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Top 6 Leather Items Every Man Should Have!

by Cressida meale
Leather Items Every Man Should Have

Out of the 28 fabrics present in the world, leather seems always to take the ‘crown.’ Leather’s durability, uniqueness, fashion versatility, and ability to effortlessly complement almost all outfits are some of the properties that make leather items popular among most people, particularly. 

So, whether you are a novice or a veteran fashionista and you are wondering what the must-have leather items in your wardrobe are, then ease your mind as I got you covered through this article. I will walk you through a listicle on the top 6 leather items every man should have. I will also provide you with some practical tips on how to style each of the mentioned leather items in this list.

#1. A Leather Biker Jacket

After Marlon Brando wore one in 1953, leather biker jackets, also known as moto or motorcycle jackets, became an almost must-have leather item for every man. This type of leather jacket has become more famous over the past decades due to its ability to effortlessly blend in with nearly all outfits and fashion styles. 

Given their pivotal role in the fashion industry, it’s not a surprise to find at least over 100 different brands of biker leather jackets. But some brands seem to stand out when it comes to manufacturing these aesthetically enhancing and indispensable biker leather jackets. 

For instance, a leading leather fashion company has manufactured the ultimate leather biker jacket. This exquisite high collar rivet decorated black moto jacket’s water-resistant, supple, flexible, quilted inner lining, and meticulously fitted asymmetric front closure with zipper design makes this biker leather jack a must-have leather item in every man’s wardrobe.

 Leather Biker Jacket
@David Todd McCarty via Unsplash

#2. A Trench Leather Coat

Whether you want to achieve a Bohemian style, a contemporary look, an eclectic appearance, or a sophisticated vogue, a trench leather coat will always have your back. Consider shopping for the mid-length trench coat for a trendier look. This stylish, durable, lightweight, supple trench leather jacket is manufactured with the use of 100% genuine goatskin leather. 

Its inner lining is meticulously quilted to provide this leather jacket with an unmatchable resistance to stretching even when worn numerous times. Its single-breasted front button closure and notch collar design work to enhance a wearer’s natural silhouette and also provide them with a sleeker and more dapper look.

Trench Leather Coat
@Dami Adebayo via Unsplash

#3. A Leather Blazer

When styled appropriately, nothing can beat the grandeur vibe a leather blazer has to offer. Bring out the gentleman look in you by getting yourself a classic and stylish red leather blazer. 

This exceptionally lightweight, supple, durable red leather blazer is manufactured with the use of 100% genuine goatskin leather and an inner premium satin lining for enhanced comfort and easy fit for the wearer.

Its front button closure, 2 flap pockets, and a notch collar design make it an ideal leather blazer to rock in an official, semi-official or casual event without looking out of place. 

Leather Blazer
@Ramón Mula Garcia via Unsplash

#4. Leather Boots

Whether you choose to splurge on leather boots made of genuine leather, full-grain leather, top-grain leather, or bonded leather, leather boots are also a must-have leather item for every man. Leather boots can be considered to be multipurpose footwear since they can be worn in an official setup, when out for a casual date, or when biking with friends during a weekend. 

Leather boots also come in a variety of designs and ranges of prices, meaning that one can never lack a leather boot or shoe that suits their fashion wants and budget. These shoes can also be styled with any outfit without clashing or creating a ‘busy’ look on the wearer.

For instance, consider pairing a leather jacket with chukka or Chelsea boots for an elegant and sophisticated look. When perfectly complemented with a black or brown leather jacket, Brogue and Oxford leather boots seamlessly give the wearer a classic and official look.

And if you are into a vintage look, then a blue, green, or brown leather jacket paired with a timberland boot and a high waist slim and fit jeans are the way to go!

Leather Boots
@Vladislav Murashko via pexels

#5. A Leather Belt(s)

Leather belts, when perfectly blended, work to provide you with a more enhanced natural silhouette and make a ‘busy’ outfit look more balanced. This makes it essential that you at least have 1 or 2 leather belts in your wardrobe. 

For instance, if you want to achieve a corporate or a vintage look, then consider accessorizing your outfit with black leather suspenders sleekly fitted on a brown leather belt. Makes sure that you match your suspenders and pants colors and contrast your belt’s color.

For a bold or rockstar moto man fashion look, consider accessorizing a trench leather jacket with a casual leather belt. Consider purchasing a black, distressed gray, or brown leather belt for a more all-around belt.

A Leather Belt
@Trần Long via pexels

#6. A Leather Hat

A leather hat not only functions to protect you from the environmental elements (excess UV rays and extreme cold), but it also significantly accentuates your overall look, balances your outfit, provides you with a top-notch fashion statement, and also affirms your fashion identity. 

For instance, if you are more into casual looks, you may choose to pair your outfit with a leather beret hat, a newsboy cap, a flat cap, and a bucket leather hat. Sporty looks are best achieved in a baseball leather cap.

And suppose your desired overall look is to achieve a classic or sophisticated fashion identity. In that case, a Panama leather hat, a fedora leather cap, a cowboy hat, or a porkpie leather hat will be an ideal fit. A leather jacket perfectly blended with a leather hat is one effortless and sure way of breaking the conventional and monotonous leather dressing codes. 

 A Leather Hat
@Bruno Cervera via pexels

Even if you are not a hat enthusiast, it pays off to at least have 1 or 2 leather hats in your must-have leather outfit or accessories collections as a man. 

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And don’t forget to pair your leather jacket with Brogue, Oxford, or Chukka leather shoes. Sleekly enhance your natural silhouette by getting yourself a black, brown, or distressed gray leather belt.

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