar should rest against your shirt collar.
    • Your blazer should fit closely, but not so tight that you get an X mark across your chest.

Blazer Styles

Before we have a look at the best blazer and jeans combinations, it’s always good to refresh our memory on the different styles of this iconic piece of menswear. Apart from the general fit guidelines outlined above, another essential factor to consider is the construction of your blazer. This obviously informs the way the garment will fit and it’s important to choose the cut that best suits your body type.

How a modern suit should fit

How to Wear Jeans With a Blazer

  • When matching your blazer with jeans, keep your jeans slim fit and tapered.
  • Avoid stone washes or distressed jeans, and go for darker, formal denim.
  • Keep the colour contrast between your blazer and jeans subtle.
  • Make sure the length reaches a few inches past your hip bone to reduce gathering.

how to wear a blazer with jeans

On That Note

So, the blazer and jeans combination is achievable, and you can go for a few different looks as well, whether it’s touching on formality, or going a little further than that. Keeping the colours complimentary is always important, as is the fit of both the jeans and the blazer, but you have more freedom to experiment with combinations than you might have originally thought.

Whether you are in need of a relaxed look for a shift at the office, or a go-to outfit for the pub, following this guide is sure to keep your options open when opting for your next blazer. Still stuck for choice? 

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